Friday, September 16, 2016

An Update + Fall Around These Parts (7QT)

happy Fall!

I didn't mean to take a week off from blogging, but I have been really busy with life, and doing some personal projects! I'm making up for it by joining the other quick takers today at Kelly's!

I'm hoping and planning to write a whole post about the projects I've been working on, but for now, I'll just give you a little recap of what we've been up to.
I love Fall-- all things Pumpkin Spice lattes, shopping thrift stores for decor, and popping into a fabric store for inspiration this time of year. I finally bit the bullet and bought another sewing machine- a Brother (brand) sewing machine. I decided I couldn't really live without one, so here's to making this one last.

We also got out the juicer again, and I've been making all kinds of juice. Pictured is one of my faves: peach, apple-carrot, and celery juice. So delicious and fresh-tasting. And it's like a shot of vitamins to your system, so it makes you feel amazing. This recipe above- with or without the celery- is so sweet-tasting. My kids love it. The pear was super sweet and added a nice touch! Will definitely be making it again. (Stephen bought the juicer before we were married, but we've gotten it out and used it a bunch over the years!!!)

Another aspiration I had was to take my kids out for Mother-Daughter and Mother-Son dates. So many fun places to visit around our town! :-) Molly and I got some hot chocolate and a croissant at Niedlov's bakery. Frances and I checked out the cupcake shop downtown. Madeleine wanted to visit the same place. My diet is going well. Cough cough. Sort of. (I have lost 5 pounds).
yogurt feeder + yogurt eater

We've been busy with Ballet lessons, homework, story time, and driving carpool. Oh, and the girls beg me on the daily for playdates, so occasionally I oblige. Fall is busy, but I actually really like it overall. I finally got a regular babysitter, who is replacing the amazing babysitter we had who moved back to her hometown Nashville. The crisp cool mornings, the promise of October, hot coffee on the cool porch, a moment to myself to just breathe, and all of that. Jazz.
boy toy heaven

Random but fun take: Have you guys heard of Maurices? I'm sure you probably have. It's a clothing store, and they're almost everywhere. We have it in our Mall, and I think it is my new favorite place to find clothes as a 33- year-old mother. I have an affinity for finding non-dressy clothes for myself and my kids at Consignment stores and even Goodwill. Pajamas, t-shirts, etc. But  as for the days when you want to look put together? I've been through Gap, and Banana Republic phases, my bridesmaid dresses were from Ann Taylor, and a little Anthro phase. I did find some cute pajamas on sale at Anthropologie in August- but if you have similar style to me, based on those stores, but want to go a tiny bit more trendy, go check out Maurices!;) Here's an outfit that's true to their style: peasant blouse, fun jacket, and jeggings. Also see their shoes. So cute. A cardigan that fits and looks nice and is actually budget friendly? (unlike here) That is my style.

Other than that, it has just been the normal routine! We are putting down the ruler -- after Ballet, no more extracurricular activities this year!!!!! Whenever the kids get complain-y and cranky after school, we make homemade popcorn, and then we make art. It seems to help. Here's something fun: an acquaintance of mine has a really cool Youtube channel, where she does quality Art Lesson videos. You should check it out, most especially if you're trying to homeschool! ;) Let's help her grow-- she deserves it! I've already done a couple of her lessons with my kids, and a friend of mine also recommended her on instagram. That's where I got the idea to try it. She also has a really fun instagram account. ;)

And Madeleine likes playing baby. :0) These girls are seriously the sweetest big sisters. Yes to the true confessions of sibling fights, but also yes to the sweetness of having girls. #somuchfun
As always, when I am MIA, you can find me on instagram (probably my favorite social media handle right now! ;) See you there, friends!! :0)
favorite instagram from the past three weeks or so

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