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I Hate the Pro-Choice Movement, But I'm Voting For Hillary

I'm not Pro-choice, I'm Pro-life and I've never made it a secret that I oppose Hillary's views on abortion. I went to a tough school in California for several years, my Mom is from Minnesota, and my Dad listens to NPR on the regular. My sister lives in Seattle, and many of my cousins live in Minnesota still. We lived in a blue state (MD) for seven years, and it was there that I knew a diverse range of voters. I say this because I am definitely moderate for being a Southerner.

That said, words do not express my disdain for Roe v. Wade and all that has happened as consequence of that very dark, dire, and sad day in history. Did you know that the woman involved in that case has now recanted on her position on abortion? How sad is that?! There is nothing I hate more than seeing abortion become more widespread and rampant. And there is nothing that says "good politics" to me like being Pro-life.

However, as I've been listening to the debates, I've become very frustrated with the climate of the Republican party today.

Do you listen to the debates, or do you spend them laughing at the fat guy in red?
Do you keep an open mind when it comes to the candidates, or have you already written someone off as different from you (on one issue)?
Do you "hate all liberals" and get fired up when they do something anything right?
Is your attack journalism fire fed by anti-liberal conspiracy theories and fear-based lies about "the other side?"
Final question: Do you believe it is a mortal sin for a Catholic to vote for a Pro-choice candidate?

If so, I'm writing this for you.

I know people (myself included) who have very hesitantly chosen to lie down the Pro-life shtick- or rather, let me say that differently: the legality of abortion, in this case- in this election for one reason and one reason only-- because we can't afford to be legalistic  (that is, strictness in all areas).  I want Planned Parenthood to be stopped- defunded and put out of business once and for all. But I have come to believe that the government may not have that job. That does not mean that I am now Pro-Choice. I'm not. I'm firmly Pro-life. The fact that I'm voting for a Democrat is a deep-seated issue, and I do it as a firmly Pro-life person.

Let me explain why I hate the Pro-choice movement, but I'm still voting for Hillary. Here goes:

-Her stance on Foreign Affairs

Closely linked to her position on immigration, Hillary stated in the second debate that we should remember all of the good Muslim Americans in our history, such as Muhammed Ali. This lack of fear, and her respect for all minorities, gives her a courageous voice among the other leaders around the world.
She is quoted in The Guardian as saying:
“I am confident once again we will choose resolve over fear,” Clinton said on Tuesday. “And we will defeat these new enemies just as we have defeated those who have threatened us in the past, because it is not enough to contain Isis. We must defeat Isis – break its momentum and then its back.”

-Her experience in politics

She can hold her own in a debate for one reason: It is not because she is coolly and calmly lying through her teeth, as I have heard some haters say. She has walked the walk- she has experience as a Senator of New York and as Secretary of State. The reason this matters so much? Trump would be sorely unqualified to step into a position of higher-up leadership in Washington, without government or military experience, particularly in comparison to Hillary. Imagine if a major league baseball player wanted to be pitcher, but he had never pitched in a game before. This could prove horrendous. Think I'm joking?

-Promoting Respect for Women

With Trump being married to a supermodel who has posed nude and in bikinis for many magazines, there is nothing about this couple becoming President and First Lady that will promote the respect of women in our culture over the next 4 years. You cannot simply oppose the legality of abortion on the surface and win my vote. As a friend of mine pointed out on FB:  "You have to oppose sexual predators like Trump as well. Clinton will increase abortion supply, but Trump will increase the culture which creates abortion demand to begin with." See this article. The thought of this being our President is, to me, more despicable than a pro-choice Female President. She will represent women to the dark side of Washington- those who still think "good" women should be at home doing laundry, or those who don't have enough self-respect to say no to a million dollar magazine shoot. If you are voting Trump and you think it will help promote respect for women, you are believing a lie.

-No Xenophobia

We can't have a President who not only does not have political experience, but who also displays fear of the stranger or foreigner. Trump's platform is fear- mentioning the specifics of what ISIS has done and will do, rather than knowing the biggest threats and speaking calmly about them (Hillary, on Russia's airstrikes in Syria and their tampering with our security by hacking private U.S. information). If Hillary said, "I don't know Putin!!" wouldn't her opponents jump down her throat?! She does know Putin... that's what she was doing when Trump was filming "Celebrity Apprentice," which last time I checked did not prepare one for the White House.

-Can Debate

Trump not only strikes me as a serial liar, but Hillary can hold her own, speak clearly to the issues, and relate her experiences in politics to the current issues and political climate in Washington today. All while smiling and "going high," while Trump takes cheap shots at her.. She may have similar financial positions to Obama, but I personally believe healthcare is not as serious an issue as a calm, reasonable voice in an age of terrorism and the hacking of private information.* Not to mention the other issues discussed here.


"When they go low, we go high." Hillary has a corner on this phrase, taken from Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. And when he chooses fear, she chooses an educated answer, which yes, is a virtue!!!;) Honestly, I see serious flaws and mortal sins associated with both candidates for presidency. Yet, looking at the *person* only, Hillary did not commit adultery; her husband did and she chose to stay faithful to him. I'm not sure if she has ever had an abortion herself. I can see that her Pro-Choice stance may lead to more women choosing abortion. I do not like this about her. It more than saddens me. It appalls me. Yet please consider: she is not standing up for more abortions, necessarily. She is standing up for the fact we have freedom in this country and we can act accordingly: that a woman should not be forced by the government to make a decision, as has been the case in places like China and Romania, as she mentioned in the last debate in Nevada. No, I don't think this is the best answer. But it is her answer and I know we can't force our religious convictions on atheists and those with a liberal stance.. Unfortunately.

Trump speaks as an adulterer and shrugs it off as "Locker Room talk." I know and agree with those who say she does not have good character because she is Pro-Choice, but I believe the White House could be the cure for this moral deficiency.  Trump touts the greed like its a good thing, he openly disrespects women and uses adulterous language without blinking, and he lies pathologically about everything from his past to the serious political issues of today. His views on Life issues can only be described as hypocritical. He states that he is Pro-life insofar as states get to decide... just as he is a Republican insofar as you vote for him. If you're voting for Trump, I urge you to consider a third-party candidate. Unless, you want to be the same brand of dirty that he is and you have chosen to lump yourself into that category out of... loyalty to what? The Pro-life movement that he is *not* loyal to? The conservative agenda that he is currently destroying?

Again I use the baseball analogy (see: Her experience in politics). If a random player claimed he could play pitcher without any experience on the field, it would prove disastrous. Trump is not equipped to be our President. Do you want a jerk who underpaid minorities who work for him, who claims he will deport them, who doesn't pay taxes, who uses cheap foreign goods and doesn't feel badly about it... and writes it all off by saying, "Well so did Obama... well so did other rich people like me...."?  deep sigh...

Hillary is the woman for the job. I'm deeply disturbed by Trump's personal choices and his personal character. Yes, the Pro-Choice movement saddens me. Deeply. Still today. But we have to look at the individuals who are vying for the Presidency.

Final disclaimer: This is a unique situation for our country. Never before have we seen a Republican candidate with blatant character flaws, a sad lack of moral compass, and a track record that has made plenty of very, very good people squirm and complain. If you do not know anyone who is voting this way, and you find me to be an anomaly, please consider that  a)  I know other Catholics who will be voting for Hillary in this election and b) I know other Christians who will be voting for Hillary and c) I have family members from all sides of the political spectrum.  I may be the only vocal person you know, but when you judge me, you don't simply judge me, but you judge *us.* Try to be respectful and to extend a healthy amount of grace, even if you still do not understand all of the reasons why. If you disagree with my sources or knowledge, please don't put me down in comments as attempt to debate issues. You can respectfully disagree, or find distaste with my my sources, and there will be no hard feelings for doing so. ;)

*I firmly believe that much of the 'investigation' regarding Hillary's private emails is conspiratorial in nature. She has been under investigation, and not much has come of it.  The FBI investigated her emails and she was acquitted, yet she is accused of being corrupt for this reason? Even now there is no hard evidence and nothing solid to stand on, though the Right would hope there is something there! The person who is really lying about all of this "private, undisclosed information" is the man who didn't pay federal taxes for 20 years. Now, that is a scandal worth talking about and losing sleep over. If your red flags don't go up when "Hillary-haters" slam her for one conspiracy theory after another, when her opposition is just as if not more corrupt (casinos anyone?), then you are too entrenched in right-wing propaganda to think for yourself (or even to think straight). Why won't the right let the email thing go? Because it is terrifying to think about a "corrupt" leader. But we won't look Trump squarely in the face to see that he is much more corrupt in his personal life, and bonus he is not equipped with the skills to be {{a good }} President.

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