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Monthly Recap vol. 39~ November 2016

This was a good month. I was able to continue with my reading goals for the Reading Challenge 2016 on goodreads. I feel good about it, and I'm excited about finishing my December books and getting ready for a new year of reading. It has been a lot of fun. It's like "Summer Reading" all year long.

44. Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist
Well, this deserved all of the rave reviews it got and has gotten. I think Niequist has figured out how to cross over into bestseller territory and it's official: this book will appeal to anyone.  She has a clear, poignant message for our time. This book made me read out loud to Stephen, it made me cry, and it may have changed my life.   I still absolutely love her other books, but this will have a broader appeal, certainly, and there is nothing wrong with that. #5/5stars

45. Be Frank With Me
This quirky, hilarious novel was absolutely precious and a delight to read.  It's a page-turner, but it is refreshingly different from many books I've read this year.  It's about an eccentric kid, an appealing nanny with an adorable perspective on life, and a handsome man name Xander who changes her life. ;)  The second half of the novel was not as good as the first half, plot-wise, but it was still fantastically written and would have inched up to my top picks of the year if it weren't for this. 4/5 stars

46. Surprised By Oxford by Carolyn Weber

If you're looking for a journey to Christianity through the eyes of intelligence, hope, and real faith, I think this book, although long, will go by quick for you. The references to famous places, and people, are deftly handled by an expert humility and deep passion for literature, Britain, and faith in the deepest sense. Read. 5/5 stars

47. Discernment by Henri Nouwen

This is an excellent journey of faith. It would be an absolutely perfect companion if you are trying to discern your vocation, God's will, and his voice speaking in your life. All handled adroitly by only the very best: Nouwen. Read. 5/5 stars

~Kids are Reading~

Molly is just like me- she always has about five books going at once. She is now becoming more like her Daddy, in that she keeps starting new ones and not finishing the ones she is in the middle of.  She doesn't have to finish books until her AR is due, as long as she does a certain amount of reading each day. I have to praise her and say that she is doing a wonderful job keeping up with her daily reading {time}  quota. (Just finish 'em, girl!) She *did* finish Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle this month. 

As for Frances... 

she is beyond prolific! She got a personal pan pizza for reading 20 books. Brag moment because I am a proud Mom-- the Mermaid Tales book was her first chapter book. She is just reading and reading. ;)


I thought this was funny... so many funny details. My favorite posts from Tiffany are always her stories!!! ;-)

I love this place: Austin, TX @ The Art of Simple
I hadn't read *anything* on this blog in years, but when this sprang up in my news feed on Twitter, I marked it as "to read." Finally read it this month, and guys, it may be one of Tsh's best in a long time! I learned so much about Austin. Having only road-tripped to Texas once (Dallas, Fort Worth area) I had a tiny idea of what it was like there, but this was sure illuminating~ ;-)

Did you know that Tolstoy,   and other authors, wrote children's stories? Learn all about it.

Donald Trump is Naked:@ A Knotted Life
An old-ish post but still relevant nevertheless and unfortunately ;)

16 Literary Puns Only Readers Will Understand @ Bustle {link credit: MMD fb page)
This is hilarious - if you are an English major, a reader, or simply a pun-lover (or pun-creator).


We've started watching The Crown and it *is* good. Prompted by the Sorta Awesome podcast.  My love for all things Brits and British royalty is rekindled, officially. Although watching the main character is like watching Kate Middleton with a boob job. #notnecessary #notgoodforyoursoul #leaveittoNetflixtosuckthesouloutofsomething Hmm... 
I love the community of the old Gilmore Girls, so I've watched it here and there in anticipation of the reunion (if you're living under a rock: the new episodes available on Netflix on Black Friday). No spoilers ahead, don't worry.;) Besides my favorites from the first season, my favorite episodes overall are with Rory's college boyfriend, Logan. I like the drama with Tall Dark and Handsome Marty! I also love where Luke and Lorelai are in their relationship (mid season 6) and Kirk just makes me laugh at that point. So. much. Suki is by far my favorite character.  Naturally I was excited about the resurrection on Netflix. 
Also we watched: The Nutcracker ....I prefer the Pacific Northwest Ballet version designed by Maurice Sendak.

Celebrating our 10th Anniversary on the River. My parents own this house on the river, and one thing I love about it is that it is completely screen-free. It is far enough out in the country that they don't get wi-fi, and they purposefully do not have a TV or computer there. #ADDfree
{{book picture: hers <-----his---->  }}

If you didn't hear, we are having another baby! Baby Beck #6 is due to show up around these parts around May 13th! :0)  It was a total shock, but we're really happy and excited. You can read the story of finding out here.  Stay tuned for a little gender roulette coming up on the blog. 

Also: If you read one post from my blog this past month, read: What's Coming: State of the Blog Address  ;-) In it, I talk about why I'm giving up instagram for Advent. I'm alllllll about Sabbath rest and I need the break from posting just as much (or more!) than I need a break from viewing. I'm looking forward to a peaceful season!

~Funny Things They Say~

Me: {Showing Anders the ultrasound picture} This is your little brother or little sister. We'll find out which one in about a month.
Anders: And I think we are going to find out in about five minutes.

Me: Frances, Mommy is going to have a baby! I have a baby in my tummy right now.
Frances: YAY!! Maybe it will be a boy! And then we can name him after a boy in my class!!!!
{She suggested Thomas, Atticus, and Ryder} #cryinglaughemoji

Molly: I called my teacher "Daddy." She didn't respond. Sometimes when I don't think, I just say, "Daddy!" lol

Me: Madeleine, Mommy has a baby in her tummy. What do you think about that?
Madeleine {listening} I can hear the baby breathing! {Feeling my tummy} And kicking!!!!
--cute--- (you can't quite feel the kicks this early, but her idea that she could hear it was pretty precious).


Still really enjoying Mipso. I've also discovered Mandolin Orange (think Alison Krauss meets First Aid Kid)- listen to "Hey Stranger." I'm also loving NONONO's song "Pumpin Blood" from the JF show. I was also reminded recently of that magical moment in Parenthood when Adam escapes the stress of life by sitting in his car listening to Ray Lamontagne, I think the song, "Are We Really Through," inspired me to listen to that again.

the difference between Obama and Trump ;-)

The difference between Hillary and Trump ;-)

this message brought to you by election failure ;-)

Just in case anyone is wondering about #;-)girl
Now I'm just glad it's actually Advent and I will see you on the flip side, guys! Chicas! All of you!
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Kendra @ said...

I really enjoyed Be Frank With Me but agree with your opinion on the second half. I am super intrigued by The Crown. . . definitely want to check it out when I get some time to start a new show! Happy anniversary month, and congrats on the new little one!

Erin said...

I just downloaded Present Over Perfect to my Kindle, so I'm excited that you gave it a good review. I'm looking forward to getting that one started and may have to bump it up on my list. Love the idea of a State of the Blog Address. Congratulations on your baby! Such an exciting time ahead for your family. Your kids' quotes are hilarious. When my son gets older, I may have to add that to my monthly reviews as well. Thanks for sharing!

Michele Morin said...

Yay, Frances! You are a champion!

Tacy said...

@Erin oh if you read Present Over Perfect soon, I know you will enjoy it! :0)

Keri said...

Love these goals!! I just finished Present Over Perfect and LOVED it!!! Thanks for linking up!