Friday, June 23, 2017

Weekly Minutiae vol. 20 (!!!!)

Iiiiiiit's ba-ack!  Ok... yay! Yay, guys! I'm so excited about this, because I haven't done a WM post like this since Anders was a baby. Wow.  I've really missed it. As I was going through and reading old posts, I started to notice that I really "found my voice" while I was doing these posts. (Remember when I read Schmemman's For the Life of the World and quoted it up?! #bumpfeast lol) The fact that I stopped doing Weekly Minutiae is odd to me now, although I can see why I did back then, because they were "myself when I am real" more than any other type of post on this blog.

So I decided to harness that, and move forward with my blog from there.  The general trajectory of the posts is slightly to-be-determined, but it will probably be mainly more of the same-- what we did, silly things about the kiddos, bookish talk, and the like . And always, always, cute pics of my kiddos. Fun! I hope you'll join me.
#filters #fun ;-) ;-) ;-)

So onto this week's minutiae! (pronounced min-oo-shuh).

This routine is what's keeping us sane this Summer. And no, this isn't what I did yesterday, this is actually what I/we do everyday.  I started exercising again now that I'm nearly #6weekspostpartum. So hard to believe, I really thought the day would never come. ;-)

This is the kids' routine. The mastermind behind the screentime rules is the blessed Gina of Someday Saints. It has been keeping my kids in line and when I say this is working, *this is really working.* I love it.

I have to back up to Saturday,  because the girls returned home from camp in Nashville, and Molly and I talked about it.

Me: How was Young Scholars?
Molly: I made one friend named Amira.
Me: What did you take?

I took Color my world, is like a drawing class except it's like a crayon class, where you melt crayons and make really cool things... like new different colored crayons. Remember when we did that once? Ok, and Tuesday we made candles with melted crayons, and another day, we made play-doh with color from melted crayons!

I took Meet the American girls. We talked about Felicity's time and colored a picture. This time we made candles the  old-fashioned way by dipping a string into wax. On one of the days we had "proper day" ... we played a game where you eat cake, and whoever gets the bean hides a ring and we all look for it. We also learned a dance, kind of like do-si-do.

Me: that sounds REALLY fun. What else did you do or take?

Molly: One of the classes was called Snack Attack, where you make a really healthy snack, and then you eat it, and then after that, you make a smoothie out of fruits and vegetables, and on Friday we made a cookbook of all the things we made, and it was REALLY fun.

Frances' sculpture from Young Scholars

My other class was Drawing... and Drawing... is drawing. You just draw everyday. It is REALLY fun. On one day, I made a pin wheel. Frances did Clay Creations, so you should ask her about that.  (Frances also took some of the same classes as Molly!)

And that's all she wrote! ;-)  Thanks, Molly, for this recap from camp. 
(I asked her questions and wrote down what she said.... I'm a super really fast typer like dat ;-)  It sounds like they stayed incredibly busy everyday! ;-)

As for the rest of the week...
I kept the littles busy while the older two were at VBS. We had a Father's Day bonfire, which was a blast, and I took the kids around town- namely Aldi and the downtown library during morning hours.

As for bookish talk...

I'm really enjoying listening to Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (sister of the writer of Jane Eyre-->Charlotte).  I'm loving being back into Librivox, but I'm finding it a bit dreary, to be honest. But, I'll stick with it. I've tried reading it about 2-3 times in the past, and I always wanted to like it...  I think the audiobook might be the answer for me, in this case!

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Amanda Bullard said...

Sounds like summer is going quite well! I love your daily routine written out and the screen time rules. We have implemented those same ones (pretty much) here! Yay for a good camp, too. And the pictures - oh sweet babies! Precious!