Tuesday, May 3, 2016

This Is My Beauty For Ashes ~ Molly's First Communion

We had a beautiful weekend. Molly received her First Communion, and we had a lot of memories and reliving to do- of our First Holy Communion, and the like. It was overwhelming. I did not know how tense I was and how much I was holding in until after it was over. Everything went swimmingly. Molly was gorgeous and the sacrament even more so. The service was so perfect and more than we'd hoped for in so many ways.  We ended the big special day by spending a perfectly wonderful evening at my parents' river house ~ eating hot dogs and sliders and strawberry shortcake~ provided by my Mother in law, for dessert.  Feeling poetic, I wrote the following on her big day, and I just wanted to share it with you.

This  is my beauty for ashes:

Although it was all very beautiful when we became Catholic, there were a lot of ashes.

The ashes of my expectations gone...

The ashes of my parents' expectations...

The ashes of what we thought was our life's plan and purpose...

The ashes of the origins of our marriage, our baptism, our theology of family, our Communion...

There was so much to be right about,

when we realized we were wrong.

There was so much to let go of...

and so much to receive ...

A Eucharist with power I can't describe or fully tell

... but grieve, at the same time.

We grieve, because there is so much to grieve.

We receive, but it's a slog going through it... and long-coming.

But this?

This beautiful girl?

This is our beauty for ashes.

This is why everything was so hard,

I hear that in a whisper: My Lord's voice in my ear.

Confidence: that this much beauty could come out of 

All of that sadness, all of those ashes.

I love you, my sweet daughter.

You are a treasure. You are a gift. You are the gift in our sadness.

This sacrament is what makes the crown beautiful.

You are making it worth it. 

Consider that the longsuffering of the Lord is salvation...

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~P.S. I'll be taking a (blogging) break May 4-11. On my break, in addition to mothering, I'll be scrapbooking, sewing, having game nights, gardening, organizing closets, adult coloring, writing long-form letters, and of course, reading. :o) I'll also be tickling my baby and hearing her laugh, and kissing her baby-soft cheeks. You can still find me on social media. I am tacywb on instagram, @tacybeck on twitter, and Picture a Skyline also has a Facebook page~


Rosie said...

Congratulations to Molly! I hope you have a relaxing and fruitful break :)

Tacy said...

Thank you!!! :-)

Cristina said...

So exciting! We've got our first first holy communion in two weeks followed closely by....a baseball game. I'm still not sure what to do to celebrate afterwards. I never did this as a child!

Tacy said...

Thank you, Cristina! It's amazing. Look forward!!! :0)