Friday, June 9, 2017

7 Things You Need For Your Make-up Bag

It doesn't matter where you're going... date night, mass or Church, the Post Office, or the Grocery Store. In a pinch, it's great to grab your to-go make-up and toss it in your purse or bring it with you to the car. Recently, I decided to clean out/purge my old make-up bag, and get a new one.When I had Conrad, when getting ready to pack for the hospital,  I suddenly realized that it had been about (no lie) fifteen years since I had gotten a new make-up bag. 

I love the one I wound up with. It was inexpensive (actually very, very cheap), it opens wide so I can see everything in it, and it is a pretty purple color.  The fact that I can see what's in it is what sold it for me. I love me some transparency! ;-)

While I was re-stocking some things in the bag, I thought about the things that I just cannot live without, so I thought it would be fun to share those with you here.  (I recently heard on the radio that some women spend upwards of $15,000 dollars in their lifetimes on beauty products. I'm not sure how much that turns out to be per year, but that sounds way too high to me!)

1. Face lotion~ I've talked about it before, and I'll (I'm sure) talk about it again, but I love Oil of Olay Complete lotion, with the tiny SPF 10. haha. Ok it's not sunscreen. Fine.

2. Mascara~ I tried to stray away, but I just had to come back to Great Lash mascara by Maybelline. It's the best mascara I've tried, and it is so affordable why would I go with something stupid expensive when I know this works?!

3. Powder~ I am on a cheaper brand kick after just having a baby, so I'm back to the tried and true (and gold star!) Covergirl clean powder in natural, yeah baby yes ma'am. ;-)

4. Blush~ Right now I'm using an old compact that has lasted me quite a while ... I think it is ELF but I'm not sure. I had heard or read somewhere (I think online from an article I found on Pinterest) that this is one of the better drugstore brands (T/F? school me yes please;) so I tried it and I've been pretty happy with it. ;-)

5. Chapstick and 2 tubes of lipstick.

I don't need much in the way of options because I pretty much wear the same thing on my lips everyday.  I have also been on a huge kick with L'Oreal Golden Splendor for lipstick. I keep a red wine color from L'Oreal for when I'm feeling fancy! (Which is almost never lol).  I recently decided to try the Chapstick (namebrand) in Pink Grapefruit and I love it cuz dats my favorite scent for most things. mmhmm. 

6. Nail clippers

As you can see from the picture, I couldn't find them in my bag. But because I'm nauseatingly organized (JOKE!), they shall turn up soon. ha. I find it saves me money to do my own nails, although I will admit that they don't always look perfect. *

7. Tweezers

I tweeze my eyebrows on the regular, so HOW COULD I LIVE without some tweezers in my make-up bag?!  ?!

That's it for me... what about you?! It seems that if you add up hair, make-up, and nails, it would be easy to spend a >>small fortune<< on beauty. I don't do monthly subscriptions because I have to budget for my personal needs, be it a haircut or AHEM one new nail polish! #one #lol

*While out shopping for Conrad at Old Navy, someone complimented me for having time to do my nails after just having a baby. Proudly, I walked away.  Then alas that beautiful color she was referring to-- "there's no place like chrome"-- peeled off within a day. Even with a top coat.  I tried it without too. If someone can help me deal with what to do when my FAVORITE color peels off in two seconds Ahhhhh!!!!!


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Mary Cooper said...

I use Neutrogena Revitalizing Lip Balm for my "lipstick". It gives me just a little bit of color.
About the nail polish: That's 1 of the reasons I keep my nails so short, in fact, that a nail technician thought I was a nail-biter!
I'm with you about the mascara...I think I have Maybelline...or maybe it's Cover Girt. I've tried more expensive ones, but it the lesser expensive ones do the job, why not?
Have a great weekend!

Tacy said...

Ooh, that makes me want to try Neutrogena. I have used some of their products in the past.
I like the idea of keeping them short and clean. I will have to make painting my nails less frequent, perhaps.
Yes! I love maybelline!

Stephanie of WMMblog said...

I love that you have a basics kind of makeup bag. I do, too!