Friday, August 19, 2016

An Update: Back to School in 7 QT

Oh my gosh, you guys. Getting ready for school-- especially when you have three going for the first time- is such a TASK. In the past two weeks, we have celebrated a birthday (Anders), gone shopping and run #alltheerrands, gone on vacation taking all 5 kids on an airplane to Minnesota and Wisconsin, and started school. I'm taking deep, deep breaths. #yogapants

So how did this go down and how did we break it down? I knew you were going to ask. :0)


First, we established that we would have a week full of errands in preparation for school. Nothing about our normal routine that week, just errands. We took out a tiny bit of extra cash, because errands. For one solid week. Thankfully shopping is *not* our normal modus operandi, other than our $1-for-each-kid splurge at the Dollar Store every Friday.

Great clips was $11 for each child. Grand total (since I had taken Anders the week before) ? 40 including tip for two hairdressers.  I wasn't sure what we needed at Goodwill, I just felt like we needed to take a look around in between going to expensive shoe stores and Sweet Frog frozen yogurt.

so coordinated. ;)

I dragged them all to Goodwill... hair freshly cut and Great Clips tattoo freshly administered by Molly~ Notice the adorable matching shirts, one of which is sporting a splash of blue paint. #welovegoodwill

We ended up just getting a couple of much-needed shirts for Annabel, a couple of t-shirts for Anders, and some pajamas.  If it feels funny buying non-school clothes in the Fall, you don't live in the South. ;)  But ya'll? Grand total =  $5 flipping dollars. #ridic.  We went for Payless shoestore, and bought UP with the $20 black Mary Janes for each girl. Total for the day including Fro Yo? $75. Well done, self.


Next, we had to go to Cecilia's Closet at their school to find used uniforms that would work for this year.

Trying it on for size... how we do ;)
Aaaaaand, this is what it looks like having 3 children in Catholic School!!!! :-D
And you guys, I just have a brag about our school. We bought all of their uniforms used, and we bought shirts, gym uniforms, and sweaters... and the grand total was barely over $100. Ok, it was $103. What even is that?! Ridiculous, that's what it is!!! 


Then we had to take a break, so we decided to go to Wisconsin. #laughcry Which I detailed in this post.


When we got back, we had Doctor Visits and buying all of their Ballet clothes!! A new week, a new budget. I'm not going to pretend Ballet clothes are cheap. But thank God for insurance and very healthy kids! Not gonna lie, my kids have been in utterly perfect health for as long as I can remember. I completely chalk that up to daily bath time. #cleanestofcleankids #knockonwood #iseeyoufall #coldseasonaroundthecorner



Wait, I have a 3rd Grader (?!?!)

And what?! Frances is a Kindergartener (?!)

My precious Pre-K-er (!!! is that a word?)

Let's see if we can get one with her smiling...

There we go!


aaaaaaaand Mom----> at home with TWO kiddos



It's a beautiful thing. ;) Really.

Bonus take: I don't even have to buy Fall clothes until well into the middle of September here. We'll have some cool nights, but that's Fall in Tennessee. We have all four seasons, but full swing Fall isn't really until near the end of October. #autumn #ifyourebeingfancy

Bring it on.
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Jenny Evans said...

Your kids look great! Love hand-me-downs and thrift stores.

Tacy said...

Yes! Thanks! We love them, too! And hate shopping!! :-0 ;)