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Monthly Recap vol. 37~ September 2016

I love the Fall, you guys. It has been an unseasonably warm September, although I know it always takes awhile to get into full swing here in the South. However, I am LOVING these cool mornings. I love to open the doors to the back porch and enjoy the cool, crisp morning breeze. Ahhhhh.


Trying back to get to my yearly goal for reading on Goodreads, (as of beginning of September, I had  read 35/50 books) I tried to catch up a bit. In order to meet my Reading Challenge goal by December, I needed and still need to read about 5 books per month! If I don't meet my goal, oh well. At least I have 5 healthy children and a happy baby and fries with that diet coke. ;)

Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren Winner

I read this while waiting in line for my kids in the carline pick up at school. She delves into the meaning behind many of the Jewish traditions from her childhood. As a convert to Christianity, she schools us on how to apply these disciplines to a Protestant life. Unfortunately, I don't think the modern Christian church has adopted many of these teachings yet. I also cannot help but thinking that after many beautiful, strong books about faith, she ended up getting divorced from her husband, something our Church looks down on more heavily than the Protestant churches' traditions. Honestly makes me think of Elizabeth Gilbert announcing she's a lesbian: So sad! Really? Did this have to happen to someone with such a gift (and for Winner, with such a faith?) I know these things happen and I don't judge you if you or someone you love is divorced. What I am saying is: Let's be honest about it. Let's know the Church teaching on it. And let's call it what it is: sad. Maybe this honesty will turn the statistics around. We can only hope. ;)

On the Other Side of Fear by Hallie Lord

I'm nothing if not honest, and I have to say that I did not like this book and found it rather depressing. The premise seemed to be "baby Catholic realizes her errors," because the idea of trusting God should be second nature, not new information (which is what the idea for this book is based on.) I felt like this was another book that rushed to print and it was written for the sake of the author to compete with her homeboys. #ontheothersideofjealousy Her first book about spicing up marriage did not seem to me to glorify God, but rather to cause envy to those who may perceive that she is so lucky to have the marriage that we all wish we had- romantic husband, beautiful wife- such an idol in our culture today. I think you shouldn't waste your time. Or money.;) #blowitoffcompletely 

Coming Clean by Seth Haines

I was really excited about this book when I first started digging in. The writing is solid, almost poetic. Grounded in Scripture, which my childhood Protestantism secretly rejoiced in, it's about how he battled severe alcoholism and coped with sobriety. This all, in the wake of his son's failure to thrive and unexplained illness/syndrome (they're not sure as the book starts), so he must deal with his own demons. He must decide how long to remain sober, because it is numbing his ability to forgive and see things clearly as his son struggles. He is a good writer, this will keep your senses and your mind interested. The gradual tapering off of fine detail and the repetitive nature of the second half of the book earned 4 rather than 5 stars in my book.

Love & Salt

I decided it was time for a reread of one of my favorite books from the past 5 years. This book happens to also feature two Catholic women, which of course is right up my alley. They write letters to each other as one is converting to the faith. They seem to have a pretty strong faith, and they both go through hard things through the course of the letters, and it's a refining book for sure. If you're a young Catholic woman and you've never read it, put it on your TBR list right away.

Now I can safely say that I have inched that goal up to 39. 11 books to go. I figure that if I read 4 books in October, 3 books in November, and 4 books in December, I will be up to 50.  :-D Feels good to do the math like that. :0)
The nice thing about hot Fall.... you can still grill out all through September
BUT if you live anywhere other than the hot South, be thankful. In fact, thank your lucky stars over and over and over again. Our afternoons didn't break a temp below NINETY degrees until around the 17th.  Even then it only cooled off in the afternoon a handful of times. :'-( Yes what you think I am saying is what I am saying. It was that hot


Stephen is still obsessed with The Flash. I watched about five or so episodes and decided to return to Old Faithful. I rewatched a few of my all-time favorite movies while folding laundry:Sweet Home Alabama, Beaches (not joking), The Notebook (again, not joking, sorry) and Harvey. Siiiiigh. Jimmy Stewart is a-ok! And I just don't know. Ok, here it is. I'm #comingclean. I really like Bette Midler. I like her. I like her music, I think she's an excellent actress, she can do anything (act, sing, record albums, tour, etc) and well there you go. #confessions #windbeneathmywings #wbmwforever


Read from bottom to top #welldoneamerica

Rapunzel, Anne Shirley, and Jo March

~Funny Things They Say~

Madeleine: I left my tic-tacs right here on the desk. And since today is tomorrow, I can eat them now.

Madeleine: Yo-Yo peed in the glitter box.
~enter discussion of whether or not it just sounds cool to say that or if she really knows it's litter box~ (she's still not sure)

Madeleine: Mommy! I smell the homemade pizza you just made!
later: Thank you for making homemade pizza for dinner, tonight Mommy.
(it was enchiladas, and I haven't made homemade pizza in


Juice! As I mentioned, I love making juice in our juicer. I think my favorite is either peach, celery, apple, or Garden Party which consists of (in my world): spinach, carrot, apple, parsley, pear, and sometimes green pepper or ginger. YUM Yum yum.

Speaking of which: a little announcement. In which, I post #31daysofdrinks in October!
It has become a sort of tradition. Every October, over on instagram, I post a picture of what I'm drinking every single day.  I'm so excited to do it again! Fun! I've already started! #31daysofinstagram #31daysofdrinks


Lemonade @ The Fike Life
This resonated with me because our house here is a step up from our house in D.C. and it seems Blythe won the jackpot with that house. Look at her garden/yard (that view?!)

My Hardest Part of Being a Mom at Home @ Whole Parenting Family
Again, resonated. Yay Nell. So good. 

Fighting a Growing Season @ Humble Handmaid
I think I will forever and always love this blog provided she keeps posting. #Goodpost.

Felipe @ Camp Patton
#shedtears #sosweet #allthefeels

~My Top Posts From September~

Come on, October! I was Born Ready for you.
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Anonymous said...

Maybe next time you should review the book content and not your jealousy of the authors or your spite toward their struggles. It's fine not to like a book, even one by a popular catholic author/blogger, but you could have stated as much with a lot more tact. Maybe you should have just admitted that you were not this books intended audience if it failed to resonate with you at all instead of making your review so personal towards the author.

Tacy said...

Hmmm... I have to ask. How am I not the intended audience?

I strongly feel that this book could do more damage than good. Have you read it?

Tacy said...

I have nothing against hearing the lessons she learned. But I have grave reservations with competition being such a huge motivating factor in publishing (Catholic and Christian publishing at that). Spicing up marriage had a distinctly worldly worldview. Not helpful. #inmyhumbleopinion

Bonnie said...

Tacy, I have read the book and I'm not sure why you think it will do more harm than good. To me, it did not read at all like a book that was about showing off or keeping up with the Catholic writing Joneses. You are stating your opinion as fact, which it is not. My impression of the book is that On the Other Side of Fear was written with the sole intention of helping other people let go of their fear and to really trust in God. I felt like Hallie was vulnerable with her readers so they could connect with her. If you could neither connect with her nor her book that's fine, but for you to slander her and her book is not fine.

You could have simply written:
I have to say that I did not like this book. The premise seemed to be "baby Catholic realizes her errors," because the idea of trusting God should be second nature, not new information (which is what the idea for this book is based on.) I felt like this was another book that rushed to print and I wish more time would have been spent in the editing and re-writing so that it could have been more (impactful, helpful, whatever).

That paragraph would have been more than enough to convey your thoughts without insulting. Your hashtags are mean and unnecessary and winky smiley faces do nothing but cheapen your writing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honest review of Hallie Lord's book. I hope you put it on Amazon. Perhaps some are benefiting from the book, but it is always helpful to hear another perspective. I would actually be interested in hearing more specifics especially why you think it might cause damage. As for me, I cannot stand the whole "you're beautiful!" emphasis in *all* Christian women's writings and this author's cutsie-poo persona bugs the heck out of me. It's not something I see in the writings of the saints - the emphasis on "you're beautiful!" that is.

Tacy said...

Bonnie- my winks are intentional. I got the idea (or I should say the inspiration, not straight-up idea) from Stephen Colbert. I'm not doing anything to impress people here. Obviously. The purpose of this blog is to glorify God. Period. When I get flack for that, I will continue doing what I do, because I know that honesty and above all, holiness, pleases God. The comment after your comment is kind. She sees my point. I hope you will pray about this issue, because it is a huge issue in this culture.We are stepping on people left and right, and it is rude and worldly.

Tacy said...

To Anonymous- Yes I will put it on Amazon. The cutsie-poo platform bugs the heck out of me, too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Christy from fountains of home said...

Firstly, I think you misunderstand Stephen Colbert and the nature of satire.

Secondly, I don't think you're glorifying God by using juvenile hashtags when reviewing a book that you give no substantial reasons for disliking other than personal taste. I don't mind if that's your honest opinion, but I do think it is wrong to say you're being honest and holy by trashing someone's writing and name in the guise of honesty. You are not showing any facts that Hallie's books are somehow harmful or wrong to those who read it, you're simply expressing your opinions about it. No where are we called as Christians to be unkind in sharing the truth. Our opinions are our own, but we are responsible to express them in ways that are respectful of others even if they are public figures who have published books. As a person who reviews a lot of books as well, I know it's possible to write reviews in which what is wrong with the book can be clearly stated as well as my own personal opinion without slandering the author of a book.

And you're right, we are stepping on people left and right. It is rude and worldly. So too is assuming someone's intention in writing a book when we have no basis of fact and ascribing that to the book as a whole and then making that review public.

Anonymous said...

Since you moderate comments...this is for you, not for publication. Be careful with the Amazon review - if you question motives, they will delete it - especially if Hallie or Fulwiler and their minions and fan girls flag it. Secondly, I do disagree with you on one point - her motivation is not jealousy, it's riding on Jen Fulwiler's coattails, which Fulwiler encourages. But I do look forward to hearing from you on the specifics of your objections.

Tacy said...

I think "trashing" is a too strong word.

You don't know me, so don't assume my humor is anything from left-field.

I appreciate your opinion, and I'm sorry we don't see eye to eye, Christy. I strongly feel we need more honesty in this culture. And in this world.

Tacy said...

To most recent "Anonymous" -- you could read it faster than I could analyze it.

Tacy said...

St. Therese, as it is your feast day today, Pray for us. Pray for marriage, the sanctity of human life, humility, and for all to be earnest in their Christian pursuits.

Molly Walter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I'm glad - truly glad - that the idea of trust in God is "second nature" to you, because it means you are far more advanced in the spiritual life than I am. In fact, you're more advanced than most in our culture. For us, trust in God is a lot harder than you could probably imagine. The IDEA of trust in Him is easier to swallow than actually following through, though, especially those of us who have been through dark, scary times and who don't always have the patience (or spiritual maturity) of Job. For us, reading Hallie's book was a way to see that we really aren't alone in our struggle to trust. Satan would have us believe we are indeed alone! I say these things as a cradle Catholic, not a "baby one." Lord is no de Sales or St. Faustina when it comes to writing treatises on trust, but her prose is easily relatable and a good gateway to the heavier stuff.

Michele Morin said...

I love your reading list (and the movies!), and smiled my way through so much of your post! Happy October, and so glad to have visited!

Tacy said...

For the record, if anyone is wondering: Yes I read this book from cover to cover.
I am deeply sorry for having offending anyone, but I have a right to my opinion, freedom of speech, even when my review is negative. Was this logical fallacy and should it be written off as ad hominem? Absolutely not. I related a few reasons why this book was not my cup of tea. If someone sees this as slander, please know that slander is based on a lie. I'm not trying to lie about Hallie. I feel that her brand of writing is questionable because of worldly content. I haven't read Sex, Style, and Substances, but perhaps someone could speak to that.

To right any other wrongs mentioned here or in previous comments, do not turn around and criticize my personal life in a public forum.

Tacy said...

finally: only kind comments going forward. All others are unwelcome, and will certainly be deleted.

Brenda Wilkerson said...

This heat really has been brutal! Someday fall will arrive...

Kendall said...

We're in the Southeast and *finally* we've had nicer, cooler weather. I'm enjoying it, though it can be a bit chilly in the mornings! :)