Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Crafting Our Way Through Summer (Art With Children)~ Wed.

We all know that boredom can be the bane of Summer, next only to the complaints we hear from our children when they're listless from said boredom!  I have been hustling to find good options to keep my girls busy on those dog days, which are sure to come!

As I have been putting together this post, I have really felt a pull to type into the Pinterest search engine "art" rather than "craft." I have been so pleased with what I have found. There may be no going back to "crafts," because art with kids is always so beautiful, and I'm much more likely to frame them than I would with crafts! For you, I have tried to corral the most Summery, beautiful crafts, and I hope to help you turn them into art that you might want to keep long term!!

The fun thing about doing a week of crafts is that you can add a little "special snack" and it feels like camp!

I set up stations for the kids, so that they can get working on one craft and that way, take turns sharing the materials.  We had one station for the "Craft of the day," and three other stations, which included coloring books, stickers, art pad + markers and other coloring materials.

You could also do a "cutting station" and a "gluing station." Another way would be to do multiple crafts on one day, and each station has the materials for one craft. That way, they're not all begging for the glue at the same time! ;-)

Here are our artistic pursuits for the week:

Monday: Sun Craft (art)

For this project, we turned to watercolor paintbrushes, such as these.

Tuesday: Sandcastle Craft

For this, all that is needed is glue and sand!

Wednesday: Watermelon art

For our watermelon craft, you'll need shaving cream, food coloring, and glue.

Thursday: Ice-cream craft

All that is needed is tissue paper and glue!

Friday: Camping craft

For this, you will need construction paper, gluing material, and perhaps stickers, markers, and mixed media.

Here are our snack ideas: (I did not link to each snack, but if you're interested in the photos above, you can look them up using these key words in the Pinterest search engine):

Monday: teddy bear jello pool

Tuesday: Under the sea graham crackers

Wednesday: rainbow fruit cup or....

these! i wont judge...

Thursday: ice-cream cones

Friday: s'mores (to go with the camping craft!!)

Now, if you're still bored... there is a great youtube channel that I suggest you subscribe to, called Katie Knutson.  She's an amazing art teacher who does art tutorials!  These are pretty easy, you don't need a lot of extra special materials, and her teaching is clear and easy to follow! Check it out:)
happy happy ;-)

I hope this post inspires you to organize your own Summer Art Camp! Have fun!!!!! ;-) Now, definitely go check out the other gals who have posts up about Summer:

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My kids love crafts! (I don't love messes...) We are going to try these!
Thanks for sharing!

Emily- Three Boys and a Girl said...

we love doing crafts, these are so cute!!

Heather Bramlett said...

I miss doing those type crafts with my kiddos! Ella just does her own crafts now!!

Lindsay at Lindsay'sSweetWorld said...

Those watermelon popsicles are SO cute!!