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Monthly Recap vol. 44~ June 2017

I can't believe I've been doing monthly recaps for 44 months already! That's like ~almost~ 4 years! WOW!!! It has been a mild June for TN but the crape myrtle are in bloom and they are delightful! . We've enjoyed these flowering trees, as well as the magnolias in bloom and the lightning bugs. Quintessential #southernliving. If you didn't catch it, I started doing my Weekly Minutiae posts again. They are simply my Friday posts where I talk about what we did, silly things about the kids, cute pictures of the kiddos, and bookish talk. Vol. 20 was up last Friday, ftw.

June was nice. June was surprisingly restful.  Our church family and area community stepped up with meals when we had Conrad, and I didn't have to cook for nearly 6 weeks.  We were covered for the first month, then we had a gift card to a dinner delivery service from local area restaurants with a balance of $140. (so amazing!) We had our last meal, with leftovers!, delivered right on Conrad's 6 week birthday. Amazing. I love our community of friends/family!

As for the kids, two of the girls went away for camp in Nashville. They did VBS. They did sleepovers with the grands. Stephen took the kids to his parents' house right after Conrad was born, just to give me a break. (#thanks). Sadly, some of the traveling we had planned had to be postponed due to the busy schedules of our kids and the arrival of Mr. Conrad Eugene. Despite the new baby-busyness, our Summer has been everything we hoped and more. Babies are sweet, beer is good, and God is good.

Also in the ~lately~ category, I had a chance to meet up almost half-way with my friend and former college roomie Libba at Ikea in Atlanta. I'm still working with a bum computer, so go see pics *right here* on my Instagram.:)


The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

This is my second book by Eugenides, the first being The Marriage Plot (which I did *not* like).  I'm in a good mood, so I'll say that Eugenides is sometimes brilliant, sometimes annoying, but if I were in a bad mood (like I was two days ago), I would say he's a dick. Just the technical term. No really, I hate that word (and the urban dictionary defines it as abrasive, and I would add enslaved to pride) and I know it sounds crass, but so be it.  The truth is, this book is intricate and well-written. The mood, tone, and style are highly consistent, and he carries out his purpose with intention and slavish attention to detail. So, well-written. The subject matter is just as inappropriate, disturbing, and honestly, disgusting as you might imagine. He has just enough of those few lines and zingers to offend even the least self-righteous among us. So basically, it is almost exactly what I was expecting, maybe a little worse even. ;-)  I haven't read anything else by Eugenides. I think I'm done.

Seriously... I'm Kidding by Ellen Degeneres

Even punks like Ellen.  I happen to like her a lot. She cracks me up. If you like her sense of humor, I recommend this book to you. It is a fun beach read, and you'll read it in a day or two, maybe an afternoon (even if you are a slow reader).  I don't agree with her lifestyle, but you don't have to agree with it to find a person highly entertaining. I think we all know that by now. #obvs

I finished one of the books I was reading last month, and that was Every Wild Heart. I'm glad I read it, but I'm still of the mind that it was too slow.
I re-downloaded Librivox and I've been listening to Wuthering Heights. I've found that I only enjoy the classics as audiobooks. I'm not sure why. ;-)

I'm also reading My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman.
and it is a sometimes funny, but also at times, unfortunately, a snoozer... but I'm not done with it yet. Any words of wisdom from those who have read it? Yay? Nay? Keep going? Or no? I read A Man Called Ove {{and watched the movie with Stephen}}, and it was good, but fairly depressing. I think this one might be a good book, but not for me.

~The Kids Are Reading~

Molly has been doing chores for several months in order to save up for a Kids' edition Kindle Fire. She finally completed her many weeks of washing dishes (finally, finally!!), and then we made her wait until school was out, as long as she continued to be helpful around the house, and have a good attitude. (This is partly because the Kids' edition wasn't available until early June). So finally, after waiting for nearly three months, she saved up her chore money and got it!  She has hundreds of books at her access now.

She is a voracious reader!

I took the kiddos to the Library, and we would have checked out some more, if it were not for a few hang-ups.


Master of None

I heard about this show from Leigh's linkup last time via Sarah Denley's blog In the Warm Hold of Your Loving Mind. I binge-watched all of season 1-2 while our kids were at their grands.

This show was just about what I expected it to be. Pretty funny, a little lost, well-written, and hard to stop watching. Writer/actor/director Aziz Ansari has a talent, to be sure!!

The Office

This is an old favorite but something Stephen and I like to watch when we've been bored lately.  (We need another season of Portlandia to binge watch together!!) Fun to compare the British and American versions and figure out what we're doing wrong! :)


JR JR, Joseph, Nickel Creek, Portugal the Man, The Lumineers, & The Avett Brothers (you have to check out the latter two on youtube, search for 'tiny desk concert'). So good!

RAR podcast
What Should I Read Next

and that's ab-out it! Happy July! Woo to the hoot hoot! :)

We also got a fish. His name is Toulouse (Lautrec). The kids tried to rename him "Bella Gracie," but we think it kinda matters that he is a boy. :)  We agreed on Toulouse Bello Beck. (Molly's idea!)


Light in the Darkness: Christ in the Book of Job @ Catholic Exchange
I recently changed my medication from 200mg of anti-anxiety meds to 300mg, which my doctor said is the minimum amount in the therapeutic range.  My mental illness is my 'darkness,' and that's just me. :) The book of Job speaks to me. As a convert, I'm always trying to reconcile the Covenant theology I was born and raised into, and the stellar Catholic theology I have inherited.  This article weaves the Old and New Testament together, and it definitely made me think about the Redemption story in a clear, incredibly simple but powerful way!  Whenever I see the Covenant-tie-in, I know I'm in good company among Catholics!! Great article, really well-written, well-worth reading!

Baby Envy: The New Cultural Divide @ The Daily Mail
When someone gets extra defensive about not being pregnant yet, "Don't worry- not pregnant!" (x10) I wonder if maybe this is part of those strong feelings.  I think we Mamas spend too much time feeling bad. We all have a source of envy, stress, or frustration. The grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Live your own life, and I think some of that defensiveness should fade.

Trading Perfection for Redemption @ Catholic Mom (by the blessed Rakhi McCormick)
This spoke to me, and I think it will speak to you, too even if you're not a Catholic Mom. :)

Facebook Will Produce Own TV Shows Executives Reveal @ Sky News
This is so interesting! Now with facebook live, I totally believe this is where we're going!

23 Microwave Meals to Make When It's Too Hot To Cook @ Buzzfeed
Have you ever made cake in a mug? It's fun and fast and actually really delicious. This article takes that concept and runs with it, and I love the creativity it sparks!


Avocado Toast

Pancakes, lots of pancakes


My priest shared this meme (tweet?;-), and he also preached a homily about it!
I just love this quote... it is so true. *We* are not Jesus, *we* are the sinners!:)

~also FYI~
I have been transitioning my blog... I'm going to be doing less link-ups. I have been thinking about moving into this direction for a while now, and so I'm hoping we'll stay in touch without my blog falling into oblivion. I can only find out by doing a trial period, so here's hoping!;)  I re-did my about me page for the first time in like a century.  Like me on fb to stay in touch. ;)
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