Friday, July 21, 2017

Weekly Minutiae vol. 23~ another bum week


I'm not going to lie.  Last week I was complaining about not being able to swim much. We did get to go swimming, in a real pool to boot! And yet this week that disappointment pales in comparison... it was another (big, hairy) disappointment to me.

First of all, the house stuff.

Here are some actual things Stephen said to me over the past few weeks:

"Let's go get that house!"

"The realtor is coming this week to take pictures of our house {so that we can put it on the market}!"

"We're going to be approved for a loan so we can make an offer on the house!"

All enthusiasm, all the time... for a week. And then... out of nowhere, he started dragging his feet, and then finally gave me the total let down with this comment, "We have to wait for the right house."

What happened?!?!  Well, we found out the current owners sold some of their land to someone else, meaning that part of the yard we were counting on for our kids' playtime is going to be a driveway. There will also be a house under construction right behind the house. (can I just say-- losers!-- to that-- who splits up a beautiful yard for a driveway?!) I know. I know. Be the bigger man.

But I think even worse than the driveway is the fact that Stephen and I had our hearts pretty much set on it, and then he went back with another realtor to view the home, and all of this information about the yard and driveway and new house came to light. I was shocked, but willing to put in a fence and just go for it. Stephen was shocked, and over time he just convinced himself to give up (Why, I'm not exactly sure!!!!) I was heartbroken. :( It makes me think of this Psalm of lament.
lunch/afternoon snack

I have no idea what is to become of this saga, but I could sure use some prayers for my demeanor and outlook during all of this!!! A different house? Not moving at all?! :( :(  I was literally skipping around the house when I thought we were going to be buying that house! Now, I'm just confused.

Second of all, the baptism.

I called the Church to schedule Conrad's baptism, got it in the books, bought him a blue bubble with a cute shirt to go under it, and then ... his godparents had a baby!  I'm super happy for them, of course, but... Conrad is 2 months old and I hate having to postpone the baptism again!! :(

Molly's "bookstagram" that I found later on my iPhone!  She's reading Percy Jackson (the series)

Third of all, VBS at our Church.

We wanted to put our kids in VBS, and the day I was going to sign up I just completely forgot. A friend in the nursery told me to go after Mass and put their names down. I ended up leaving and completely and utterly forgetting about it. Then I tried looking it up on our Church website, and somehow convinced myself we had already missed it. When I realized we hadn't missed it, I tried to get them in at the last minute, and it was full. :(  :(  :(  Sad. Day!

Last but not least, Anders got a pretty bad gash on his hand. As a dime would be to my hand, so the cut was on his finger. A glass broke while he was in the bath and he put his hand down on it to rest. A dime is to his hand as a quarter is to my hand... dime:quarter::hiswound:myhand

Let's move on to greener pastures, shall we? #cashinonthatmansion #liturgicalliving *liturgicaldating 

We ended up doing a couple of fun things this week. Molly had a playdate, so she went over to her best friend Madelynn's house. The girls got to hang out with my Mom and her babysitter, Josie. Finally, we celebrated Stephen's birthday poolside with a delicious meal, and we're making plans (packing up) to go to the beach -- next week!

I'm trying *hard* to focus on the silver lining, but truth be told, this has been a week full of bitter disappointment. If it were not for some things to look forward to, I would be a wreck. A serious wreck.

Now, in other news. Want to see something classy?

My Mom's maternal grandfather, Anders Holm

My Mom's Grandmother, and Great Uncle Conrad!

How happy does that make you/me?! :)

(I decided that I will change the design seasonally... 
consider yourself warned!:)


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