Friday, July 7, 2017

Weekly Minutiae vol. 21~ the 4th of July!

Welcome to Weekly Minutiae, vol. 21, the feature each week where I share updates from our week, cute stories and pictures of and about our kids, and just a fun round-up of bookish talk~~ or really, whatever is on my mind for that particular week! It's basically just like two friends catching up... except in this case you, reader are my friend. Fun!

Not gonna lie, I do have some sweet pics to share with you from the Fourth of July holiday, but first-- a little intellectualism for the readers among us! ha :)
mini happy planner... available wherever planners are sold (and I love mine!):)

I have recently been reading Madeleine L'Engle: Herself; Reflections on a Writing Life, which is simply a collection of quotations and selections from L'Engle's excellent body of work. Many thoughts and scribbles from her journal or published diaries.

I have loved this book for a while, and you can often find it on my bedside.

Here are some fun quotes (she is so thoughtful, and I love her spiritual musings, especially):

"Take a sentence from the psalms, or one of the Gospels, and write a half-page journal entry about what this sentence means right now, in your own life. For instance, the first line of Psalm 11: "Blessed is the man who feareth the Lord; he hath great delight in his commandments."... Read the words with ourselves in mind: 'Blessed are we who fear the Lord; we will have great delight in God's commandments.' What kind of fear is the psalmist talking about? What kind of fear leads to delight? Not cringing, demeaning fear. Awe, perhaps. Amazement at the wonder of a star trembling into being in a darkening sky. Wonder at the greeting of a friend: 'Oh, it's you! I'm so glad to see you! Marvel at the love surrounding a dinner table as we hold hands for the blessing of the gathering and the food. That kind of 'fear' causes us to desire with our whole heart to keep God's commandments, for they are there for our delight."

"The Bible is not objective. Its stories are passionate, searching for truth (rather than fact), and searching most deeply in story. The story of David is one of the most complex and fascinating in the Bible, with its many prefigurings of Jesus. In working on Certain Women I discovered many more contradictions that I had remembered- two different ways of bringing David himself into the story, two different versions of Saul's death, for instance. But what the biblical narrator is trying to do is tell us the truth about King David, and the truth is more important than facts."

Here is another good one:

"Nothing makes a serious write of children's books hotter around the collar than the assumption that you write for children because it's easier or because you can't make it in the adult field. You write for children on significant topics if you're a serious writer because children are willing to accept theological and philosophical topics that the adult will not accept. Children are willing to go into this world of darkness that is on the other side of critical fact, with open minds. They're still brave. They still have courage."

Check this book out! << on Amazon, of course. :)

So, it was quite a busy week, but we went to hang out with family on the 4th of July, and had quite a fun time celebrating the day.  #all6kids #happyfourth

Did anyone else think all day on Wednesday that the day before was Saturday? I was super confused, admittedly. Especially at about 4pm on Tuesday. Then I got my sh*t together and worked it out! #fourthofjulyproblems

It was such a blessed day to be with family. We got to swim in the river, enjoy a huge, delicious cookout lunch, and catch up with various members of our family. (My cousin Micah and his family live in town, as well as my bro Evan and our dear friend Aunt Terry).

In other news, the girls have been obsessing over asking me if they can buy pink hair dye for several months now. I finally took them to Claire's and found it for $5 with the promise that it would wash out in ONE wash. So, I consented and even surprised myself.

They have been having a quite a time with that.  The bright side is that they MUST wash their hair thoroughly with shampoo, because otherwise it doesn't wash out. :) #cleanhair #hooray

Molly has had a few playdates now that she is in between camps, VBS, and Summer traveling. It's the perfect thing to distract the kids and keep them occupied during these long days.

I admit we have caved to the screen a little bit in our quest to stay busy and not crazy, and have you heard that quote:

"To do nothing at all is the most difficult thing in the world,* the most difficult and the most intellectual."*
-Oscar Wilde

*For you will soon be kicking your sister on the couch or she shall soon scratch your neck, and she will pinch your forehead, leaving behind a scab

NOT that that has ever happened here!!!! #TMI #privacymattersfolks

We had quite a bit of rain over the past weekend. Stephen has taken the initiative to introduce our kids to a few kid-friendly video games- one is paintball and they're still fans of mario kart on the wii and the just dance wii game. I'm a fan of drinking coffee and reading long books, myself, but I guess sometimes you have to let the screens and the husbands win. ha, ha.  I suppose the shake-out is that I end up reading while they play Wii, so everyone wins. .I guess.

We did a little bit of house-hunting this week, as we have been needing BR's like nobody's business ~ and things got real when we went to a showing (an actual showing after months of searching online!)  We are praying about what the future may hold for us. We are looking at all that it entails to put our house on the market (again/another house!). God willing we'll be making a decision one way or another in the next few weeks.  *crosses fingers*

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Weekly Minutiae (and don't worry, I'm going to be redesigning the logo soon....)

God bless! Stay cool my friends!:)

 (pronounced min-oo-shuh)!
see you next week! :)


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