Friday, November 4, 2016

Goings On... First Week of November in 7QT

1. I took Madeleine to a field trip at the Pumpkin Patch this year, with her Pre-K class. It was a lot of fun, and Guthrie's farm had anything and everything a kid would want to do!

First, we went on a hayride to a pumpkin patch. I know by now you've seen dozens of pictures of pumpkin patches, but isn't this one so ideal?

She was able to "pick" her own pumpkin! I love seeing my individual kids in action. Being a chaperone was a very good way to see how she's doing at school with her friends! ;)
Speaking of friends, I got to meet all of her good friends, which was so fun. This sweet girl cracked us up all through lunch.  Kids are hysterical. This particular kiddo is off the charts. (And that's saying something, because Madeleine is one of the funniest kids/people that I know).

donkeys *and* horses!

They had a bunch of animals, which is always fun for littles. Madeleine just lit up.

After that, I watched her ride the big tricycles. All in all, a very fun day.

2. I love to shop the Dollar Store at this time of year.
I got all of the supplies for a little Pumpkin Carving party in preparation for Halloween.
We always do our Halloween decorating and our first candy-snacking when we carve pumpkins. Generally this happens the weekend before the holiday.

The kids had a blast... ooh, scary! ;)

3. Halloween

This year, we went all out for Halloween.

By some miracle, they sat oldest to youngest. And they were: a Greek Goddess (Athena), Belle, Ariel, Batman, and Yoda baby. I can't believe Annabel's face! That was all her.
And I'm a big fan of these smiles! ;) 

When Molly was a toddler, she saw a picture of Yoda and said, "Mommy...that's a bad pig."
They've only seen Star Wars movies once - I think they've seen each movie once- but that line goes down as a classic in our family. So to have a Baby Yoda was necessary, we felt. lol

My kids always have so, so much fun dressing up.
see what I mean? #laughcry

They weren't standing for the picture up above, so you couldn't really see Madeleine's mermaid costume. She also had stars on her face courtesy of Dollar Store face paint. Madeleine's commentary: "Ariel's father is worried - he says not to go to the shore. He's scared of humans! And her Mom died."
~leave it to Madeleine to always focus on the positives~

We had a day about a week and a half prior to Halloween where they wanted to pretend it was Halloween. I guess you could call it a practice run to make sure we had everything we needed. Obviously, we didn't, so it was a good thing we did a practice run. Prepared. always. be.

4. 31 days Recap ~ I had a fun 31 days of drinks this year!  Everyday in October, I document whatever I am drinking- a drink per day.  ;)  It was a lot of fun, and even more fun than last year.  Just check the hashtag #31daysofdrinks and you'll see all of my posts from this year *and* last year. How fun is that? Thanks, instagram for making social media cool and all of that jazz. ;)

5. I wanted to do something liturgically-minded for All Saints Day (the first of November) this year, so I used most of the same party supplies and decor from our Pumpkin Carving to have an All Saints Day tea party. I got the idea from Catholic Icing, which you can see here.  Here's what we actually did! ;) We had the tea with little snacks*, then we watched this short video on St. Kateri Tekakwitha, and they did coloring pages. We talked about some of our favorite saints and I got the kids a new St. Therese Shining Light Doll.

*Snacks: Green soda and Irish tea for St. Patrick, Goldfish for St. Andrew the fisherman, Christmas cupcakes for St. Nicholas, and Flower cupcakes for St. Therese. They played a saints guessing game, colored, watched a short film, and enjoyed the snacks and drinks.
It was a lot of fun!
On the left, a dress for sale at Walmart in Molly's size~ for $6.44! In person, it looks a little worn.
On the right, a dress for Winter/Advent on sale at BabyGap... still haven't made up my mind, but the sale price is pretty good and I can tell that dress would last a long time. (wink wink double wink)

6. On Wednesday, I participated in #OneDayHH for the very first time. I posted pictures of our daily routine throughout the day.  I tried to keep it "typical life" since we are very motivated by routine around here! check out the hashtag #OneDayHHor just simply #OneDayme to see just my posts.

7. Now that Halloween posts are in full swing, all I can thin is that I can't believe we only have a few weeks until Advent. I do love Advent, but I always feel so busy at this time of year. I will duck my head down and brace myself, because there's nothing else you can really do except say. "Here... we... go!" haha.
for more goings on, check out my Monthly Recap from October.
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Kristen said...

Dollar Store is great for random craft items! I love your ideas about using all the saint dolls on All Saints Day! Thanks for sharing! :)

Tacy said...

I know, right?! We go there at least once a week. ;)