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Some Notes on Making Easter Art Camp Work(Able)

In addition to decorating easter eggs, our house, and doing egg hunts this year, we also did this fun thing called Easter Art Camp, which we finished up last week. Some people were asking me about it, so I thought I would type up a post about what we did and how it came about.

Basically it was an effort on my part to beat back my ever-pervasive fear of boredom and ennui with these kids underfoot. Every time my kids go on break, I worry that they will complain of being bored, and all of my depleted parenting resources will fall on permissive strategies and we will all end up sitting around watching TV.  {ugh} The weather has been great but you can only stare at flowers for so long. ;-)

So this break, similar to Fall Break {{which I wrote about in this post}} I armed myself with a plan. It is funny how some sort of marching orders or different things keep you hopeful when you're going through a rough patch. Last year it was something as small and simple as waiting for the crepe myrtle to bloom.  This year I think expecting a baby has gotten me through a lot. Having something to hope and wait for is resourceful. But for the kids, hearing "You'll have a baby brother soon" only goes so far. Not a strategy, really. Path of least resistance? ;-)

I broke it up by day and I did a *ton* of research and planning for it.

Unlike last year when I did a fun craft for each day, this time I did a craft and a little fun treat/snack.  They were not connected but they all had an "easter break" theme.  I will be completely honest in saying that none of these were completely original. *All* of the inspiration came from things I found and saved to a private folder on Pinterest. I changed some things around a bit at times but for the most part (**keep it real, always**) I was a totes copycat. :0) so sorry ;-)

Here are some notes on how to make it all happen:

1. Plan everything in detail.

I planned everything out in a day-by-day strategy. We did Friday-Monday. I had to get special supplies for each craft, so I went out on two differing occasions to buy the supplies. It took a lot of work up-front and I had to refer to my lists a million and twenty-two times in order to not forget something important/necessary/needed.
Cotton top cones*

2. Budget Accordingly.

This year the kids got *zero* toys in their Easter baskets. All of the money went toward these projects.  They got candy and one book in their baskets and they knew that was going to be it. ha ;-) I shopped at Dollar Tree and Walmart and kept everything simple.

3. Think with your kid-brain.

Kids LOVE treats. I remember growing up we always went to Bible School during the summers, and my favorite thing ever was snack time because we got fun things like pudding dirt cups and s'mores and rice krispies.  I personally want to gag on every peep that enters my mouth :-0 but these things are a HIT with the kiddos and that's an understatement. They will talk it up like there's no tomorrow.

4. *Be original

I found these cottontail cones on Pinterest from a Paula Deen recipe. The only thing I changed was that I added a brownie to the inside to "hold up" the cotton candy. And for our family we changed the name to cotton top cones :0) We then swirled them in lemon frosting and rolled the cones in sprinkles, then formed balls out of cotton candy and stuck it to the top.  I think the kids talked about these more than anything else all week, and bonus plus! They made them themselves. ;-)

5. Round out the sweetness with healthy meals and snacks.

Juuuuuust in case anyone is wondering if this was all the food or nourishment my kids had all week, I want to assure you that we also had plenty of healthy meals, snacks, and bedtime snacks throughout Easter weekend. It wasn't all treats and candy haha.  But celebrate we did and we had an absolute BLAST doing it.

to view all of things we did, see this

**Note: This post isn't image-heavy because I'm unfortunately working from a back-up Dell computer until we are able to fix or replace my macbook air. (CRYING emoji face here)**

One other thing you can try is a Staycation ... if your kids are on break or are suffering from a severe case of ennui and boredom.

And don't forget that Eastertide lasts for 50 days. It is definitely not too late to do some special crafts and snacks for Easter. :0)

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