Friday, May 26, 2017

Preparing our Space + House for Summer Crafting + Art

I just had a baby, so for now I'm literally blogging one-handed. BUT!  For the past 2 years, I've done a post about preparing our art cabinet for Summer Crafting... and since art with children is one of my passions, I'm continuing that series of posts here.

Molly is our last to finish school. Our Summer officially starts Monday. The process of these posts came about because I was trying to figure out how to keep crafting simple and inexpensive in our home. Over the past several years, I've honed the list so that it is comprehensive but not too pricey. It has been a learning curve, but I'm getting the hang of completion without going overboard.

If you want to go check out those other posts, I compiled a lot of resources, ideas, and lists for the crafty among us (and the crafty among you might just be your kids, you never know! ;) :

How to Create a Summer Craft Supply Collection on a Dime

**This is a short list of crafting supplies, objective: save money ;)

An Update on our Summer Crafting (year one)

**This is an update on the crafts and art we ended up making that year

How to Create a Summer Craft Supply Collection on a Dime, Part Deux

**This is a little bit more thorough of a list, although not as cheap as year one... but good, very good nonetheless! ;-)

I also recommended the Summer Screen Time Rules (And Free Printable) from Someday Saints and still recommend it very highly!   The purpose is to give your kids of list of what to do/ accomplish before they can have glowing screens!

So this year, I'm looking for a combination of >>Cheap + Thorough<< prep of our cabinet for this Summer.  I'm trying to prepare our space and our house for a summer of crafting, since I know with the heat my kids will LOVE having the option of doing some art, some crafts, or just some independent crafty business. ;)

Here is what we'll have on hand:

~crayola crayons
 (I think I'll splurge and get the 64 count since it has a lot of color options! 95 too
~crayola colored pencils
~stickers~ melissa and doug and bulk supply a la walmart
~brightly colored paper
~markers-- sharpies and mr. sketch
~white paper
~cotton balls
~rubber bands
~high quality brand watercolor paints
~foam die cuts
~acrylic paint

In addition to these supplies, we also have on hand:

~a tablecloth that can get dirty
~smocks for the kids
~goodwill clothes (just for painting) ;-)
~a dropcloth for the back porch (an old sheet will do) 

Some of this we already have. Everything else will be purchased. Old/dirty/unusable supplies get tossed. #declutter

This Summer, I'm hoping to do a "special activity" once a week. We might make Fridays our order pizza and craft day! We still plan to swim, play, and get outside on the other days! 

Here are some ideas:

1. Crafts/ Art projects

2. Simple DIY or other activities (gardening, decorating, cooking together)

3. Legos

4. Playdoh extravaganza/ Modeling Clay

5. Manipulatives from the Dollar Store or Homeschool Supply Store

6. Journals for each child and pens (my kids love these pens)- this could be a nature journal but maybe not! ;-)

7. Games for Game night (Molly and Frances will be targeted for this, in particular!)


for the younger ones:

~~Chutes and Ladders
~~Connect 4

Card games and ipad games also count for boredom busters! ;) Can't wait! lol.  I'm hoping that on the days we don't have an organized activity, such as rainy days, the kids will still feel comfortable pulling out their art supplies and using their imaginations....  What ideas do you have for keeping boredom at bay this Summer? Help me!!

Coming Soon: On June 21 I'll share the specific crafts (Art with Children/DIY) that we hope to accomplish during these Summer months (or at least some ideas to start us out ;-)


My thrift store addiction said...

Tacy, congratulations on your newest family member! This post couldn't have come at a better time, my little grandson will be visiting for 2 weeks and he adores crafts. Last summer I planned lots and will do the same this year. Also, I've found some great supplies at the dollar store and even thrift stores--often new items. Enjoy your summer!

Tacy said...

Awesome! Thanks for the comment! :-)