Friday, June 3, 2016

7 Reasons Why God Still Loves Me and Chooses Me (In the Midst of My Mesiness)

Does God really know us? And does he really love us and choose US? I think based on God is Love that yes, he loves us even when we feel less-than, or imperfect, or severely inferior to el Queen of her own Ball. ;) Let's be honest: I want to be Queen of the Ball too, but my life is often just a big mess. My kids get lost at playgrounds. My parents help me- a lot. My iPhone gets more attention than it is due. I drink dirty chais and iced mochas more than I care to admit. achoo!;) And I'm left - at the end of the day - feeling like A mess with a capital Me. How could a just God look down on me in all of my awesome sauce mess and still think, "Wow!" {insert long, impressed pause here} "I love her!"

Shauna Niequist, one of my favorite writers, said,

"I've long wanted to be better at accepting help... But being so sick (with grave morning sickness) for so long was a painful education, but one I needed, one that forced me to embrace the risky but deeply beautiful belief that love isn't something you earn, but something you receive, like a balm, like a benediction, even when you're at your very worst." (from her cookbook Savor).

Sometimes it can be hard to experience our own weakness and our own sloth and feel the emptiness of loser-dom.  I hate to use that word, but it is the opposite of winner, and when we are being our laziest, that's what we actually, really are: losers. (I'm just being technical here) ;)

Does God look down on us to find us as his little people, and think, "Man what a loser."

Should we, then, think that of others?

No. Definitely we should never, ever think that way about others.

But I know for myself, that I often think it of others myself.

And I even oftener forget that God really, truly DOES love me.

ME. With all of my flaws.

Why? Why does God still love us, even while we are still sinners? And whiners? And failures and the opposite of winners in it to win it, in so many ways?

Why? Because...

1. He made us.

Would we scoff at our children, who were created to look very much like us, when they make little errors? No! We think they're cute, so we laugh at them and love them. The grace of loving them looks like just that: grace.

2. He has a plan for us.

Does he set us in the world, free-wheeling and alone? Does he tell us to high ball it and hope we don't get arrested? No! No more than we would do that or want that for our own children! He watches us, he provides for us, and he deeply cares about us.

3. He knows us.

When we spend time with dear friends, do we think, "Man, I can't wait to leave this room!" No! Never! When we are with dear friends-- real friends-- we admire them. We sympathize with them. We appreciate them. We think, "Beautiful!" How much more, God who knows our every move, our every desire, our every thought, our every word, our every mistake, our every misstep, our every scrupulous thought?! ;) He is leading us somewhere, and we can certainly trust that he will give us our desires if we delight ourself in HIM.

4. He made us after His own likeness.

When we are with family or very old friends, the love that friends share is even deeper, because we know each other more deeply. We give each other the well of grace that comes from knowing each other. We laugh at the same things, we are skeptical of the same things. Imagine, then, how much his AGAPE love covers us and is poured out over us, when he created us and loves us infinitely more than we can imagine! We're in his image and that's huge.;)

5. He knows all of our minute thoughts, and He still loves us.

When we freak out over the other drivers on the road, does he condescend to us? When we fall on the floor dying of envy when we see someone cooler or prettier than us, does he walk away? When we scream at the insane people making us wait hours or just 10 minute longer than we intended in the Walmart line or the carpool, does he shrug carelessly? No! He knows how much we've had to eat. He knows who is making us feel less-than. He knows we were up late with a baby. He knows we are so tired and were just hoping for a nap.

And even though we aren't being a friend to sinners in those moments? We can be reminded that he loves us, then too and He does love sinners. His love is unconditional, so He loves us at all times. 

6. He chooses us freely, willingly, intentionally.

God chooses us. Yes, he chooses every single one of us. How do we know? He died for us on the cross. He died for sinners. And last time I checked? We were all sinners. We are all in the boat together. Even when we make HUGE mistakes. ;) What does it mean to be chosen? It means he has appointed us to do good works. It's like an adoption, where he shows his particular favor to us. When we pray, he says yes. He chooses us and He calls us to rise up.

7. He wants to see our lives, our talents, and our love come to fruition.

Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, God not only loves us, he wants to see us shine in the radiance of his love and his forgiveness. He wants to see something come of all of our trials and struggles and failures. He wants to make us better, sure, (especially if we are in the clutches of mortal sin), but he still loves us in the midst of all of that!

Do you believe God loves you? You should should should should should!!!!;)  Why do you reject his love? Is it because of something from your past? Is it because your kid has autism or you have failed to adhere to a difficult diet? Or do you just simply believe you are unlovable? You shouldn't. He laid down his life for you. He loves you.


He wants to know you are loved and that you are acceptable, and he wants to heal your soul.

God is not negligent.

He is not forgetful.

He is right there with you, with us.

He wants to be that balm, that benediction.

He wants you to believe in his Resurrection.

He wants you to have faith that will move mountains.

So beg him for forgiveness, and go down on your knees in repentance. He is there. Waiting. Leave your pride at the door.

He will say to you like he said to the tax collector..  Go, your faith has made you well. ;)
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Mary Cooper said...

Beautiful list! One that we need to remember when we want to ask why.

Tacy said...

Thank you.