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A Delicious Recipe~ Irish Nachos

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You guys! This is so good! I found the recipe for Irish Nachos on Pinterest, and I tried making it a while back. It was a big hit, and judging by the fact that this is also gluten free (last time I checked potatoes were gluten-free, aren't they????;) and it has healthy, protein-rich toppings, I have since served it several ways to my kids! Our local restaurant, Sticky Fingers, has a recipe very similar to this. They call it "Sticky Skins," and it is in their appetizers. 
These girls *love* Irish Nachos!  haha.

This dish is basically Irish Nachos with Pulled Pork: It is Southern, it is Irish, it is awesome. Now, doesn't that sound good?!  
My kids love it. They usually gobble it down, and ask for seconds, always with lots of cheese.

Here is the first way. 

Make Baked potatoes. 
-Wash the skin and rub with olive oil and salt. 
-Wrap in tin foil (opt). 
-Bake in a 400º oven for 40 min-1 hr.

Cut potatoes into fourths, and scoop out some of the potato, leaving the "skins." (you could use extra potato for mashed potatoes or another dish, such as potato pancakes. Or you could serve it with butter on the side!).  Add your toppings to the potato skins- and enjoy!


Directions for Irish Nachos (Sticky Skins-- almost!;)
-Thinly slice your potatoes, slightly thicker than potato chips, but round
-Preheat oven to 450
º F.

-In a large bowl combine potato discs, olive oil, rosemary, thyme, salt, and pepper. Stir until coated.
-Place potatoes in a single layer on a cookie sheet. (for several potatoes, you will have more than one cookie sheet)

-Bake in your fully preheated oven for 20 minutes
-Place cooked potatoes in a large oven safe skillet. Top with cheese and bacon -- or pulled pork (can use leftover pork shoulder, with a small amount of BBQ sauce, from the slow cooker). ...
-Sprinkle with green onions/chives.

-Serve with a dollop of yogurt*
This is my less-than-stellar photography, hence the borrow up above...

You could also add ham, but sometimes I get sick of ham ;-)

Delicious!  BUT_-- Seriously guys, try this! ;-)
* I have been using plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt, rather than sour cream, and I honestly can't tell the difference!!! In taste;)

If you're still hungry after this, you can have a BBQ sandwich with green beans and a sweet potato, french fries, or a biscuit, a la Sticky Fingers. But I honestly, I bet you won't be. lol  Lately, I've been baking a few potatoes while I cook up the sliced potatoes. That way I can eat on the leftovers for lunch for several days. Frugal to boot. ;)

Find this and other recipes (I'm currently obsessed with winter squash) at my food blog, Tacy's Recipes

Also: if you are looking for clear recipe tutorials, I highly recommend Nikki Dinki. Her youtube channel is excellent. Start with the video on creme brûlée and how to torch creme brûlée.

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