Friday, July 22, 2016

7 Quick Takes ~ Depression Check-In & A Wasp

So, I thought I would join up with Kelly at 7 Quick Takes today, to talk with the fellow Quick Takers and to do a Depression and Anxiety Check-In: Finding Wellness in All Areas of Life. ;) I know it can be hard to be vulnerable about stuff like this, but every once in a while, we have to pull back the curtain.  That is to say, we need to establish the plain fact that no one is "alone" in these struggles~ we all go through periods of grief or loneliness. We all struggle. We need this honesty like we need rain this Summer: desperately. We need to be real.  So, without further ado...

An Intro...

Depression is something I have written about here on my blog for several years. If you come here to my blog and assume that I'm a random early-thirties Mom with a bunch of kids and her act together, you would be wrong. Very Wrong! ;) As many of you know, I have struggled on and off with Depression since college.  I took medication in college and went to counseling. I was able to deal with it pretty well without meds while living in Maryland during the first five years or so of our marriage (I was getting a whole lot more exercise and was really involved at our Church at the time, but who knows exactly why I was struggling LESS). Moving back to Chattanooga was literally like moving back into a fog. A fog of loneliness, laziness, and well, medication. #sosleepy



Annabel poops in the pool...

And if you think this is unrelated, you are not a parent. You are so not a parent!!!!! ;) So the other day, you know, in the midst of all the CRAZY, I took Annabel to the swing while my Mom was watching the other kids! haha:0)  She and I both got extremely sweaty while we were there, (I literally looked at my phone to see the time and it was 1:11-- hottest time of the day!!! Insane!!! ;) so I stripped her down and set her in the baby pool naked when we got back home.  Big mistake!!!!! After about 20 minutes of swimming, she pooped! Ugh! All whilst I was pouring sweat, I had to carry her up to the bath, wash her down, then set her in front of a little baby TV show while I went back outside to disinfect the pool... GROSS!

#parentingishard #parentingisexhaustingwork


My book...

Enter my first e-book, where I discuss ways of dealing with Depression!!! ;)  I mean because, let's be honest.  Parenting is hard. Parenting is exhausting work. And parenting can leave us depleted in all ways, and in all the wrong ways, more specifically. It isn't sexy most of the time. It can be sad almost, that we are so harried and hampered as Moms, and often times there is nothing and no one to turn to, when motherhood should be fun and fulfilling!!

We have to feel like we have a fighting chance, rather than that we are on the brink of... exhaustion? Failure? Hopelessness?  I feel like this e-book really explores what it means to have a life outside of our kids, and that's why I wrote it~ for you! ;) So if you are struggling with no "me-time" or not enough, or if you want to explore some new personal avenues or ventures, but feel too tired or overwhelmed, this e-book would be an excellent place to start. Honestly, the reason there aren't more articles about Mental Wellness on my blog is because, well.... I put all of my deep thoughts and silly thoughts and everything in between IN THAT BOOK! Ha!


Other articles on this subject...

Also- if you're not in the mood to purchase that e-book,  for a quick "encouragement fix,  in case you missed it, I wrote a short guest article about Natural Cures for Mental and Physical Wellness, all about remedies for Anxiety and Depression.  That article, which was originally just for Real Housekeeping, is just about what you can do- in really practical ways- to keep yourself afloat on those really hard days ;)  I also wrote more about that in my article My Road to Accepting Medication (read that one if you are really struggling with Depression and don't know what to do).


How I've been doing lately...

Sadly, even though I had been going to counseling for several years since moving back to Chattanooga, my awesome, amazing counselor moved back to her hometown of Birmingham about 6 months ago!  Almost immediately, I started noticing problems with my mood without going to see her and talk to her about all the things.  (Highly recommend counseling to anyone and everyone! ;)  My husband called me out after failing to set up counseling with anyone. It had been about 6 months, and my Anxiety and Depression started acting up again around the beginning of the Summer.. Thankfully, I found a new counselor who is equally as awesome, and I feel will be in some ways better for me. And she's a Christian! ;) Thank you GOD! I'm still taking same meds, same dose as I have been on since Anders was a baby and went on it for Post-Partum Depression. (And #allthesleeplessnights).


My new book...

And even though I deeply hate and despise self-promotion, you might want to check out my new e-book, as it deals with the everyday routine and schedule we keep our kids on. That consistency in my life has really helped me deal with Anxiety and Depression.  You can read more about that here. Again, the reason I have not put tons and tons on my blog about this topic is that I have consolidated all of that information into my e-books. :0)

Believe me, I am not just simply here to sell you something. I'm not here to say, "Hey! I struggle too. Let's have a party!;)" I'm here to help!!! ;) But did I mention that my new e-book is only 1.99? Head here to learn more. And my e-book on Depression, if that interests you, is only 2.99! Less than a cup of coffee ~  and full of inspiration for you!


What it feels like to be stung by a wasp:

Finally, I just wanted to share this little clip of me describing a wasp sting, because I don't know... it just seemed to lighten the mood. Let's see if I can tie this in better... it's painful like Depression? You will need the support of your family, as you do when you're struggling with mental illness/mental health issues/Depression/Anxiety. ;)  It happened on the Fourth of July, and frankly, it will forever color my memory of this year's Independence Day as truly painful. hehe haha & all that jazz.

Thanks everyone for reading-- and considering purchasing my e-books!! I appreciate it!

Have any thoughts to share on this subject? How do *you* find wellness in all areas?

Thanks, {Stay cool and Live Connected},



Mary Cooper said...

Hello, fellow Tennesseean! :)
I totally get what you said about parenting & depression. I can certainly see how it would happen. The demands of being a wife & mother are so great that there isn't enough "me" time...and we all need it!
Glad you found a counselor to meet your needs. B'ham isn't that far from Chatt., is it? :)

alyssa Park said...

I totally get what you said about Chattanooga and depression;) I know that you may not have meant to open pandoras box with that hidden link, but I know of s few people that can't go back there once they've left without experiencing depression. Sometimes its something as simple as the climate and sometimes it's something more complex. Anyhow, not sure if you've ever seen a link with that or not but I have:)

Tacy said...

Yes. Alyssa- I do not want to poo-poo Chattanooga, but there is something about the culture here that brings out my Depressive tendencies. I hate the radio here-- so many overplayed songs. UGH.