Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What My Conservative Friends Missed (Didn't Understand) About the Women's March

I consider myself fortunate to have friends that divide right down the 50% between liberal and conservative. I went to college in California - for goodness sake- and grew up in Tennessee and lived in Maryland for seven years.
I can scroll my feed and see people from all opinions, views, and walks of life.

What frustrates me to no end isn't the spicy liberal rhetoric. What disturbs me isn't the blasphemous signs from the march.

What frustrates, disturbs, and downright frightens me is the blind post-Bible-thumping rhetoric of Conservatives.

Conservatives, before you mud-sling about nasty signs, 'impotent' rhetoric, and unfortunate/inappropriate signage, you need to understand a few things.

1. Being a liberal isn't easy.

It isn't easy to adapt to modern-day rhetoric.

It isn't easy to understand the changing tide of this rhetoric.

It isn't easy to stand up for things when people assume your motivation is pure evil, all the time.

2. Everyone had a different reason for marching.

Don't take a picture of an unfortunate sign and assume all of the women were marching for that reason.

What I saw was people upset that the President of our United States has approved of language concerning "P**** Grabbing."

What I saw was people mortified that the First Lady of our people has nude modeling on her resume.

What I saw was women who don't have a damn thing in common with Ivanka's materialism and frankly, are shattered by this opinion that women should be Amazonian Saleswoman with a side of nepotism and interior decorating abilities.

3. It's super-easy to misunderstand liberals. What's hard is to hear what they're saying/trying to say.

3 million women marching around the world for women's rights says something.

What's easy is to thump the same Pro-life viewpoint until your thumb and your brain are numb. What are you even saying anymore? Does it honestly apply to this situation?

No I don't think it does. Not at all.

Women everywhere- all around the world- stood up to defend our 





The divide in our culture is simply about power.  Conservatives stop being threatened by something that - when done right- is all well and good. These people are your sisters because these women have a brain.
Some would say--- a much better brain than you.

I now consider myself a moderate, and a swing voter with leanings in neither direction prominently. Ok, I may have a few more dominant liberal leanings lately.;-)

If you want to talk about it, discuss in the comments.
While I do not mind (At All) discussing these issues on my blog, I'm honestly not interested in debating on Facebook itself (anymore).


Jan said...

Dear Tacy, I have known you and loved you since you were born. I know your kind heart and I hope you can still see mine. I'm not trying to be overly dramatic, but you know the circumstances of my conception and birth. Do you honestly feel that the world would be a better, kinder, more compassionate place if my mother had had easy access to abortion and I had been executed for my father's crime? The solution to the problem of unwanted pregnancy is complex, I understand and agree, but should I have died in an effort to lessen the burden on my mother? She sincerely believed that my existence had ruined her life. Now she sees me as her greatest blessing.

Tacy said...

No I do not think your situation should be condemned and if people did that at the march, that's a mistake.

I am trying in this post to distinguish between the Pro-Life movement and the deeper reasons for the Women's March (as distinguished from the more liberal term "Women's Rights" and "Women's Healthcare."

Jan said...

I was addressing, "What's easy is to thump the same Pro-life viewpoint until your thumb and your brain are numb. What are you even saying anymore? Does it honestly apply to this situation?"

The organizers of the march had the opportunity to unify us all against some of the most heinous of atrocities against women going on around the world and in the US. (Slavery, exploitation, mutilation, being considered property, not being allowed access to education, not being allowed to vote, just to name a few) "The situation" we are talking about is a march organized by women who are unreserved proponents of abortion, any time, for any reason, and sponsored in large part by the largest abortion provider in this country. They do not agree that a person can be pro-woman if they are not equally pro-abortion. Abortion is so crucial to this march that the organizers intentionally excluded anyone with a different viewpoint on that one issue- even long time feminists - simply because they also wanted to march for the rights of the unborn.

You said, "The divide in our country is simply about power." Women have been victimized throughout history because they lacked the physical and socio-economic power of men. We decry being marginalized by those who have more power, raising our voices against tyranny and oppression. How can we then turn around and deny our unborn sisters the opportunity to realize their full potential simply because we have the power to do so? We have fought to gain our civil rights. Rather than viewing our children as our mortal enemies, worthy of nothing short of annihilation, I believe the hearts of women are big enough to include the rights of the most marginalized members of our society in our struggle for justice.

You said, "I am trying in this post to distinguish between the Pro-Life movement and the deeper reasons for the Women's March". I have and will continue to fight against violence against women, against oppression and discrimination against women in the home and in the workplace, for the protection of and equal opportunities for all women no matter their race, religious beliefs, abilities, physical appearance, location or economic status. All of these things and more are worth fighting for but are utterly unattainable if the foundational right to exist isn't protected.

"It’s why many of our laws exist: to protect the more fundamental of two rights when they collide. Nowhere else in our justice system is another right held up over a human’s right to live."

Tacy said...

I disagree. I see your points about how this march was sponsored by and led by many who are Pro-Choice, but I know many people who participated peacefully without a Pro-Choice agenda.

I'm glad I wrote this post if it gave a shred of truth to anyone on a journey to respect women as well as life.

The rhetoric surrounding this country's newly elected President is disturbing to many and it should be disturbing to all.

We aren't electing an upright, kind, honest person into power. We have elected a smarmy leader and if he gets his way, women will become like Ivanka and Melania before we know it. I won't say all that I'm thinking about them...

But it's ok. 3 million people already did.

Jan said...

I abhor the offensive words and behavior of the new president. I am truly embarrassed to have a person with such a lack of character and compassion leading this great country. I have written the President to express my concerns about his character, his words and his actions and to implore him to humble himself before God and the citizens of this world.

I, too, know, respect and care deeply about many people who marched. No matter how pure my motives to represent the oppressed might have been, my presence at a rally, built not on a platform where one plank is abortion rights but built on an entire platform of violence against my unborn sisters gives an impression of adding my stamp of approval on such an ideology.

You said, "I'm glad I wrote this post if it gave a shred of truth to anyone on a journey to respect women as well as life". I am a woman, I have 3 daughters and 4 granddaughters. I would be a complete fool not to respect and fight for the dignity, protection and opportunity for all women. I know that being both pro-woman and pro-life is logical and feasible.

Jan said...

You started your last comment with "I disagree". Would you mind clarifying what exactly you disagree with? I wasn't sure if it was particular points or all that I said. Thanks, Tacy.

Tacy said...

The March on Washington (organized and occurring under MLK Jr.) Was a quarter of a million people. This march happened worldwide and it was 3 million people strong.

So many of these people were my Christian brothers and sisters.

It appalls me to see Conservatives pitting themselves against this group as a whole, because *so many* of them were representing a truth I can wholeheartedly get behind.

And I have already stated what that is in my original post!!! ;-)

Tacy said...

How I disagree: Why are we condemning these women for stupidity in the name of "righteousness" or "the Pro-Life movement" when much of what they fight for is well and good?

Jan said...

I was not meaning to infer that anyone was "stupid". And please forgive me if you think that is what I meant. I was meaning it might be unwise to give your allegiance to an organization that is vehemently opposed to the idea of protecting life. I was frankly surprised that they intentionally excluded pro-life feminists when they agree on all but one idea. They call for inclusion and acceptance and cooperation EXCEPT if you want to protect the ones with the most dangerous address in America. That address is the baby's mother's womb.

Tacy said...

I'm sorry you feel that way.... I do not see it in black and white.