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A Christmas Recap~ The Twelve Days!

Today marks the end of Christmas! Happy Feast of the Three Kings. The twelve days of Christmas are now officially over~ Twelfth Night.  So, happy Epiphany!  If you stopped playing Christmas music before then, I'll pray for the repose of your soul. ;-)

My apologies in advance to Kelly for not being able to keep this to only seven takes. 😱😱 Looking back, we had a very nice Christmas. The kids were so pleased with their gifts and they behaved marvelously despite the second morning of Christmas being overtaken by the new Wii. We  only bought two games, one is Just Dance and the other is a more traditional Mario game. (Not my favorite but a huge hit with Molly and her Daddy).

Christmas morning

We had a pretty blessed Christmas. 
This year I did 'something they want, something they need, an educational game, and something artistic' for each child.... ;-)

And the kids didn't do any playing on Christmas. Oh no, none at all. ;-)

Stephen picked out the mermaid tales for the girls! (We thought the cats would mess them up the night before Christmas, but they ended up just sniffing and moving on- thankfully! lol-ha!)

They didn't get books because we did that at St. Nicholas day. We also skipped the Christmas PJ's this year, although we've done that past years! ;-) The kids were all so excited and grateful. These metallic markers were a huge hit as a stocking stuffer! ;)

We had brunch and the kids' grandparents came over. Everything tasted so good. I made these from-scratch upside down sticky buns and they actually turned out really good! ;) Christmas Eve was really wonderful. I love having my parents in town, very close by!

We continued with all of our traditions, and I found out my little brother is going to be a father of a son. I feel so warm with pride and joy about that news. I could think about it all day- and I did think about it all during Christmas!
Grandpa, helping put together a playmobil pet store with Frances

Frances and Madeleine doing the Monster Mash. 😂 We also added the sports game with bowling, tennis, golf etc. As far as "nintendo" goes Wii is my favorite because the kids can do it together. 

The weather on Christmas Day was 70 degrees!

I have to include these pictures, because I still cannot believe how warm it was this season! This is actually from a few days before Christmas. I was wearing short sleeves on Christmas day. :-0

I got some pretty sweet presents from my parents, in-laws, and Stephen. Ha! ;-) Gloves, socks, soap, a mug, a pretty necklace, a book, Starbucks gift card, and Meyers cleaning supplies. Yay! It was a good Christmas, indeed. ;-)

We got to facetime/skype with my sister Kira. Her kids are so stinking adorable! Ivey made the "snow" they are sitting on. Precious. I love them and miss them so much. I really wish we could have gotten to see them this Christmas. Not our turn this year though!!! #seattleisfarfaraway

We made shortbread cookies with chocolate icing and sprinkles-- for Santa! I use the recipe in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook and it is fantastic. A keeper for sure. These are best right out of the oven.
Then, we made gingerbread man cookies on the fifth day of Christmas.

They were delicious!  I used my own recipe, though I was low on molasses. I added a bit of extra egg (took out some of the egg white), and they turned out fine. I did have to take them out and pat them with a spatula half-way through baking, just fyi (or for My information- in future years!). And I had some amazing helpers, as always. 😊

The girls did an art day with their Great Aunt Gwenn, and we did a couple of arts and crafts, here as well. My girls love art projects and anything resembling our Fall Art Camp, so I'm tucking that idea away for any time they are on break.

Over break, we saw Sing and Moana, and Molly went to see Star Wars Rogue One with Daddy. I highly recommend checking these out on Rotten Tomatoes before you go see them. ;-)
On the tenth day of Christmas, my trusty helper helped me make my first-ever batch of breadsticks, to go with our homemade pineapple pizza. We coated them with olive oil, garlic, and rosemary and dipped them in melted butter and marinara sauce. It was a marvelous side as it turns out!

We did a New Years Eve run and had delicious fry bread with my parents, to ring in the New Year. We do the Run for Karen Lawrence to benefit the Ronald McDonald House every New Years Eve... best tradition ever!

Also: I spent a lot of time on this post Reflection for the New Year: Looking Back at 2016 and so I feel like this post wouldn't be complete without me telling ya'll about it/linking to it. I talked about my word for the year, my saint for the year, my New Year's resolutions, and I looked back at the best pictures and thoughts/words from the past year. I'm excited about it just in general, but also mainly because of this quote:

Hurrah for 2017! All in all, I am thankful for this year and all of the celebrating we accomplished during the Christmas season! Also: one and all you should friend me on goodreads! ;)

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