Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Monthly Recap vol. 33 ~ May 2016

This month, I took a much-needed blogging break.  I wrote letters. I colored in our adult coloring books under the Maple.  I read in the bright Southern sun.  It was lovely, and yes those closets did get the much needed attention that they were deserving!!! ;) I'm greatly looking forward to the Summer this year, and I'm hoping some of the plans we've made for the next few months will rescue us from the heat and/or boredom threatening to undo us! ;) I realize this is early, but with ballet recitals and the last week of school, I didn't want to have this hanging over my head, so: here ya go!


I had high stakes in my reading list this month, but unfortunately didn't get through the page volume I was really hoping for this time. Alas, the Summer Reading pile is growing... but hey, there are worse problems in the world. (In fact, a long Summer Reading list is one of the special joys of life, to me).

The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
After hearing about Kate Morton on several blogs, I decided it was time to find out what the hubbub was about. It was a really interesting read. The puzzle-this-out style was unlike almost anything I've read; that is to say, unique, even from some of the mysteries I have read in the last couple of years. I'm glad I read it, and I wouldn't put it in top five but I might read another by this author.

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
This was the sixth time reading this, my self-proclaimed favorite book (for children) of all time. I love it. I used to read it every time I got sick. It is always as good as I hope it will be. Even- definitely- still good the sixth time. Actually, better.;)

 The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery
This book was surprisingly amazing! I almost gave up on it, but plugged along till done and I'm so glad I did. It was awesome. Awesome. So awesome, in fact, that I have a whole more to say about it, and I will very soon!

A few months back, I also read Reshaping It All by Candace Cameron Bure, but forgot to mention it in my book reports! ha Just wanted to mention that, since I definitely grew up on Full House episodes every Friday night (It's Friday night, and the mood is right... let's have some fun, show you how it's done TGIF). She did a good job with it. She is really inspiring when it comes to healthy eating and exercise. She takes really good care of herself. If you need inspiration in that department, definitely check it out! I think I got the Kindle ed.

If you want to read my reviews, see my star-ratings, or get recommendations for good books, friend me on Goodreads! I'm tacyandstephen and also? I'm keeping track of this year's progress mainly on Pinterest, but also in the 2016 Reading Challenge~so you can find that compete list over at >> Goodreads. << ;-)

May hopefuls, but relegated to my to-read list:
Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery
Surprised by Oxford
 Gulliver’s Travels

I think I needed to take a break from reading this month or something. ;)

Molly is reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. She was really, really into the Magic Treehouse series, so we established that she likes books about magic (and strike while the iron is hot). I guess it so follows....

Also interested in putting this on her wishlist:


Stephen went to San Fran on a business trip, and while he was going to Programming Bootcamp, wandering the Tenderloin, and seeing the NY Philharmonic perform live, I binge-watched Poldark on Amazon streaming. It really was worth all of the gushing, don't worry!!! ;) Also good: Jim Gaffigan available for a very small fee on Amazon. Warning: You will definitely, definitely, definitely wet your pants. It is that good. It is ... oh my goodness just watch it. Too funny for words.


Bring Back the Ben Folds I knew on Songs for Silverman!!!!!!!! (such a good album...) And while he's rockin' the suburbs Bruno Mars is giving the Uptown some Funk.

Lots and lots and lots of ... Of Monsters and Men.

And lots of podcasts! Everyday a podcast or two or three! ;-)


In Honor of the Time I Asked Google if I Should Have a Third Child @ Baby Bangs (I hope she keeps blogging!) Daughter of Beth Moore... so good.

Good taste meets modern writing... what to do when a book conflicts with our values? @ModernMrsDarcy

5 Simple Tips to Grow on Instagram @ One Artsy Mama
This post on how to separate personal from business to grow on Instagram put into words what I have been trying to do and articulate for a very long time. Very, very helpful! Also, I'm just super excited to have found her blog! Stick around and read all of my links. And then if you are still reading-- definitely, definitely read this post!

The War Within: Flesh vs. Spirit @ Desiring God
Although not Catholic, this is expert wisdom and advice.

CM West Retreat at the Beach Recap
Wish I could have been there! ;) Celeste always has fascinating homeschooling posts and a wealth of interest in growing things.

On Moral Fiction: A Response to Purifying the Source by Katy Carl @ Dappled Things
Some talk of saving the work rather than saving the world, apropos to Flannery O'Connor and really just a wonderful stir-fry of food for thought. Bonus! This excellent article was written by a friend of mine, who lived in D.C. at the same time we did and we shared community via our rosary Moms circle. Well done, Katy!

From Ambrose to Zelie: For Catholic Babies, Old is the New New by Simcha Fisher @ Aleteia
A short commentary on the resurgence of old "cool" Catholic baby names taking the place of more traditional choices like Mary or Regina.

~Funny Things They Say~

Frances (coming back from the carousel): Molly rode Majesta, I rode Rosebud, Anders rode Midnight, and you'll never guess who Madeleine rode. (with emphasis) Beauregard. 
(my child)

Also: in the really funny category, a story about money. While out of town, Stephen gave me a wad of cash to get me through the week -- since we basically just use cash.  I was running all around town and went to visit a friend across town and all the jazz, when I suddenly looked into my wallet and started worrying about how much cash he had given me.  First, of course I measured out money for gas, then leaned toward my gut instinct and ordered some granola bars on Amazon.... and I called him, worried.  He said, "Don't worry!" I was like, "Why not?!" He said, "Every time I go out of town, I give you cash, but I always hide a credit card somewhere just in case. Look on the top bookshelf in the library inside the book The Prophets."

I started laughing hysterically at that, and finally said, "When were you going to tell me that?" He said, "I always do it when I go out of town." And I said, "When were you going to relieve my angst-- when we're forty-five, then?!" He was like, "You've never needed it before." And I was like,  "How many other things are you going to tell me in another decade?!"(Probably a whole lot). LOL.


Kate Middleton goes to India!

I published my new e-book this week!
Thank you to Rhonda Ortiz for her support and help with this process. I couldn't have done it without her. And by the way, if you're looking for someone to assist you in the publication of your own e-book, I highly, highly recommend her and I can't sing her praises enough! ;)


I am getting really excited about the Summer. We are going to stay busy, we have two vacations planned, I have a very nice Summer reading pile taking shape, I hope to do another one-on-one book club...  and we'll see what else the Summer brings! 

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Callie said...

I've never read The Secret Garden - it's on my list! :-)

Tacy said...

Yaay! It's *so* good!

Kendra @ KendraNicole.net said...

I STILL haven't read The Blue Castle or anything by Kate Morton, but I need to! I also have a few adult coloring books on my shelf but haven't indulged. I think it's time.