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What's Coming ~ State of the Blog Address

I don't know about you, but I for one am just so glad the election is over. So much endless checking of articles in my newsfeed, even though I did take a whole weekend off from the 'net just after the election result came in. :0) ;-) #ADDfrommyTwitterfeed ---> In any case, I know we are all ready to start thinking about what's next: holidays, Advent, and Christmas!

For various reasons, I felt that now would be a good time for a little State of the Blog Address.  If you've been reading and following my blog, you may remember that I took several weeks off in October, and that I'm also expecting a baby come mid-May (so you can probably put two and two together now! ;) During that break, I had a lot of time to think about where I'm going with this blog, what my purposes here are, and all of that. Rather than ruminate in my head about it, I thought I would just go ahead and share with you, readers, where this blog is going in the near future. I'm really excited and proud of my past work from past years, on this blog, and what all of that has taught me, and how all of that is tying together. It's fun. :0)

~ Advent Week-by-Week

This is returning to the blog for the second (or is it third? I think it is third) year running.  It can be difficult to strategize for the weeks leading up to Christmas. Do you ever feel like the most you do to celebrate Advent is watch Christmas movies, bake cookies, and perhaps listen to a few Advent carols?  I felt that way at one point. It was frustrating, because I knew that Advent wasn't technically "Christmas season," and yet, I didn't know how to truly celebrate it without going to the American traditions passed down to me (and Stephen!) by our parents.

This year, I hope to guide you - my readers- week-by-week, as my family celebrates and observes Advent. Come here, and let's talk about what makes Advent different- and special- as opposed to celebrating Christmas all December long.  We'll define it, we'll remember our Catholic traditions for Advent, and yes we make cheat a tiny bit. We do put up our Christmas tree and sometimes we even  listen to a single Christmas carol. Or two. In Advent. (No!!! ;)

~ Advent Books

We have quite a collection of holiday-themed books. As I have searched on Pinterest, I've found there is a decided lack of posts dedicated to Quality Advent and Christmas books.  There are plenty that will tell you to read secular Christmas books or Christmas according to Pete the Cat, but I'll just go ahead and poo poo that right this minute to get it out of the way! ;) I hope to remedy that lack of great posts, with a post of my favorite read-clouds for Advent and Christmas. I'll share what we've collected, what we found worth buying, and why.

~ Meditation: Why Mary Was the Most Important Person at the Nativity (Next to Jesus)

Last year, I punctuated my Advent post series by doing a little "spiritual" meditation in each post. They ended up being short and somewhat simplistic, and so I've decided not to add those meditations to the posts this year. Instead, I hope to beef up the actual posts, telling you what we *actually* did for Advent, and I'll instead put all of my Advent reflections into one, more tightly written post. My faith is everything for me at this time of year. I think that's why I love Christmas so much, and why I've dedicated such a big part of my blog to Advent preparations. I've already decided on the theme for that post, and it will be about Mary, and her role as the most important person at the Nativity. Next to baby Jesus, of course. :0)  Yes. I'm getting Catholic on you here. ;)

~ My End-of-the-Year Recap of all the books I read this year, with awards!

As you know, I love to discuss all things books and reading here on this blog;) My tagline is Where Faith + Family Meets Books + Coffee, and I do indeed love to read and discuss books here! I can't describe to you how beneficial my reading habit has been for my soul these last couple of years. Since my conversion I have become a changed thinker, reader, and soul-searcher. This will be the post that articulates the what, why and how of all of those books. I will be commending the best books I read with some little awards here on the ol' blog. ha.

~ Advent Unplugged re: instagram

Finally, in addition to taking a break from the blog for Thanksgiving (+weekend), I will also be off Instagram for the month of December. I need to carve out some space during Advent, so that I can be present and focus on the season. My heart needs a rest from posting, and viewing! haha ;)

Thanks for reading! Do you have any articles that I should read concerning Advent (or the "war on Advent"?) Let me know in the comments, I am all ears.;)  Now- everybody go rest up and have a fantastic, wonderful, awesome, and AMAZING... THANKSGIVING! :0) ;)
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