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Monthly Recap vol.34 ~ June 2016

We're getting on the road tomorrow, so I'm sticking this up here before I leave town.
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Unreal ~ it's on Netflix
I had mixed feelings about this, but the A.V. Club did a nice review of it. (warning: satire)

I am o.b.s.e.s.s.e.d. with Chef's Table.  Also on Netflix. Stephen suggested we watch it together, and I was totally "meh" about it at first. But as it went on, it became my new favorite show and I binge-watched the entire first season in about a week. And there are more seasons that I cannot wait to watch!!! 
~Jane Steele beside a local Bocce Ball court.~


My kids stayed overnight for a weekend with their Grammy and Gramps, so I did a lot of reading while they were gone.

Last Ride to Graceland by Kim Wright

This book filled me with happy feelings.
If you think, "Why would I read a book about Elvis? I know nothing about Elvis," then I say, "That's a perfect reason to read a book about Elvis." Ignorance isn't bliss; ignorance is a good reason to read more!;) Read my review here.

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren

The genius of this genre-bending book filled with so much happiness. It scratched my botany-loving itch and made me think {Hard sometimes}, but the book was also super entertaining and hard to put down. I wrote a simple and short review on goodreads here

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

This book was a sort of poetic and imaginative retelling of Jane Eyre, but (in my opinion) with the Dickens-esque approach to mood, evil, and justice. I somehow bought it, not realizing the serial killer theme, and I almost bailed out. I'm glad I didn't, but don't say *I* didn't warn you that if you are a light sleeper and you read this book at night, you may have nightmares.  I got the impression it was a touch lighter! ;)

I'm taking Cinder & The Kitchen House on vacay with me, so here's hoping I blaze through those before July!!!! ;) I also plan to reread my favorite G.K. Chesterton essay "The Ethics of Elfland" while we are gone. I have other books I want to read next month so here's hoping! ;)


my I'm The Luckiest Guy on the Upper East Side mix, that's on Spotify ~ Oh my goodness, so many good songs! siiiiiiigh ahhh. (I've probably seen a dozen or so - maybe more- of those bands live #livemusicitsathing #modernityitsathing)

also: I made a short list of bearable hymns 2016, behold: (And I am very excited about it!)


Molly: I really like this pool... but I *really* miss my friends... I haven't seen them all Summer.
Stephen: Molly, it's been one week.

Frances: (wants a clementine) Mommy, I love Lemon Times.

Madeleine: {walking into our church} Daddy, the Big Bad Wolf can't blow down the Church, because it is made of bricks!

Frances again: (rising Kindergartener that she is) Mommy, I spell Flower F-L-O-R!!!!

Madeleine: Is she eating babyfood?
Me: Yes. And when you were a baby, you ate baby-food, too!
Madeleine: And it's stilllllll there. (self-satisfied "mature" smirk, a la Madeleine)
(I actually lol'd at that)

Our kids were incredibly sad that real seals were not skydiving .... 

ah-mazing~ worth watching! Navy Seals skydive into a TN football game carrying American flags. lol

~true to her personality, completely!~
(Happy, silly, absolutely *loves* animals and toy animals, big smiles and full of laughter and joy, and she just looks in my direction and lights up~ Mama's girl!)


(I hope you stick around and enjoy your morning cup of coffee, links style, here at Picture a Skyline!;)

Like a lot of things at Catholic Mom, this one really grabbed me and I feel it is definitely worth reading.
How Do You Pray @ Catholic Mom by Laura Nelson

How to Survive the Election {with maturity;0)} @ The Art of Simple by K.W. Pershey

Cultivating A Life of Order and Wonder @ They Call Me Blessed (by Lindsey Gallant)

~What My Kids Are Into~

Molly finished the first Harry Potter book on June 21st~ We were all so proud of her.
Stephen has continued reading a buuuuunch to the kids every night (Narnia, Rudyard Kipling, a million and two read alouds!)

The kids have also really gotten into the Australian Television show High Five. If you have Netflix and little kiddos, LOOK THIS UP. It seriously is getting us through the Summer. Good choreography, music, singing, acting. The works. And? The kids love it.


What's Your Darkness @ Blessed is She


Thank GOD this poor woman was let off the hook-- finally! ;)
Gorilla Incident~ Mother Cleared of Charges
She shouldn't be arrested; I believe she should be awarded... after all attacks to her person that she endured!!!;)

I am personally not a fan of Hillary Clinton, myself, and I do not stand behind her ideology - her constituents and fans are shallow poorly educated (many of them) feminists who love the "village" tagline-- but the Church has the answer to the facade she paints in regards to real community/eracism). She is wrong about so many things, and she borders on criminality when it comes to her views on abortion.


She was right in this instance:

I'm sorry, but Yes, yes, yes to everything she says here. A million times YES. And I wouldn't be surprised if her ability to be so articulate in situations such as these will award her the nomination and even the Presidency... I would not be surprised at all/a bit because I remember some of the interviews Obama did prior to his Presidency, and I had the same feeling about him and his ability to communicate. ;) To stay calm in a situation like this and speak truth and rationality into the midst of it? A true MOMENT of heroism for her.

Wake up, America.

And finally {last but certainly not least}

story: after watching the episode on French chef in SF Dominique Crenn, from season two of Chef's Table, I was interested to learn what types of tea are generally enjoyed in Europe. I learned that many in Germany enjoy a Assam-Ceylon (spicy dark Indian tea mixed with nasty Chinese tea) and they drink it 3-4 times per day. The French like to dip their pastries into (black, green, or fruity) tea, and the jam sweetens the tea. (interesting!)  And as for Italians...


Pride #coffeeprideforever 
#onemanonewoman ;)
that is all.;)

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