Friday, July 14, 2017

Weekly Minutiae vol. 22~ moving talk and staying positive

This week has been exciting but also really laid back. Exciting in the regard that we will likely be moving this Fall (and my macbook air is finally fixed! hooray!), Laid back in terms of our day-to-day routine. During the school year I keep the tots really busy, and we have a nearly set-in-stone standing date to the dollar store early every Friday morning to get <<one>> one dollar toy for Anders and Annabel.  It morphed into that after a few attempts to go whilst staving off tantrums and I came to the realization that one eraser was better than a major meltdown. Often the kids would play with their one toy all day long.  Once a week, one toy, not too much damage done. In fact the habit some could argue was good for them.

Well, once Summer rolled around you can imagine... all of the kids wanting something and requesting to go early Monday morning.  Honestly after a weekend of pure laziness, I couldn't muster much in the parenting department. Playground, too hot. Mall play area; a little too outgrown for the older two. So it became Monday afternoon ... we'd go to the dollar store if the kids were good.

Summer to me is swimming, playing outside, eating watermelon and popsicles, just general backyard fun or like a true Southerner, anything outside + wet... lakes, rivers, creeks, yeah. It isn't only hard because we do not live near a pool...  adjusting to life with six children has been getting my goat recently. Conrad became fussier this week because of a very small cold. While we are very blessed and almost spoiled with grandparents living nearby, it may come to a surprise to many of you that Stephen and I haven't been on a proper date in close to a year. *Long story- very very long story.*  I finally challenged him to take us "out" on a Friday night and he honestly dragged his feet. Marrying a person who balks at the idea of an evening family bike ride (really?!) has been a unique challenge for me. Actually really hard. Bug-hunting with your new bug-catcher has to suffice some days. Saturday and Sunday full of way too much screen time makes me feel like a sloth... Because Mama feels like exploding on Monday morning and I just ain't got much better dan dat.

But yeah.... my salvation and/or saving grace has been my Mom watching the kids so that I can clean and shop for groceries to cook meals with.  My girls would be addicted to screens if it were not for her. Seriously! She has had some help taking care of them- a friend who is 18 years old and has been homeschooled came from Kenya to live with my parents for a big part of the Summer. She loves our girls and they love her!  Friends, if you can get a babysitter to break up the Doooooog Days I highly recommend it! Ladies put your red lipstick on because we.have.a.babysitter!!! :)

We do have a splashpad at our disposal nearby. I try to do the creek a few times every Summer as well. We aren't members, but my parents bring us as guest to their pool. And my parents have a house on the river, so we swim there every chance we get during the Summer.

So yeah... Stephen went back to look at the same house with a different realtor. And bless his heart he is / has been patient with this whole process! ;) :) If we go through with everything, this will be our realtor for selling our house.  Our to-do lists are insane.  I made a list of things to get done before putting our house on the market, and things we will need and want to do once we move, and it was overwhelming, to say the least.  We have an old trash can with a hole that's filled with stuff we need to take to the dump. Stephen doesn't have a pick-up so we'll most likely have to wait until we move, or borrow a truck one weekend so that we can get it all done.

Let's talk about "being positive" for a minute.  Ok... you know how you make "pro's and con's" lists when you're considering something? Stephen and I are really good at that. However, I have noticed that Stephen's tendency is to rip something apart notice everything that's wrong with something, and I tend to see the good more often.  I feel like if you focus on what you like about *anything* in your life, you can make improvements and see the potential.  It's what you make of it... so if you're constantly berating someone or something, how can it ever be a source of joy?

I know for sure that if we move, that although it's a cute craftsman in the old 1920's style, it will be a fixer-upper for sure.

It's an old house with plenty of charm, but it doesn't necessarily tick off all of the boxes you would want for a new home.  I think it will be what we make of it, though. If we see it as a "daring adventure," a la Helen Keller, the things we love about it will be what we harness and improve upon.

If we stay in this house, I still think we could make something good and beautiful out of it.  But the projects that we would do in the new house have to happen *over time*. Sure it would be fun to take on every single project all at once, but then we'd be broke and super unhappy in the short term. The "daring adventure" thing.

The main clincher for moving (for me) is that I have a vision for the new home, and I no longer have a vision for this house. When we viewed it, I could imagine Christmas there, having family over, playing in the back yard, cooking on the porch, doing my devotions on the deck... and when we came back home, sure there were things that I would miss, but the vision just wasn't there. #goodvibes

So hopefully.... God will be faithful and this process will not take the maximum amount (which the owners of our house has set at 4 months).

Bookish talk...

Still listening to Wuthering Heights. I watched the PBS masterpiece theater version (A two-part miniseries), and I really, really enjoyed it. In fact, I can't recommend it highly enough. It has 5 stars on Amazon, so you know it's good stuff!

I'm reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, as well as The Magnolia Story. #summerreading  Let's go with... a quick page-turner and an easy breezy beach read!!!


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