Friday, December 23, 2016

Advent Week by Week- 4~ Christmas foods, Christmas concert, & Christmas lights, oh my!

Happy Fourth week of Advent! By now, you've finished celebrating all of the major feast days of December, and the long-expected coming of Jesus is not far away. :0) 

We have had a blessed week, and I hope you have, too! 

If you missed it, here are my previous Advent recaps:

This year, we got a kit at the store and put together a Gingerbread House that way. It was somewhat fun, but also somewhat stressful trying to get it to stick together. We ended up having to prop it up with a teapot and a stack of books until the bottom half dried, overnight, and then we added the roof the next morning, and propped that up with books until later that afternoon. We are saving cookie baking for Christmas Eve (for Santa!) and the 12 Days of Christmas.

We went for a drive to see Christmas lights after the school Christmas program. Nothing like it to put me in the Christmas spirit!
I really wanted to switch to the brass Advent wreath this year. It's so pretty! However, within one single day, all of my greenery had died! Ugh! I had to switch back to our old one ... for now! ;) I'm in the market for a brass wreath that has a place to hold water, if anyone has any leads. Ha:-) I'm gathering green and red holly berries for Christmas day. I love spreading them around our house, even though they do eventually dry out, too. :0)

Champy's Chicken makes an amazing takeout meal, and an awesome option for Sunday lunch. We got the 16 piece family meal on the 4th Sunday in Advent, and had so many leftovers the next day! #newtradition #itmustbe #southerncharm 
Also? Try their fried pickles! #yumyumyummy #pregnancycravings
Daddy-Daughter Dance keepsake ornament, 2016
The picture from the evening turned out ok, but not spectacular. When Molly made this plain, shimmery white ornament at school, I added the pictures and wrote "Daddy-Daughter Dance 2016" on the back. It turned out cute!
Watching Elf and presents under the tree... Starting to feel like Christmas! And um, yeah...  #5kids

Pumpkin bread is a family tradition this time of year. Made by and courtesy of. Stephen.
I have been working hard on Christmas cards. Trying to get them out on time! #spicetea

The kids had their annual Christmas program this week. Frances is the one standing beside the Santa hat boy on the left! :0) Frances' class wore pajamas in the program.

Madeleine was the shortest one in her class, and she was holding a teddy bear that dwarfed her! #petiteness runs in the family ;-)
The theme of the program was "A Christmas Carol," so it was fun to see the story enacted between the kids' Christmas songs that they sang/performed. ;-)

Merry Christmas!


Did you see my Giveaway posted on the blog on Tuesday? If not, it is not too late to enter. I've kept it open and I'll close it tonight. Head over there to leave your comment now! ;-) I was planning to find out the gender this week, but our insurance has messed things up a bit. I'll keep you guys posted. :-)~  I'm hoping it will be soon.
I guess that's a keep-it-real, but my other keep-it-real is that my bedroom has become pure craziness. I like to think of myself as super-organized, but I keep finding extra summer clothes in the kids' bedrooms, so I have been stashing them in a corner of my room. It is now overflowing. I put the Fall decorations in the same bins as the ones that had the Christmas decor to save space, but no one (me) put them back in the attic. Finally, I have a huge antique dresser that I inherited from my parents when we got married, but slowly the drawers have been sticking shut. For about a year now, I just stopped using it almost completely, but it is still sitting in my bedroom collecting dust and extra, unmatching socks in the top drawer (the only one that works). Our bedroom is starting to make me go :-0 !!!

To close, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Christmas carols and music! Enjoy this carefully curated, handpicked list of some of the best stuff out there, IMHO! ;-)

--Spotify Playlist---
Best of Christmas 2016

Penitential Prayer of St. Ambrose

O Lord, who hast mercy upon all,
take away from me my sins,
and mercifully kindle in me
the fire of thy Holy Spirit.
Take away from me the heart of stone,
and give me a heart of flesh,
a heart to love and adore Thee,
a heart to delight in Thee,
to follow and enjoy Thee, for Christ's sake, Amen
- St. Ambrose of Milan (AD 339-397)

St. Ambrose, ora pro nobis! 
link credit: Catholic Cuisine

Merry Christmas!!! Make the twelve days of epic proportions! ;-)
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Mary Cooper said...

The brass is definitely pretty!
I need to watch Elf always has me laughing!
Merry Christmas!

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Thanks for the comment! I'll enter you into my giveaway! ;-)