Friday, January 20, 2017

My 7 Favorite Beauty Products from 2016

Over the past year, I found some beauty products- both facial and non- that I can now say that I swear by.  I hope, with this post, to fill you in on all the latest.... like I do. My style is definitely a more natural look, but when we go out on dates, or that type of thing, I try to use something more dramatic. For church, I usually wear real eye makeup, with lipstick. Today, I'm simply talking about the everyday beauty routine. Hopefully it will be helpful to some of you!

~ Essie nail polish in find me an oasis

I have the hardest time- pun intended- finding polish that doesn't get smudgy and soft as you add coats. This color Essie polish is perfect after about four coats, and I promise you, the coats harden as they dry, rather than getting soft and then smudging. Essie seems to last without chipping, which is a very nice bonus about this product, as well!

~ Coverfx powder from Sephora

I splurged on this powder at Sephora (and I usually do not shop there...), but I am so glad I did. They will do skin matching in the store. I am definitely glad I got it! Why? Because it really, really works!! I have to replace my current compact very soon, because I use it everyday.

~ Sally Hansen gel in Regal Rose

This polish also dries very hard, but it looks beautiful and thick after only two coats. I love putting this on my toes during the winter. It is so easy to apply. Besides, like Essie, this gel lasts without chipping, and remains hard with multiple coats. I will definitely be buying this again, because I'm so happy to have found it!

~ Burts Bees lip gloss in peach

Coconut is pictured, but peach gloss is the best for tint. I have to include this on the list, because I swear by this stuff, and I use it everyday. My lips get so dry in the winter, and I love a little colorful tint, but I hate the feel of lipstick on dry lips. If you've never tried it, peppermint is also a great option, although it does not have a tint. Perfect for bedtime or just keeping on your bedside table.  I hate chapped lips, and this is the best chapstick and lip gloss on the market, imho. Try it! ;)

~ Suave dry shampoo spray

Usually, Suave is the brand to hate on. The shampoo causes build-up and most hairdressers say it's the worst. 😖 But, when I just do not have chance to wash my hair, I can spray a little bit of this on my roots, and it perks my hair right up! ;) I would like to say I wash my hair everyday, but that's not true. I miss a day here and there. I really enjoy the effect of this product, and let's be honest~ I will definitely replace it when I run out.;)

~ Aveda Brilliant pomade

The *only* product that works on my short hair is this pomade. I asked my hairdresser for something that would make my hair look "wavy and glossy" (maybe a tiny bit wet, or at least non-poofy, especially on the ends), and the things she tried on my hair didn't hold a finger to this product.😊😂 I use a tiny bit on my fingertips to fight frizzy ends. It just works so well and it smells  The best part is that it will last you for over a year. I also have used other Aveda products in the past (their Control paste is a good one for short haircuts and it lasts forever, as well), but this is the best for me right now!

BONUS: facial care tips! fun! ;)

  • I'm no expert, but from my experience, the best way to prevent my face from drying out during the winter is to use a quality moisturizer after washing with a good exfoliating face wash. 
  • I like St. Ives Green Tea scrub exfoliating wash- because it works!
  • I absolutely love and swear by Oil of Olay Complete moisturizer.  I have been using it as a simple moisturizer after washing my face or showers since college. Forever! ;)
  • AVOID: alcohol-based face wipes. They will dry your face out!  
  • If you do end up using some kind of toner, or something with alcohol to clean off your face (such as in an emergency, or with really heavy make-up), find a stronger moisturizer. When my face is really dry, I use this moisturizer shown, sold at the Clinique make-up counter.  It goes on a little thicker than my standard Oil of Olay, and it doesn't cause breakouts usually (so far!). I keep it on hand, but only use it occasionally to save money.
And finally, last but not least...

~ pharmacia perfume in Rose, from anthropologie

I like Clinique's Happy, but I was looking for something a bit subtler. I always shop scents at anthropologie. They have some great options. This smells great- just like roses- and it fit the bill! ;)

Maybe next time I will share my favorite dressy make-up with you! 😉
Do you have any products that you turn to again and again?


Michele Morin said...

Lots of great advice! Happy to have found your writing home at the home of Caffeinated Moments sisterhood!

Tacy said...

Thanks Michele! I'm really excited about it!

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