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Pregnancy Recap in 7 Quick Takes (almost 38 weeks!)

Well I thought it was time I did a little pregnancy recap for this baby beck numero #6.It is an understatement to say I'm trying to get things squared away, and yes, we are definitely in the final countdown.  This hasn't been an especially difficult pregnancy all told, other than sleeping probs/causing me to feel ill, but truth be told I feel like a fat cow. ;-) I think the themes of this pregnancy when I look back will be healthy but huge.



At the beginning of this pregnancy, all I wanted was meatball subs from Subway. I got them about once a week. At some point I got tired of them... but meat has been a constant throughout this pregnancy.  Anything high in fiber (raisin bran) and protein (yogurt) and fat/carbs has been making me happy and satisfied. Hydration is my my middle name. I also love juice so much.



I'm still trying to walk as much as I can. We live downtown, and there are two routes that I do pretty consistently. One is more hilly than the other and it wipes me out. Lately even just walking has been so hard for me because I can tell my belly is bigger this time 'round. As for my normal stretching, I'm so so out of shape. No lie.  I try to take the kids for walks, and we do go sometimes, but a lot of times it is easier to go when Stephen gets home from work all by my lonesome. :0)



On the nights that I cannot or do not sleep, it's like I'm starting all over again with first trimester symptoms and it has been  Stephen had to stay home from work at least twice because I was feeling so sick.  No lie: He has helped me SO stinkin much with the kids. We've divvied up the chores and basically if he's home and it's kid related, he's habitually on it and I do all of the housekeeping. When he's gone I do both. I still feel ok though and I know I'm eating well and I've been taking my vitamins.  Prayer has been the best answer for my moodiness. Rosaries- and praying out loud with Stephen-  have given me tangible evidence of the power of faith and prayer to cure what(ever) ails us.


What I've Gotten Done:

This month has been really busy. I'm trying to squeeze in appointments for kids, myself, dentist, hair and and all the rest.  I have organized but not cleaned the final time. I've gotten out the baby clothes but I haven't washed them. I'm trying to balance housecleaning with rest.

As for getting baby-ready: So far, I've collected a little collection of clothes size 0-3 months. This Spring has been alternatively organized and insane as I've tried to gather clothes for all of my kiddos. We're now working with size 8, 6T, 5T, 4T, 2T, and 0-3 months. Imagine with me if you will: all of these sizes in Christmas clothes, clothes that don't fit anymore, clothes that are out of season, and clothes that actually fit and are in season. Now you know what kind of brain gymnastics I've been doing with that plus coats, sweaters, raincoats, ballet clothes, bathingsuits, and shoes.  :-O

I feel like I have accomplished one of my biggest goals, which was to organize all of the winter clothes and put them in the attic. A huge bin for anything Christmassy and a huge bin for children's coats, then all of their piles of winter clothes organized into boxes by size and PUT AWAY! As for the clothes that sort of fit and are in season, we have small Ikea dresser in the girls closet where they are all folded and put away as a "just in case."  This whole deal was a weekend project, but now that it's done I feel so much ready. ;-)


What I Still Need to Do:

I still need to get some things down from the attic, and I always buy a couple of fresh new things for each baby (each one has their own security blanket)... it seems you always let something get completely worn out before each consecutive baby. Usually it is the accessories that get lost (socks,  pacis, bottles, etc). I have one package of NB diapers and no, I haven't packed my hospital bag yet, thanks for asking. :0)  I sold my ergo but my constant question is whether or not to buy another one.


Weight Gain:

I've gained more with this pregnancy 40+ additional lbs and counting) than with any of my previous pregnancies. I did a lot of walking with annabel and she was little, and I only gained about 23lbs in total with her. (ACK! Tiny!)  Did you know that during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy you should be getting between 350-500 extra calories per day?  A bowl of cereal and milk is about 150 calories. I don't think I was getting that much with her.


I know la croix is really trendy right now, but....folic acid, fiber, vitamin c & b, I could go on.... 

What's Working for Me:

Greek Yogurt. I put frozen or fresh berries, or honey,  coconut flakes on it and it tastes so delicious and is very, very satisfying. Cheese sticks, salads, and naked juice. Grilled meat. Smoothies. Pretzels, Popcorn. La Croix will forever and always be my go-to. I've actually been drinking it over ice this time 'round. Lots of meat and eggs. My weakness is the new chocolate oreos. .Choc.o.late. or.e.os.  Oh m'gosh ya'll. My fave is stirring juice into strawberry greek yogurt to make the easiest smoothie invented ever. :-)

And/Also: VITAMIN C.  I consume COPIOUS amounts of juice (love cranberry or cran-grape, grapefruit, orange), as well as many, many oranges, & clementines. I have some kind of fruit or trail mix with craisins as a side for basically every meal. This pregnancy could and should very well have a vitamin c theme song.  Coffee can and might as well go to h*ll because of how it makes me feel ... sluggish, very tired.... I just take 2 sips and pour it out and go drink a big glass of water. :-)

All seems to be going well. I feel healthy but just big.

Wish me luck! 2 weeks to go...... (?!?!?!!!!!!!)

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