Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Birth Announcement~ Welcome Conrad Eugene Beck!

Baby boy was born... at 3:04am .... on... Saturday May 13.

We are all happy, overjoyed, and overwhelmed to welcome this little one to our family!

Conrad Eugene was 7lbs 4 oz and 19 in. long.

Conrad is a name of Germanic origin meaning "bold counsel."

Eugene comes from Latin and Greek origin and it means "well born."

Conrad Aiken is one of my favorite poets. Anders Eliot was named after T.S. Eliot, so we are continuing with the tradition of naming our sons after poets. :0) How did we land on this name? We like unusual names, we liked the meaning, and they're both saints' names, which we liked. He has a Great Uncle Conrad as well, so it is a family name on my Mom's side.  Also we just really liked these names and have liked it for a while. ;-)

St. Conrad (his patron saint) was a Franciscan brother and mystic of Germany, who died in 1894. His feast day is November 26. Additionally,  St. Eugene was a Roman priest who died in 657. His feast day is June 4.  This is another name we have just really liked for a while, and we loved the origins.

We are going to take some time to get to know our son, {brother, nephew, friend, grandson}.  I hope to write up the birth story and share it here soon(ish). ;-)

Thank you everyone for the warm wishes!

excerpt from my favorite poem, by Conrad Aiken

"Morning Song of Senlin"

It is morning, Senlin says, and in the morning  25
Should I not pause in the light to remember God?
Upright and firm I stand on a star unstable,
He is immense and lonely as a cloud.
I will dedicate this moment before my mirror
To him alone, for him I will comb my hair.  30
Accept these humble offerings, clouds of silence!
I will think of you as I descend the stair.

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Regine Karpel said...

Beautiful. Congrats.

Gentle Joy said...

Congratulations! What a precious little one. :)

madad ali said...
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Rochelle said...

This is Margaret's birthday as well!! Congratulations!

Abu Saeed said...

Congratulation! best of luck.

valentino thomas said...

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