Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Gender Reveal + What I Learned From An Instagram Break

As some of you know, I'm 22 weeks pregnant, but we did not have an anatomy ultrasound scan until this week, because of insurance changes. I finally got it all worked out, and I went in to the doctor for the scan at long last! So I'm super excited to let you know that we are having a...


I honestly had no idea either way, I was going to be surprised/shocked no matter what.  The main thought throughout this pregnancy has simply been "I am so surprised that I'm pregnant....wow..." and while I have wondered what we were having, I was really too distracted with my shock of just being pregnant at all to sit around figuring it all out. I guess- for better or for worse- that's how I roll. (I'm not sure if I should say Yikes! here or just C'est la vie.)  So yeah-- yay! Woo to the hoo. I just kept repeating, "Thank God... Thank you God" during the ultrasound, not because we would not have been happy, but because it is time for Anders to have a brother. I am getting tired of racing cars down the stairs with him. LOL

Annnnyway.... as some of you may know, I took a break from instagram for the entire month of December. It was really refreshing.  I realized that I didn't miss it that much, and once I was off a daily schedule, I didn't feel the need to interact as much on Facebook and Twitter, either.  I spent more time reading, updating Goodreads, and just living life.*  I was pleasantly surprised when I gained a bunch of followers on Twitter my first week off insta, and I even continued getting likes and follows on instagram even when I wasn't there! Even though I felt less inclined to turn to social media in general, when I did, the break helped me to focus more on other social media channels, as well as my blog.

I also had some things about my instagram interaction come into clearer focus from the break. For one I get super tired of wondering how many likes I'll get per picture. It can be a drag/source of stress/ source of envy for me. I don't like a million photos on there so naturally I don't get a million likes in return. It was very nice to have some perspective, that being said, and I don't regret taking a break for a single minute. ;)  I started jotting down notes about how I want to "do instagram" in the future! And yes, I will take breaks like this again in the future, because it really was so good for me.

Here are my "deep thoughts" about instagram after taking an enlightening and refreshing break!

1. don’t post until you have something good

sometimes I get caught up in a moment and I think I've taken a good picture, only to look back and think "why did I post that?" I think it is just the compulsion I feel sometimes to rush into posting a picture or taking a picture.

2. do a "superior sundays" or “mood mondays” type post one day of the week

while on break, I was inspired to do a once-a-week thing - or at least try it for a month and see how it goes. It's fun to me when I see others do this type of thing. One thing I have learned from blogging is that consistency is key. Followers come to expect something, which is fun all around.

3. use consistent hashtags

I'm terrible with hashtags, #itsofficial. On my break, I was inspired to try to be more consistent with whatever hashtags I choose. I also need to be intentional about it.

4. talk to your best friend or sister

captions and hashtags are actually a big part of instagram, but if I'm rushed I will often say something lame. If I think about a best friend or a sister when I'm composing the text for my instagram, it often comes out more interesting, or at the very least, it sounds more natural. ;) My favorite instagrammers are friendly, and they don't seem sorry to be posting. They are not apologetic for interrupting, but rather, glad to share. After all, if it were your best friend or sister, you'd be glad to share!

5. be colorful and simple

sometimes I try too hard to include several subjects, or I want to capture what the kids are doing, but the picture isn't cute. I'm inspired to capture colorful moments and simple moments most often! These simple moments are the stuff of insta, you don't have to be on a trip to the moon to use it! It could just be an everyday moment, or something beautiful that catches your eye.

6. be true to yourself and what you like/believe in

if you like silly selfies, capturing your house, books, or artsy-ness, then that will become your style and that is great. I love cooking, taking picture of kids, food, drinks, I like to remember what my kids are doing, and I love memories and little cute things my kids have said. I intend to stay true to these things in the future, rather than trying to be like others and losing my true style.

Above all, instagram is an art, a channel where we can be social with others, and a medium of personal expression. I was inspired on my break that I shouldn't give it up altogether. Meanwhile, let's keep it pure, fun, simple, pretty, and true.

And I have to say, just to tie it all up with a pretty bow (irony noted;), that it is fun to tell instagram when you're pregnant/expecting. And it's super fun to do the gender reveal as well. Once again, with all of its faults, instagram for the win!

Looking for more tips or pro-instagram articles? This one is fun>> 7 Reasons Why I Love Instagram @ Socially Sorted,  and it clarifies some reasons why you might be inspired to use instagram.

*Living life: usually means I wake up with a book hangover and have the daily realization/sad sinking feeling that I must wait until bedtime (my kids') to finish my book... at the earliest I will be able to have a hair of the reading-dog at rest time. lol ;-)

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Michele Morin said...

Great tips for Instagram -- a platform I'm still very unsure of. And congratulations on your tiny boy!

Tacy said...

Thank you Michele!