Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Current Kindle Deals Wednesday vol. 6 ~ Kids' Edition!

Welcome to vol. 6 of Current Kindle Deals, Kids Edition!!! Yay! So exciting to talk kids' books with you today.... fellow Moms, fellow Catholics, fellow bloggers, fellow people of faith... let's talk! :0)

Here is a quick list of books for kids., that I personally recommend highly!;) Quick- check! Do you have these on your shelf?

Catholic Book of Bible Stories by Laurie Lazaro Knowlton and Doris Ettlinger

Personally, the best book to have when you have kids is a book you can read after dinner every night as "Devotions."

Adventures in Assisi: On the Path with St. Francis

A classic story about a classic saint!

Lucia: St. of Light by Katherine Bolder Hyde

This is one that we actually own, and we read it every year at Christmas! ;)

Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland  by Tomie De Paola

Great one to own.

The Secret of the Shamrock by Lisa Hendey

from the new Chime Travelers series- so fun! ;)

My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories

We own this, and it is very good!

The Mass for Children by Lovasik

Our lady of Fatima art print
(Patron Saint of Peace)

I know there is so much more out there- goodness, I didn't even get to nine! To be honest, the library is probably your best friend when it comes to picture books. Amazon and Kindle are better for when the books are less picture-friendly. Friends, leave me comments about great Catholic books for kids, if you will! ;)

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

baby Frances! :0)

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