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7 Quick Takes~ Our Vacation to Beaufort, SC

We had a fabulous vacation this year, and like I do, I wanted ya'll to know all about it. If you do make it all the way through my recap, I will reward you with a great surprise: My voice! (just keep scrolling;)

First-- just so you know, there are two Beauforts. The one in North Carolina, which is pronounced "Bo-Fort," And the one is South Carolina, which is where my family went when I was little, and this precious town is pronounced Bew-fert.  I've never been to Beaufort, NC just FYI but have cousins who go there and informed me of the differing pronunciation!

Just let that sink in. I know... it's kinda weird. But not that weird once you get used to it. Just say it five (or six?) times fast. Bew-fertx6. lol Got it?


The road to Beaufort (did you say it right?) ;)


We decided to stay near Beaufort, on Harbor Island. It's right next to Hunting Island, across the bridge from St. Helena Island, and just North of Fripp Island (where I went once as a child). Did I mention this is a beautiful area?! So fun to explore.

I was just looking over our pictures from last year, and I still can't believe that we took the 3 girls *only* and left Anders with the Grands. I was pregnant with Annabel at the time, and now I just think: MY How things change in the blink of an eye. Last year we were toting and caring for 3 potty-trained girls, all through Disney, this year, we are traveling with *FIVE* all of 'em potty-trained except for Annabel, now. But take heart: IT FLIES.  And going to the beach is much easier than taking a large crew to Disney World. The next time we go to Disney, we might still leave a few behind. Mwahaha. But really~ I mean why not. The toddlers do not know the difference. That should never be a reason to stop you from vacationing (Point number 567 for and in favor of having lots of children).

Add to that: it's just fun!

Beach time: catching the waves.

wish you were here! :0)
Don't mind him, that's just my *hot* husband

St. Peter's Historic Catholic Church

We visited the gorgeous St. Peter's Catholic Church while in Beaufort.
This gorgeous statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe was part of the inner sanctuary decor!

sigh... such a beautiful church!

They also had this statue of St. Michael the Archangel (for the win! :)

We also happened to go on the Feast of St. Peter, so.... picnic!


Isn't it amazing when you think, "Well, I think we should go to Mass, so I guess we'll go..." And you look it up on the internet, and you crash their pad while on your vacay, and Behold! Ok they're having a picnic, so I guess we'll stay for that too?! So you are fed an outstanding feast for St. Peter, and walk away well fed and amazed at God's goodness and provision?!

That's kinda what that was like! ;)
Annabel thankfully napped through the picnic! #otherwiseiwouldhavelostmymind #allthecupcakes

Right before you get to the end of Harbor Island (when Fripp Island comes into view), there's a lovely Nature Center with picnic tables on your left.

The kids love it!

We also went to the Beach! Hunting Island State Park for the win, folks! It is untouched beautifulness.


The next day, we went to the Beach and the pool, just enjoyed the outdoors and God's amazing, stunning creation.
playing in the sand

hermit crab

"baby" hermit crab

sand dollar, found by Madeleine

We also found a crab in a tide pool~ thankfully he was dead, so the kids got to study him! He had a bunch of tiny hermit crabs climbing on his right claw. 

Beautiful view of the beach and a seagull

Playing in the sand, and looking for tide pool treasures

Relaxing with book (s) in hand!!! ;)


Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

Love the view and those Palm Trees... oh my!

On Wednesday, we went downtown to shop for souvenirs, play on the playground, and restock on groceries.  Stephen took Frances and Anders to see Finding Dory (the matinee).



On Thursday,  we did some more swimming, and then we split up again. Stephen stayed back with the kiddos, and I took Madeleine and Molly to Finding Dory.


Sand dollars and a hermit crab shell from our last day on the Beach
Now... would you like to hear me (as in, hear my real voice) describe taking apart this hermit crab? (getting the hermit crab out of the shell). If so, click here: (warning: disgusting, but thoroughly riveting)

Stephen gives me the thumbs up ! ;)

And on Friday, we drove home! (And on our trip, I came 30 pages from finishing my book The Kitchen House #thankyouatlantatraffic #i'mdonenow)
One more voice track. My description of the book The Kitchen House. Listen to it right here: (Warning: you can hear Annabel chattering in the background).
(warning: spoilers abound! ;)

Bye Bye Beaufort!
~siiiigh~ We will miss you!
Until next time, then.

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