Friday, January 27, 2017

7QT~ Our Little Snow Day & Life Lately

~1~ We had this splendid little snow day that surprised us earlier this month. It was just enough for the kids to go sledding, make snowballs, and drink hot chocolate.  I loved walking around and seeing the snow and breathing in the cold freezing air! Apparently we have a forecast for "wintry mix" this weekend... once again the kids probably won't get out of school, but we'll see. ;-) They love having days off to play in the snow.

~2~ I was able to get out for a girls' night about a week later. It was so nice. I met two of my dear friends from our parish here in town at a City Diner, and we drank decaf coffee and ate the most amazing Texas Fries and Cheesecake. We had such an awesome conversation, and I had a blast catching up. I was so wired/fried when I got home. I was hyper on life, but in a good way.

~3~ The next morning, the weather was great, we were all in a wonderful mood, so I took the kids for a walk, and I finished my leftover cheesecake.  I got some exercise, got out with friends, and the weather turned extremely mild... All was well. All was abnormally blissful, in fact... which should give you a clue that...

~4~ I usually take the kids into the Doctor, but as you can imagine lately with my pre-natal appointments, hair appointments, counseling, and other kids' doctor's appointments and what have you, I have kinda dropped the ball on being able to make it to regular well-visits. So that afternoon, Stephen took Frances in for her 6 year well check-up. About an hour after school got out and I had brought the other kids home, he called me with an "Uh-oh, guess what" tone in his voice.

~5~Frances had head lice. "Check the other kids," he said. I checked them, and we gradually but surely discovered that three of our kids- Molly, Frances, and Madeleine- had head lice. I don't remember ever having lice, although my Mom said the four of us kids did have it once. Stephen doesn't remember ever having lice. Our ignorance eventually bloomed into crap. HA.;) Just joking. Actually, I called a friend and then my parents to get some advice.

~6~ I drank caffeinated tea and Stephen and I picked nits for what seemed hours. We killed the nits with Rid Shampoo, and then picked nits. We put olive oil in their hair with shower caps to sleep in and then, the next morning, washed it out with dish soap and picked nits again, using a head lamp and fine-toothed comb.  Nit-picking is not an easy task, and besides that, you must use the right combs to get them all, or the eggs will hatch again.  Stephen dipped the comb in water and there were hundreds of nits floating in there when he was all done.

Now. Let's be clear. Lice has nothing to do with your income, status, or the cleanliness of your home. It hits across all levels of income and class/social status.  Kids get it when it is going around, and there is nothing you can do except treat it just like anything else. It's hard to treat and zooming in on picture of lice on the internet is, indeed, disgusting. In real life, they look like tiny gray fleas- as big as a sesame seed, so big enough to pick/comb out, but not big enough to be gross really at all. It's a sad/yucky feeling for the kids and it is overwhelming for the parents. HOWEVER. Let's erase the stereotype that it's "yucky," or that we should shun children for having lice.  It's normal and it is not something to lose sleep over. ;-) Pray and lean on your spouse during these times of trial.

~7~ Now-- you knew there would be a curve ball, didn't you?  We got all of the nits after having the girls sleep with olive oil on their hair for almost an entire week. We did Rid shampoo a second time to prevent reinfestation. But wouldn't you know that on Tuesday night, Stephen turned to me and said, "Anders has nits in his hair." UGH! We started the process over again with him about a week later. Prayers and fingers crossed for the whole process. As far as I can see right now, we are lice free.

Final thoughts and words and what I learned over all from this:
~When these things happen, I feel like getting to the end is like a thru-hiker getting to Mt. Katahdin.  It's easy- when the kids are home- to work without peace, but we have to work peaceably- work together, not against each other. Depend on each other. Don't freak out!

And if you do happen to freak out, find peace again through conflict resolution. If this hadn't happened, I never would have had the chance to wash all of our sheets and towels and clean out/reorganize our linen closet. #silverlining The kids ate popsicles and ice cream as a reward/distraction while we tried to get our sanity back. I got a lot of support and words of advice and comfort from friends and family! ~

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~By the way... I will be posting my monthly recap on Tuesday and it is a beast. ;-0
I also posted a political thing impromptu yesterday What My Conservative Friends Missed About the Women's March and we ended up with some good comments on the post itself. ;-)  ~

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