Tuesday, January 17, 2017

So Many Thoughts About La La Land {no spoilers}

I wasn't going to say anything about La La Land because honestly, I was mesmerized by this movie, but I wasn't head over heels either. I saw it the day before awards Sunday. I wasn't totally blown away, but I'm super picky about movies. It takes a lot for me to put a movie on my must-see list. But I think this movie is working its way there, to the top of the list of must-see movies this year. The straw that broke the camel's back? Honestly, when it won seven Golden Globe awards, including best actor and actress, and I started to rethink it.;-) I was really super-impressed when it won, and I was glad it was receiving an overwhelming amount of attention and support. I kept thinking, "Wow! They loved it! That's awesome!" When all is said and done, I think it is a movie that everyone should try to see.


-Emma Stone's acting

Really, her acting. She is so fresh and real. She's raw and vulnerable. No one can deny the chemistry between her and Gosling. No one else could have pulled this off. I think- if you've seen it- we can all recognize that! But even bigger than that, is the feeling that she believes in herself. She has an inner confidence and an outer beauty that make her so appealing and attractive!

-Ryan Gosling's playing and dancing

When watching this movie, a man uttered the exact thoughts I was thinking near the beginning of the film: "Do you think he's really playing?" And his wife answered, "He is!!!" I was so glad that had this exchange so that I could overhear it, because I was wondering the same thing. I hope Ryan inspires more actors to take their craft more seriously. He stretched himself with this role, and the results are far from embarrassing. His playing is inspiring (it really is too good to be real) and his dancing is excellent.

-The original music

The song, "City of Stars" is haunting and it serves a purpose, which is why I think it won at the Golden Globe awards ceremony. Each and every song kept me on the edge of my seat, and after seeing a lot of mediocre movies this holiday season, that was a refreshing change.

-The themes and directing

This movie has a purpose. Each frame tells a story. All of the subtle details are there by design. The themes are creativity, success, and the heartache of believing in yourself and continuing to try when you are mocked, unwanted, or under-appreciated. Anyone will two eyes, two ears, and a heart will detect this mood and the purpose for this film. The director really sailed his ship into the harbor. He achieved exactly what he was going for. A rare feat.

-John Legend

Seriously, I was so surprised to see John Legend as a guest actor in this movie. He's not a bad actor and his presence in this movie was .... just stunning and surprising. Fun! ;)

I think the overall feeling is that, above all, I was blown away by the themes. I thought the dancing and music were a fantastic, refreshing way to approach a movie, and I hope this theatre dancing and singing style will work its way back into mainstream (or something more frequent/expected for modern acting;). I honestly kept thinking of White Christmas which may sound dorky, but it does make itself into a little bit of a Christmassy movie for several reasons ... and if you've seen it, you know exactly what I'm talking about! ;-)

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