Friday, November 11, 2016

The husband behind the blog


I don't talk much about Stephen, but I decided that since he has taken a decidedly quiet place on the blog, I should write up a little post about him. It's just in time for our 10th wedding anniversary, so look how put together I am! ha ;)

Here are a few things you should know about Stephen, the man behind the blog:

- He's as smart as a whip. Stephen decided that studying computer science in college was just too easy. All that higher math and he was ready for something more challenging. Ha. So he decided to get his Masters in Liberal Arts at St. Johns, then go on to get *ANOTHER* Masters in Greek and Latin at CUA in D.C.

- He loves to read and has about a million books and things (articles, mostly) on his Kindle at all times. He reads all of the stuff I find tremendously boring. History, war stuff, math stuff, programming stuff, Greek,  and Latin, also a few genres we can agree on: Catholic books, Churchy books, and the occasional biography.

-He now works in computers, doing programming for a large company in San Francisco- remotely. He is such a hard worker. His skill set is diverse, and his work ethic is over the top. He has earned a wonderful income for our family. He also teaches Latin to priests online! #coolfunfacts

- He's a really good Dad. He loves talking to our kids, making them laugh, and laughing along with them. He is always telling me the funny things our kids say.  He teaches them how to talk. Not joking on that one at all. He helps them with homework and keeps them steady with routines and high standards. How lucky am I that I get to raise my kids with this guy?!

- He is a good photographer. If his instagram account says anything, it says, "Perfectionist." He loves taking pictures of our kids, and whenever I'm out and about and he's home with the kids, he texts me the cute pictures of them.

- He's an awesome husband. I couldn't begin to explain how amazing Stephen is. I've learned *so* much from him. I love talking to him; he has always been easy to talk to and learn from. He has great taste in music, and he is obviously really perceptive and smart. Trust is a huge thing and I know I have that in him because of prayer, God's grace, his strong faith, and our standards for ourselves and our family.*

one more bonus take-->If we ever have struggles in the future, I think mutual faith and mutual trust will give us grace. We see marriage as a journey, and in the midst of the bumps, most of the time I feel like I'm the luckier one of the two of us. We are both of us imperfect, because life is a challenge and a battle - always- against the powers and authorities of the spiritual world. But, having a mutual Catholic faith and reliance on the hope of the gospel, is the main thing we feel strongest about- and it is our greatest unifying factor. ;) That, and of course, prayer. Marriage is a refining process, and having children has made us both grow in unfathomable, immense ways.

*I think the best example of this is that when we were dating, he told me that he was teaching a class at his Church on St. Augustine and to me, that said, "Husband." That fun fact about him proved to be true about him over the long run: he cares about faith, theology, and seeking out wisdom. Little did I know we would convert to the faith of St. Augustine shortly thereafter. ;) 

-He likes Trump. Ok... not everyone is perfect!!!! haha ;) Disclaimer: he actually voted Third Party :-0 But we had a shake-down about the election a time or two in this house! I am just like everyone else.... so glad it is finally over with. I voted Democrat this year. And it's true- she *does* have better  hair! ;)



Tiffany Borges said...

What a fun & heartfelt post! Much to be grateful for. Thank you for writing it :)

Tacy said...

My pleasure! Thank you for reading it! :0)