Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Vote With Your Whole Mind

As you all know, I usually try to shy away from political posts or rants.  However, the current political climate in our country today has been enough to make me rattled. And it has pushed me to speak out about something that it is on my heart, and especially, my mind.

On a recent family vacation, I noticed a large, black and white billboard near our hometown that said, "TRUMP: Pray for our nation, Take our country back."

And for the first time, I actually felt ashamed about the Republican candidate.

This is the first year that as a registered Republican voter, I do not feel "meh" about the Republican candidate; I actually feel very negative toward him.  As an owner of casinos, an immodest man who brags about money and the size of his male appendage, and as one who mocks others and cannot seem to say anything coherent in a debate, I do not just dislike him. I loathe him.

So when I see a billboard with his name in the same sentence with "prayer" and the idea of recovering our lost nation, I do not just squirm, I am indignant and repulsed.

I heard Bob Dole interviewed recently on NPR extolling the "virtues" of Trump, and I just felt this overwhelming feeling: "This is so tired. This is so old. This old-school view of politics is just like Bob Dole- ancient and dying." And that's just it- Trump isn't virtuous. He isn't real. He's full of himself and he's full of it. He's motivated by money and he gains power by provoking our emotions. He's a classic demagogue.

I attended an open house party for a woman in my city who is running for the School Board.  She shared her ideas, her intelligence, and her concern for every child to succeed. Her heart was in it; her brain was in it. And I just thought about George W. Bush and his "No Child Left Behind," and I thought: All I have heard is complaint about this from public school teachers. As much as G.W. Bush did right, he also definitely did many things wrong.

When I read this piece on Hillary Clinton's views on terrorism, I not only thought she sounded wise and articulate, I actually also agreed with her view and opinion on the matter. I found myself saying, "yes, yes, yes to all of this!"

And that's when I knew: I can't not vote.

I have to vote.

And this year, I'm swinging. I'm voting Democrat.

Because, simply put, I can't not vote.

And I can't in good conscience ever come close to remotely liking Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton has knowledge. She has experience in politics. She has been personally crushed in the public eye.  Although Bill Clinton is the least of my favorite people, he has a brain. His experiences would make him a good First Husband in the White House.  When Obama was elected, I squirmed about his view on abortion. His first term, I voted against him. The second term, I abstained. But I remember when my sister Kira voted for him. She said: "He's the man for the job." He may not have been perfect, but I too see through the eyes of humility that our first Black President was an imperfect man who God called to the task of Presidential candidate, nominee, and winner. He was the man for the job. (I wrote more about that here).

Hillary Clinton? At least she has a brain.

And friends, So do you.

You have a brain.

And just as we should love God with our whole heart, we should vote with our whole mind.

I love God and I am devout. I vow to stand beside the Church. I am profoundly Pro-life and I always will stand beside that worldview.  I feel like I came to an impasse about politics, and I felt deeply sorry. I felt remiss to admit that politics was just making me sad and nothing else. I can't speak to all of the issues that I may disagree with when it comes to the Democratic party.  In my heart I am a conservative for so many reasons.  Financially above all else. ;) But that's just not the point here.

However... despite feeling sad at the sorry state of politics in our country today, as I said, while I'm sad, voting yet weighs heavy on my conscience. It's just a thing that I have to do. And seeing it that way, this year it would be more against my conscience to vote for Donald Trump when I know that he is not a man of prayer, his demagogue politics will not take out country back, and Hillary Clinton has a few more significant things going for her. Her ability to understand policy, her ability to articulate the truth in difficult situations, and most of all, her mind.

And I am choosing to vote with my whole mind in this upcoming election.

I have seen a lot of rants against Hillary Clinton all over the internet. But let's face facts: That's all they are: emotional rants.

Let's use our minds, instead.

I'm voting with my whole mind this election season. And that's why I'm voting as a Democrat this year. I have inched barely over to the other side. (Barely).

What about you? Where do you fall on this trajectory?

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Amanda Patten said...

I wouldn't vote for Hilary if my life depended on it. The cause of the unborn and women is too important, even if I agreed with everything else the candidate was for. I won't vote for Trump either. Maybe my vote for an underdog will be lost, but at least my conscience will be clear and my vote won't be a participation in the murder of millions of innocent lives.

Jenny Cook said...

Well, since you asked what I'm going to do...
Unless some kind of strange miracle takes place in which Trump is somehow replaced by someone decent, I will be writing in a candidate. My reasoning? My soul will outlast my country. If I can't in good conscience support either candidate because I find them both morally reprehensible (which I do), then I must support neither. I believe either will further contribute to the downward spiral of America. I will not be morally complicit in electing a demagogue who clearly does not care about anything besides what is expedient in getting himself elected, nor will I be morally complicit in electing a person who is a chronic liar and is only too happy to expand the culture of death and moral deceit. And I don't think the argument that not voting/writing is merely the equivalent of "fiddling while Rome burns." Rome already IS burning, although perhaps slowly. How can conscientiously I add fuel to the fire?
As a #neverTrump person, I have empathy for your argument; he's atrocious and amoral. But since I don't actually think Hillary would be better in the most important sense (respecting people as people from conception to natural death), I can't give her my material support. Even though my vote will not make a difference in my state (Oregon is perennially blue) and even though I think Hillary is probably going to win anyway, I'm still #neverTrump #neverHillary.

Tacy said...

For so long, my plan was to hope someone better would step to the plate. I hoped someone would win over Trump. I hoped Hillary would find a decent running mate.

But let's look at it this way: if we "lost" Trump, say he caught a virus and passed away before the election, would we lose something or someone hopeful in the way of leading our country?

I truly believe that Hillary has brains that can deal with the wayward and crazy trajectory of politics. She has learned from the school of hard knocks. She survived an extramarital affair and did not give up on her marriage. There is enough virtue in that story to beat Trump for DAYS.

She knows policy from her stint as SENATOR of NEW YORK.

I know that I can never agree with MUCH of her policy. But being a Senator is hard work, no matter how you look

Being a billionaire (conceited to boot) who makes his money profiteering and greedy, no-good business? Again, where is the virtue there? Is he really the only hope for the Republican party? If so, I'm a Pro-life person voting for Hillary Clinton. Because she is the only alternative, because she has the wherewithal to be somebody of significance in office, even if very very imperfect.

This is just the situation as I see it, right now. It is a journey.

The only alternative to Hillary that makes sense is Anti-anti-Trump. And how much sense does that make. really? In the long run?

Jenny Cook said...

I was just thinking the other day that it is admirable that Hillary has stuck with her husband through it all. She deserves credit for that, to be sure.

I agree, Trump is definitely short on virtue and long on vice. He won't get my vote.

Hillary has political experience and has worked very hard. Sadly, some of the causes for which she has worked so hard and used her manifest political experiences are abominable. She won't get my vote.

Bernie Sanders was the candidate I respected the most as a person. But I wouldn't have given him my material cooperation, either, because he's poison to the pro-life cause.

Whomever wins will be my president for four to eight years and have my prayers. Trump and Hillary shall have my prayers now, in fact, but not my vote. My heart, soul, and mind are decided on this.

But this is obviously a case where good, intelligent, and thoughtful people can disagree (for instance, I believe Mark Shea--from whom I have gained much benefit--is taking the same approach as you). A good time for us all to consider Philippians 3:15, not to mention pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for ourselves, our country, and the world!