Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A Couple of Announcements~ Mostly Blog Related!

Today, I just have a couple of Announcements -- (some of the important variety, some not really at all)

--We decided ballet was worth the financial sacrifice. The company our girls dance with is fantastic. We don't have to worry about dances being tasteless, and even beyond that, the caliber of the dancing is absolutely top-notch. #thankful

--I have decided that I will not longer be participating in (any?) link-ups.*

Explanation: I have wanted to move my blog in this direction for YEARS.  I have added my blog to link-ups to improve community, interaction, and pageviews.  It worked.  But now, I'm going to experiment with not adding my links to parties, and see how it goes for a temporary amount of  time.

Further reasoning: Upon viewing my stats, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that *most* of my hits were coming from Google. Second after that was facebook.

I feel like my creative energy is stifled by link-ups. I want to do my own thing more often (most of the time) and for now, this is the best way to move in that direction.

The search for more pageviews can be frenetic.  It is a frantic, frenzied desire for always more. The only way that I see out of it is to participate in far less link-ups.

One thing that's exciting about all of this is that I know who my audience (really) is now. I have readers who have kept with me from various communities I've participated in online. 

me with my family- all except my sister (+family) on the West coast 

Recently someone asked if I've done any guest posts, and the truth is-- all of my posts are "guest posts" in a certain sense. My readership has carried over from Catholic Mom and Real Housekeeping days. I have friends online from Catholic Mommy, and the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers. The fact that I built readership from those communities and more means that I'm still "writing for them," in a very real sense.

Building a readership is one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging. Making friends online and establishing yourself as a trusted voice in the blogosphere is a good feeling.  This past week, my article on The Industrialization of Birth got several shares and it sparked a conversation on Facebook with a lot of interaction. I regularly see hundreds visit my site every single day.  This is what I love to do, and this is what I am called to do. I absolutely love writing and I feel most happy when I'm using that talent and seeking God's glory with it.

And that's why I feel like it's time to strike out on my own.  If you're here, reading, I'm writing for you.

I'm proud of my blog, this little space on the internets.  I *love* my readers, and I'm passionate about what I've built here.

 Why do you come here if you are a regular "Google reader"? I hope you have found these things here:
~ a person who is vulnerable about the intersection between faith, family, books and culture
~a trusted, friendly voice speaking into today's difficult-to-weather culture
~sister-to-sister friendly (again!) advice for everyday challenges and difficulties
~an upbeat and even joyful approach to everyday life
~attention-to-detail parenting, spirituality, health, and everyday personal development
~open and honest discussion of mental health issues
~high-standards wisdom and relatable (not condemning or didactic) trustworthiness

Above all, I seek to stay positive (at all times), be honest (at all times!) and give you open advice about the thing I struggle with, too. Just like you, I am a broken vessel seeking to make good choices everyday. I'm seeking to do God's will well.

If you read my blog through a link party, the best way to stay in contact with me is to like my facebook page There have been several blogs over the years that I *Loved* reading, but because I was lazy and didn't subscribe, I lost track of them and their blog sank into the oblivion that is online reading. Don't let that happen to *us*! 

If you want, take a minute today to comment and let me know you read my blog.

I would love to hear from you! 

*Just FYI, there will be some exceptions.  I may still participate in the occasional link-up. However, it will no longer be my modus operandi.
**more info on the babies in the picture on instagram

My last announcement is that next Tuesday, in honor of the new direction of my website, I will be giving away a fun door prize of items. Please come back or subscribe, so that you don't miss it!

What do you think about link-ups? Yes, no, maybe, or sometimes? All the time, as many as you can find? Why or why not?
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Beautiful Camouflaged Mess said...

Like you, I find the concept of link-ups can be restraining at times. That said, I try to do one a month with #WorthRevisit, since it encourages me to go back through previously written work. And, I do #MySundayBest for a couple reasons - it sends the most traffic to read my messages, and allows me an openness to tailoring to my blog's niche. But, those are the only two link-ups, simply because I don't want to have to stress staying true to my voice while fitting into a thematic vision.

I'm excited to get to read your piece as you embark on your new trajectory!

Amanda Bullard said...

Link ups can get out of control and I feel the same way. I like to write and sometimes prompts are just not the direction I was looking for. Go girl! I will be reading!
xo - Amanda

Tacy said...

@BCM That's a nice thought to do it once a month. I have not decided how much I will still do it. I just know that it will be on the occasion and not as normal programming.

Yay Amanda!!!! :0)