Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Why I Will {Never} Vote Trump

As many of you know, I'm a registered Republican voter (currently), but I have had some deep reservations about the situation during this current election season. And so, once again, I must make my caveat that politics is not the name of my game. But.... it's almost September in an election year. So speak now or forever hold your peace, right?!

Friends, family, readers: today I'm here to tell you why I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump. Yes, I am Catholic, yes I am Pro-life. And until now, I've been a solidly Republican voter. But folks, just because I have up until now kept my allegiances with this generally Pro-life party, that does not make me an idiot!!!!!

It is with buckets of scandal that Trump has come this far. And I'm beyond disappointed in him. Let's all wash our mouths out with soap, our eyes out with  earwax, our faces with blood. Because that's how much sense this political race makes.

Will I ever vote for this man that I am convinced is not (at this time) a good guy? Let me lay out just a couple of reasons why I would *never* "Vote Trump":

1. He is dirty, which is indicative of problems with self-control.

He is indecent. He has eluded to the size of his penis in debate. He has said in many public arenas (and many shoddy American publications) that "Melania isn't disappointed." She is his second wife, for goodness sake. Folks, I would like to look the other way on this issue. I would like to ignore it and not bother bringing it to light. But I have serious problems with this attitude, because not only is it disgusting and unbelievable to discuss private matters in public, penis size ensures nothing and speaks zero to Melania's satisfaction.  (in bed).


(insert THROW UP emoji here and shaking my head in SHAME)

2. Second, I cannot in good conscience vote for Trump, because he threatened to run as an Independent, which was a major Faux-Pas to the Republican party and the other nominees.

This speaks to a bigger issue. He is unkind. To threaten in front of the country and your running mates that you would "become an Independent," is to say that you will turn your back on every one of those other candidates and flat-out use your money and (sketchy) power to deliver you to the back door of the White House.

What else does that say? It says your loyalty is not with the true Republican party.

And not much of Donald Trump is loyal to the party anyway!

Some may say in defense, "His constituents don't care." Well, that's because many of the people who have followed him this far have left the true values of the party behind in the dust. This isn't just a predicament: it's a scandal. Read more ~ Conservatives stand against Trump.**

3. He is racist and he isn't Pro-life.

His answer for immigration laws is to build a wall, ban Muslims, and shoot people. How is this Pro-Life?  He is denigrating toward the love of the poor, and also those different from him. Of course he makes awkward comments like "I love Hispanics!" under a guise of love, but threatens to deport them, and really, what about this right-wing extremist views  fascism is loving?! He wants to monitor Muslims in a database and "do things that were unthinkable a year ago." #spoiledamericanspeaks #fearbasedreasonisnotreasonatall

4. He appeals to emotions, which ensures he gets the majority on his team.

Donald Trump uses fear, he uses the tactic of arousing emotions to win people to his side. There is nothing wrong with emotions (read: Paul Simon singing at the Democratic National Convention), but these "emotions" have to be backed up by something other than hate and fear. ***Right now, his bullying measures up to demagogue politics and emotional ranting.  At least Hillary can clearly articulate her views, and stand up to political nonsense with discourse that holds weight and makes sense in the sphere of her colleagues (other serious politicians).

5. He is ill-equipped to run for President.

Donald Trump isn't running for Governor of Iowa. He is running for President of the United States. Folks, he's a charlatan. ****And if you buy his crap-ola, you are deeply ignorant of what is really going on in our country and how we are viewed internationally. His solutions to some of the deepest problems in our country are flip-flop. He isn't staunchly Republican or Pro-life. This should grieve and disturb us: we are putting our faith in a man who isn't much better in this camp than his running mate, Hillary.

Do you really want to vote into the White House someone who is not equipped to run our country? That is plain ignorance speaking.

He is not running for a small role. We need someone kind, caring, decent, and open-minded, because our country is a very diverse place. In every city except maybe Nashville, foreigners are inching out of minority and into majority status. We can't base this country on fear, hatred, and flashy casinos disguising a disgusting man with several layers of self-loathing in his heart. I'm not arguing for anti-Catholic religious un-freedom. I'm arguing that Church and State are separate- more in this election than any before it- and we need to keep our heads and stop worrying about infintesimal issues that apply only to a tiny minority of people in our country.

Money can't buy love, and it certainly should not buy the Presidency. Because, folks, the White House is not a business. But what is more important is that Donald Trump is not a man of prayer. Even if we poured several gallons of disinfectant on this man, he would not come out clean.

Prayer is what this nation needs. We need to pray for humility and for leadership. But when our country is already oozing diversity, we do not need a dirty, fear-based monotone to direct our next (every) move. We need someone strong, with a strong family (and by that I mean strong politically- someone who knows how to take the stress of the job in stride), and someone who does indeed value Community and humility.

Honestly, I think we can find that in Hillary.  Imagine if Melania Trump were running for President. The Trumps are probably not Feminists, and that's because from all accounts, they seem more like air-heads. In Hillary, we have someone intelligent, well-educated, and experienced in politics.  Sadly, Hillary doesn't seem to show a strong footing when it comes to morality about ethics and Pro-life matters. Chalk it up to ignorance; it is a sad situation.  Maybe only the White House could be the proper schooling for that deep seed of immorality sprinkled throughout her campaign.

She just needs to be schooled on the Pro-life ways and the Pro-life bandwagon.  And that may yet be the next echelon in our country.

Here's the thing: it is easy to bash Hillary. I understand, and I've been there, done that.  It is easy to feel that someone "isn't on our team," and thus do a lot of bashing against her.  However, if there is one thing I've learned from blogging, it is that lessons must be learned from experience, or, "on the job," as they say.

Some may say that because of Hillary's beliefs, she is an incompetent loser. I find this far from true. We must look beyond legalism in this case: strictness in all areas. If we are "strictly Pro-life," then we might lose a handle on what it looks like to be a good Presidential candidate. This would be, in my estimation, foolishness. The alternative to to smarmy is smarmy?!

If we douse Hillary and Donald Trump with disinfectant, AKA, the White House, who will come out clean(er) clean(ish)?

Sadly, that's the question I'm asking these days. It is not a question I want to be asking, but sadly that's the one I'm left with.

In closing, I would say that of course, we all want to be right. I may not be right on all of these points I've made. Feel free to chime in in the comments sections. I have eager ears! ;)


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Lisa Healy said...

He's actually been married THREE times - Ivana, Marla Maples, & this gal, so that situation's even worse!

Tacy said...

You're right. I was in nformed of that over on Twitter today actually.

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