Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Weekend (My Thoughts on Periscope)

7 Thoughts on Periscope from Last Weekend:
So, over the weekend, I was interested in discovering -or checking in with- some of the people I follow on Periscope. Here are some thoughts I came away with after dipping my toes in! ha. I developed a little question and answer inspection of Scopes for you here.

(1) Is Periscope worth it?
First off let me say that I'm loving this app right now. I first heard about it on the Sorta Awesome podcast, and the host said that she was into it for awhile, but she just "couldn't do it anymore." This made me laugh, and I wanted to understand what she meant and why she had to bow out. However, she recently had a guest on her show who is a self-proclaimed Periscope Superstar- Crystal Paine- and a little fire was lit and I got back into watching some scopes!

(2) Are you attached to Periscope, like I am?
I'm getting a bit attached to Periscope now and it just makes me happy sometimes when I'm bored. If you're interested in downloading the app, I will now share with you some peeps that I think are really interesting and worth following who do some really interesting Periscopes:

(3) Who should you follow?
-Crystal Paine ~famous for her blog Money Saving Mom and regular Periscoper
-Mystie Winckler~ smart, interesting and informative Periscopes with littles underfoot from Simply Convivial
-Jenna Guizar~goddess of Blessed Is She
-Tricia Regar~ really smart, interesting Periscoping mom of Clean House With Kids blog and instagram star

(4) What is your caveat?
So there the four of them are: people worth following! #lol HOWEVER- and this is a big However- there are some major, major freaks on Periscope!!!  Some people did not and were not trained in self-control at the proper time. I seriously forgot how messed up the internet USED to be and Periscope is reminding me of the days when you couldn't even open without worrying who would scandalize you in a chat room. Remember those days? They were so long ago. Were they not?! I think it was in the eighties! haha  Haven't we come so far from the days when comments on a blog post would be half rude and inappropriate bitter losers and half interested, sweet, well-intentioned friends?!

UGH! What is the deal?!

(6) Leeeeeet's wise up, no?!

Well, apparently while Americans were learning the fine art of not being perverts, and not putting your idiot foot in your mouth in comments on insta, the rest of the world was dwelling in a little bubble of ignorance.... I think? That's my theory on this, anyway. Because that's the only way I can figure it. Periscope is worldwide, and the trolls are just horrible over there. The world needs to wise up. WISE UP. Stop being nonchalantly rude. Stop scandalizing us with disgusting comments. Want to know why there are so few interesting people to follow on Periscope? Taint safe, peeps. Taint safe.

(7) Can we keep Periscope safe for all the peeps?

The problem is- I think- that broadcasters need to block WAY more people from that site. Each broadcast is usually only a few minutes. Broadcasters have to wait until some people have joined, and then as they broadcast, they receive comments and can respond and interact with those viewers and other people watching and engaging. That's part of what makes it very cool! But with this face-paced medium, if anyone makes even a single wrong turn or joke, they should be banned. Dirty jokes, nauseating suggestiveness, perverted eyes... they need to be turned off immediately. THIS IS NOT FUNNY. It's gross. It's disgusting. If I open a door on my iPad or iPhone or Droid, and that door leads to even ONE nasty comment, I would shudder if my daughter or son looked over my shoulder at that moment. It is beyond ridiculous... at this point, this app really should be shunned. However, if you look at the reviews or the lovely commercial they have on their site, you would think it's all innocent fun and lovely picturesque sunsets and missionaries going to villages and taking us with them. Is that what it is?

No. Survey from my Scopes Trial is?

(Not right now) ;)

(It's sad, really) ;)


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