Tuesday, August 2, 2016

An Announcement...!!!

Hey Everyone! Today, instead of the usual Tuesday Talk post or article, I have a big announcement! :-)

{drumroll please}

.... So, after much thought and a little consternation, I have decided and will go ahead and officially change the header and name of my blog! Of course I did not make that decision today. lol  The title will now and from now on be- simply- Tacy Williams Beck.  I think all of my posts already have this tagline.

Now, I know. I know! I am of the mind that too much change is a bad thing. I have contemplated differing names for this blog, and nothing felt right. I hate to think another change is headed my way! However, trying out different fun names has become tiresome. Yes an in fact, I have already done that many times in the past, and I'm ready to find something more permanent! ;)  Fortunately for you, I'm not making a huge change- I'm just going to my name, which is, in fact, already my .com.

I have decided that I do not fit the "Picture a Skyline" title any more, and that's why I will just be my name from now on. I'm making that the title of this online space, because I decided that it fit the bill and I was ready to simplify!!! ;) I'm not changing anything else, in terms of design, really!  I did update the pictures on my About profile page if anyone would like to check that out!

I am hoping that it will be *less* confusing, and not more... as it is my blog and web address already.

I am also happy to report/share that I am hoping that this change is a little bit of a renaissance when it comes to my work in this space. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but, we shall soon find out! lol

I am looking toward the future with anticipation of grace, being myself, joy, love, and the Spirit of God living in my heart and dwelling in this space. And I just feel that this is the next right step, and as someone I respect once said, "Do the next right thing." That is what I hope to do!!! haha

I really do love you guys, my readers. I feel so blessed to be a writer and to have the great privilege of sharing my thoughts and ideas in this space. It is a blessing in my life, and my readers are no small piece to that beautiful puzzle. ;)

And now... I'm headed on a two-week break/blogging hiatus. We are getting on a plane and going to Minnesota and Wisconsin (YAY!!!)* which means we're pulling a Grace and taking all 5 kids to a Family Reunion {!!!} Yes, you can pray for me/us!!).  When I get back, I will be putting three out of our five kids in school, and I will be blogging under this new title! Hurray! :0)

Isn't it actually pronounced "j-if"?

Now I am under no illusion: I know it's really no big deal, and that change is natural, normal, and fully appropriate in this world! But, I just wanted to let you guys know, like I do! I've put a lot of thought into this one. ;)

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And here is my contribution to Dappled Things:

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A lot of my articles do not receive comments. But I do know that people are reading based on my stats. I appreciate your thoughts, but please know that I appreciate your readership, whether or not you feel compelled to leave a comment. Thanks to Rhonda Ortiz for the design help!!!! (Highly recommend her, FYI!)

And now, especially if you are reading this in a feed reader---> two weeks from now when I'm back in this space under a new title, click on over to the blog to see the new deal/digs, and if you have not already done so, go subscribe to tacywilliamsbeck.com in your feed reader!!! :0) 
Thanks guys.
*Did you know my Mom is from Minnesota? And we're getting to see my sister and family who are coning from Seattle
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Kendall Patton said...

Congrats on the name change as something that fits for you now! I'm swinging by from Tuesday Talk, but I know what it's like to wonder and agonize over blog changes. I'm doing a bit of a rebrand (again) for myself and my space. I've wondered over changing the name, but I think for now I'll leave it and just go with the rebrand and better definition! Safe travels and enjoy your family! :)

Nell @ Whole Parenting Family said...

Coming up to my home town! Shoot me a line and although we're traveling most of August, maybe we can slip in a coffee! (wholeparetning@gmail)

Tacy said...

Yep! My Mom is from St. Paul-- born and raised! {happy sigh} Love it there, have been once before. I will shoot you an email! ;)