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7 Quick Takes~ My Make-Up Routine ~ {& How to Save}

So, let's be real:  I usually don't spend a lot of time talking about shallow things like make-up. Plus, I am a pretty simple gal when it comes to a make-up routine, in general. But it is my personal opinion that a little goes a long way, and when you take the time to freshen up your appearance before heading out for the day, it can improve your mood and your self-confidence, just like a new outfit that fits you well and suits your personality.

I feel like I am finally to a point where I know where to splurge and where to save, as well. I don't do a "full face" of make-up everyday, but I do try to give myself a little sparkle when I have the time, and I definitely wear make-up of some kind when going out with Stephen.  If I am in public, more often than not I feel "naked" if I don't have some kind of make-up basics on. If I do a selfie or a video of myself, I definitely want to have some make-up on, or I look like I just rolled out of bed. ;)

So, today, I give you my 7 favorite beauty products.

~1~  "Happy" by Clinique

First of all, many of you may not consider perfume make-up. But if you're stinky, others notice. If you smell amazing, others notice (namely your husband!)  For so many years I wore "Pink" by Gap, and I feel like "Happy" is the grown up version of "Pink." Fruity and flowery and full of fun!!! I love it and I wear it all the time. Almost everyday. It will probably last me months! ;0)

~2~ Foundation by Almay (save the big bucks!)

I've used Almay off and on ever since I started wearing make-up.  OK this might sound weird, but they have come out with a line called "Smart Shade," and hey! The make-up actually matches your skin-tone using Titanium Dioxide. Basically it's  kind of like Pop Rocks for the face, in that it is like a little chemical reaction when placed on your skin. That might sound strange but it REALLY works for shade matching! Ah-mazing. I love it. It also has a little bit of SPF (15), so I feel like I have a basic tone and a little protection to boot.

~3~ Powder by Cover FX

I got my pressed mineral powder at Sephora, and it has lasted me  I love it. It matches my skin and it really works and fights back the shiny, without looking fake.  It was a little more expensive the drug store brand, but it was worth the splurge, and I will probably go back and buy one compact two shades lighter when I run out sometime next winter!!;)  It really lasts me!

~4~ Blush by Covergirl

I use Covergirl blush in Classic Pink.  I honestly do not understand the difference between fancy blush and this. (In fact, I think it works better).  It works great, I love the color, and it is perfect for everyday wear!

~5~ Chapstick by Burts Bees

I bought a four pack and I keep one in my purse, one in my downstairs bathroom, one in my make-up bag, and one in the cupboard.  I LOVE Burts Bees chapstick, especially Coconut and Grapefruit, and I also love their Peach colored Lip Gloss. I cannot stand anything on my lips that tastes weird or unnatural. I have been using this for forever and I can attest that this will make your lips so happy and they will look so pretty.

~6~ Eyeliner by either Almay or Maybelline

I get Almay Intense i-color eyeliner tube, in dark grey. I love the way it makes my eyes look more awake. Maybelline also makes a really good eyeliner called Master Precise Skinny.  It is a crayon gel pencil, but it actually doesn't look like a crayon or pencil... it rolls up and looks like a thin tube with a top! ;0)

~7~ Eyeshadow by Revlon

I also save on eyeshadow by getting the drug store brand. I use Revlon color stay in Moonlit. I usually save eyeshadow and mascara for Church because mascara drives me crazy in general. It's just one of those not-my-thing things! I'm inconsistent about eyeshadow to be honest.

BONUS: I love this Moroccan sea salt spray (pictured) for adding texture when I wear my hair down. I try to keep it layered and a little above my shoulders, so that wearing it down is pleasant for me and it still looks cute and well-kept.

Annnnyway, I think make-up is fun! Right?! Riiiight?! ;)
this was an unplanned photobomb by Stephen

What do you use? Why do you swear by?

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