Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nature, Lately, and Tea with a friend {PHFR}

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What's that you say? Interested in beauty on a beautiful Spring day in May? Gotcha covered. ;)

I love May in Tennessee. The trees that were flowering in early April are now lush with green leaves. The peonies, roses, irises, and lipstick bush are all in bloom. The gardens in yards all around our block are coming to life. I think I am discovering that I have an uncultivated passion for botany.
The peony up close... so interesting and pretty!
God's creation just makes me smile in the Spring! :0)
And speaking of smiling... haha She wears the little bows for pictures and she wears shoes to church, but everywhere else, people look at me like: get the girl some accessories! (And I'm thinking please people, what do you think this is Project Baby Runway? Do you know how long I spend hunting for these things on Sunday morning?ha)

I've been taking lots of walks, and each time I think I notice a new lovely tree or flowering bush on our street.
Crepe Myrtle

On the left, a line of crepe myrtles, pruned correctly~ this means they will produce an ice-cream scoop of blossoms in a month or two
A pruned crepe myrtle branch just started to produce new sprouts, that will later turn into flowering branches
(Most of the trees here bloom in the Spring, so this tree is sort of an anomaly!)


The kids have been busy. Molly has one more day, and Frances's Pre-K class had their last day of school last week. Next Fall we will have one in 3rd, one in Kindergarten, and one in Pre-K! And we'll have Anders at home one more year before he starts Pre-K. The perks of having Anders and Madeleine 15 months apart is that only one year and we'll have four in school and just Annabel at home.  That kinda blows my mind. Time flies! ha

We got a new Montessori style table at our local store The School Box. The store is chock full of manipulatives, and other learning toys, workbooks, DVD's, and school and homeschool supplies. I could spend an entire day just looking at the aisles and aisles of merchandise they carry. The plastic manipulatives, in particular, are so cheap I figure I could afford to go there once a week this Summer. (Just as long as I start giving away our old toys).

The girls were in a BALLET RECITAL this past weekend. I know. Three of our four girls. All in Ballet. It is as ridiculous as it sounds and as a lifelong dancer, I am over-the-moon happy and proud. ;-)  See pictures of that on Instagram!


Beanpods on a Redbud (I THINK) in May

On my walks, I noticed a redbud tree on our street near our house. They line the street in various places, and while I've noticed them in the Spring, because they're lush with pinkish red blossoms, in the Summer they had never stood out to me. But just the other day I noticed this beautiful curving tree next to an Elementary school. The beanpods on these particular trees in Summer just struck me as so strange and funny! I'd never noticed that sort of thing on a tree before. #interesting #howmanytreeshavebeanpodsseriously

A red house finch built a nest on our porch, despite the fact that Stephen put duct tape down to deter them.

Here is a close up of the previous picture- what a pretty little thing! ;)

Our Oak leaf hydrangeas are abloom in our yard, & the real is that these bushes are enormous! haha

So pretty when they are new: my favorite time to photograph these particular blossoms!

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For my birthday, I asked a friend from college to go to tearoom for a scone, tea, and a discussion of All The Light We Cannot See. So, we read the same book- I think she read it while she was on vacation in San Diego! That was back in March. Now that I've done it I know: this was just such a good idea, you guys! It was so fun to shake out the meaning of the book together over delicious food and drink. It was like a mini book club that culminated in a tea party! So, naturally, I decided to do it again with another friend of mine.

The first one was a longer book... It was a phenomenal book, and I had an amazing time discussing it with said local friend.  The second book was The Secret Garden.  My friend Amanda and I will go for tea at our local tea room The English Rose (of which I am the biggest fan).  I'm looking forward to a great time.  Full disclosure: these one-on-one book clubs started as a book club and ended with the only two people who actually ended up reading the book. But now? I think it's a thing. You should try it or start one. There are many perks to doing a one-on-one book club!

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Speider Escort said...
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kristinab said...

Where I live we have a few different trees with bean pods! The mesquite tree (which is native, and actually makes edible beans that you can grind into flour) and the Hong Kong orchid tree are the two that spring to mind right now. But it's really common to find the fallen bean pods all over the place at certain times of the year :)

One-on-one book clubs sound like an excellent idea - much easier to coordinate than a typical book club with more people, and a good way to deepen a friendship with someone.

Tacy said...

It sounds like you live in a very different climate. I have heard about messy bean pods, though. Now that you mention it. I guess I've never had a problem with that before though!

Rosie said...

I never realized redbud trees have bean pods! Now I need to go back into our woods and find some and check them out - there are TONS around here, and now that I think about it, the ones lining one of the streets on the way to our church are definitely getting pods... So interesting!