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Monthly Recap vol. 43 ~ May 2017

How did I get so lucky?!
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It has warmed up here and it already feels like Summer. #hothothot  May always holds out and true to form, the beginning of May had some perfect, mild days, and the second half had some brutal and hot days, but not many. And of course, a lot of rain. #southernliving

Conrad Eugene was born 3 hours into his due date, on May 13th.  It has been such a joy to meet our second son and see him folded into the fabric of our family. The kids have been overjoyed since he came home from the hospital. I do not exaggerate a bit when I say they are washing their hands a bazillion times and asking to hold him all.the.time. He is a sweet baby, and it has been magical to experience the having of a second son and bro for the kids.

Other than a baby brother being born, we've had the onslaught of end-of-the-year busyness and to be honest, I don't handle it too well.  The homework, projects, recitals, and celebrations not to mention doctors, parties, and LIFE.LIFE.LIFE is allllmost too much for this Mama to bear.

Because of his birth, I've tried to take it easy on all {what i'm into} fronts so this recap might end up being short.


The Hypnotist's Love Story by Liane Moriarty

I needed something absorbing to read while waiting for baby Conrad to show up.  This fine Moriarty novel fit the bill. Honestly as I got into it, a hypnotist and a stalker were two subjects I highly doubted enjoying or being interested in. But true to form and just like her other novels, Moriarty delivered an absorbing, interesting tale with extremely lovable characters and a twisty, fun plot.  With a satisfying ending. #hurray #thankfulforherbooks

As soon as it came out, on May 17th, I quickly hopped on the 2017 Summer Reading Guide from MMD, and downloaded the two books that sounded irresistible to me.  And they are: This is How it Always Is by Laurie Frankel and Every Wild Heart by Meg Donohue. Having them on Kindle has been really nice. It's so much easier to read on my Kindle while nursing than trying to balance a bookmark, page flipping, and the awkwardness of where to put a flappy book. ;-) The former super-stressed me out with its agenda, so I abandoned it wholeheartedly. The latter is a fictionalized account of the behind-the-scenes of the radio show Delilah... and while it has been a nice read, I'm finding it a bit mediocre, to be honest. I think the hype is a little out of control, at this point. #overrated  Trying to get into Hemingwaay.... #arewegettingtiredofthisyet #raiseshand ;-)


I tried watching "Big Little Lies" and "Anne With an E" and found myself incredibly disappointed. The former was over-dramatized- and too edgy- I thought when compared with the feel of the book. They romanticized it and creeped it up way too much. (Is that an HBO thing?) And speaking of creepy Anne with an E just needs to go away. Far, far away.  So..... naturally I did what all true children of the 80's would do and scratched my nostalgia itch... and I just went ahead and watched all of "Fuller House" season 2. If you watched that show back in the day, I recommend that cheesy reunion show. It made me laugh.  No, it's not great art or anything high class or edgy... no it won't blow you away with genius humor or brilliant acting... and yes I'm embarassed to admit it, but?  It will fulfill the desires of your heart if you're looking for comfort-watching. At first I thought season 2 was going to be worse than season 1, but I think I was wrong. ;-)  I totally got into it!

I hope the Netflix-watching options are better in June. Although, I hope even more that it's so beautiful outside that we won't need a whole lot of amazing options, screen-wise.  It might be mercilessly, ruthlessly, savagely hot.... we'll see. #probably But just when you thought hope was lost, 3rd season of Kimmy Schmidt coming...!!! #hurray


laughing and crying

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Pope Francis: Fatima Calls us to Care for the Faith of Children

a good reminder... I was very glad I read this!

Fidget Spinners: Are They Good?

this piece totally cracked me up.. worth clicking if you want to LOL.

My Morning Routine @ Whitney's youtube channel Come Home For Comfort

super inspiring and peaceful! defffff-initely worth a watch if you need inspiration!;) I revamped my own daily routines after watching this video!

~Funny Things They Say~

{After Annabel tripped on the vaccum}
Stephen: Proof that you should never clean.

Anders {handing me an empty cup of ginger ale} : I drank all my caffeine!

Madeleine: Did they cut you open to get the baby or did he come out the trapdoor? (where did she get this idea? I have no clue!}

Madeleine {to her Grammy}: Conrad has two problems. Spit-ups and dry skin.

Molly: Do you know what my biggest fear is?
Me: What? (expecting the worst)
Molly: Body parts turning into something else.
Me: Like the nose turning into a sausage in Tom Thumb (her most hated movie as a toddler because of that one scene)?
Molly: Yes. And when Violet turns into a blueberry.
(I wish that was my biggest fear, lol :-)

Stephen: Have we had a baby that *didn't* have my hairline?



Let's Talk About *Mental* Health and Wellness
Hiding anxiety/depression/disorder?  Let's get it out in the open so mental illness doesn't have a chance.;) here I talk openly about my own struggles in the effort to help others who may be fighting a private battle. :-)

Conrad Eugene's Birth Story ~ Assume Nothing
so many unexpected things happened... if you like birth stories, check this out.

Happy Summer! Bring on the June yipee!

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Lisa notes... said...

Congrats on your newest baby! You have an adorable family. I’m encouraged to see that you still have time to occasionally read a book or watch TV. ha. Good for you! Have a great June.

Tacy said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Danielle Siero said...

Aww! Such a sweet babe! Congratulations!!

Emma Hughes said...

Congratulations on your new son! I think we share a few interests - particularly Liane Moriarty books! Great to read your recap :)

My thrift store addiction said...

Congratulations on your little guy! You have a beautiful family ;)

Amanda Bullard said...

AHhh Kimmie Schmidt is a total go to when I need a giggle!!! I wasn't a fan of The Hypnotists' Love Story - I read the whole thing but was a bit angry with the characters (kind of like wanting to say what is wrong with you?!?!) However, I'm a Moriarity "junkie" and have read all her books and find myself saying that over and over as I read them! I hope your weekend is filled with rest, smiles, and giggles! xo

Michele Morin said...

Welcome to little Conrad Eugene, and thanks for sharing so many good recommendations from your busy life.