Friday, August 26, 2016

The Friend Diet in 7QT

This Summer has been a hard, hard Summer.  It has been hot, and we've been almost equally as excruciatingly busy. I hate to sound negative. But, as usual, I am making New School Year Resolutions, such as Save! Get Fresh Air! Diet! along with every other mother. ;) It isn't Lent, and it isn't a New Year. But it is a new Fall, and I for one, need a plan!  In the interest of full disclosure, I thought by now that I would have recovered from having Annabel a year ago. The truth is, I don't feel unhealthy, but I don't feel really fit either. In honor of her first birthday, I'm going on a diet to shed the last ten or so pounds of baby weight that  have been carrying just a minute too long.  Let's be perfectly honest: I am in average health, and I want to be in great health.

I am calling this The Friend Diet. Why?  Food can become a comfort, a solace, and a pleasure. But it can also take the place of people in our lives, because it is so comforting, we desire it more than anything else. According to our faith, if we are eating more than our healthy share, this is called Gluttony, one of the seven deadly (mortal) sins.

So, instead of making food our friend, let's take care of our health, and instead Be a good friend, to others!

My Fall Diet: (The Friend Diet)

My Top 7 Requirements:

1. no Beer (only the occasional glass of wine with dinner)
2. no Fast Food restaurants
3. Spinach  & Strawberry smoothies, usually for lunch
4. Pretzels, bananas, carrots for snacks
5. Pepperoni, black beans, & nuts for protein
6. Eggs for any meal of the day
7. Lots of rice, curry, low sodium teriyaki

Also, an Addendum:
-soup is ok if low-calorie and low-sodium
-vegetables, salad are welcome options
-no breads or bready foods like thick pretzels;), similar to Atkins
-low calcium- very little cheese and milk  because of caloric intake
-no sugar

I am taking it a week at a time. Whenever the kids/family have pizza or breadsticks or spaghetti, I will have an alternative meal, such as low-sodium soup, Thai or some type of low-calorie curry dish with rice. If they eat fast food or fried food, I will be a friend to myself and make something that falls within my guidelines for this diet. If I'm tempted by donuts or pop-tarts, I will curb cravings with a healthy snack like fruits and vegetables.

This week I have a meal plan:

Monday: Eggs for breakfast, Strawberry smoothie for lunch, Thai curry rice for dinner
Tuesday: Eggs for breakfast, Spinach smoothie for lunch, Pepperoni and plain rice and black beans for dinner
Wednesday: Low cal Oatmeal for breakfast, Spinach smoothie for lunch,  tuna salad for dinner
Thursday: Oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, low sodium vegetable soup for dinner, glass of wine
Friday eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, sushi for dinner
Snack options on all days: crispy pretzels, carrots, bananas, and lots of water

Today being Friday, I'm happy to report that I stuck to the diet, and success can be chalked up to my meal plan, prayer, and talking through it with Stephen each night for accountability and moral support. I would usually say things like, "I'm on day 5. I've only cheated once in the past five days. I had a beer while you were gone Tuesday night at your workout class." And he would encourage me, "That's great!" and sometimes say, "Well make sure you watch the carbs in your snacks, those pretzel crackers have x amount of calories or carbs."

My treats built into my plan:
Protein shake with milk (this is super yummy)
Fancy Falafel salad
Going out to dinner for a gourmet (& low calorie) meal

Now to work on my meal plan for next week! (with the help of Pinterest, of course! See my Dietary Restrictions board on Pinterest, here). It should look very similar to the first week, but I plan to include some variety, so that I continue to choose good food and I do not burn out on my plans.

As for exercise. I go for a walk everyday. My goal is to go further and to go faster. I have the habit of daily walking (and that's going really well), but I will not promise daily jogging. I will start by alternating between walking and running until I am in good enough shape to go for a real jog or run. I haven't been able to really run a mile well since before having children. (AKA College). I also plan to do the 7 minute workout everyday and two times back to back as often as I can.

With this combination of wellness in body, I plan to become stronger spiritually through the sacrifices this Friend Diet will require. If you're wondering how this differs from Whole 30, the answer is I'm not cutting out all alcohol or all dairy. I'm limiting them greatly. And you guys, I don't even have to SAY that sugar will not be my friend on this Diet! Ha! But this diet is unique, as it is something I feel that I can handle and carry out to the end.  :0)

What about you? If any of this resonates with you, leave a comment and tell me how you stay in good health, or hope to improve your health this Fall.
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