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TV Review: Veggie Tales in the House

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TV Review: : Episode 1, Season 3 "Ichabeezer"

Veggie Tales in the House

Ichabeezer is the star of this edition of this made-for-Netflix original Veggie Tales TV show. It's his birthday, and the episode starts with him complaining: "No one ever gives me what I like," as he tosses a birthday prune cake out the window.  Then he announces: "I like the theatre... they give me movie tickets."  A very wide-eyed and insane version of Bob the Tomato offers,"If you would listen, maybe you would realize..." Ichabeezer responds: "Can it tomato paste. The last thing I need for my birthday is one of your lectures." Next thing you know, a slice of bacon with eyes shows up getting his grease everywhere (???)- the latest member of the "Veggie Tales?"

Who is Ichabeezer? I can't even tell what kind of vegetable he is. He seems to be an echo of Veggie Tale-stars gone by such as a combination Nebuchadnezzar + Ebenezer Scrooge, perhaps? All I know is: he's not a good guy. Larry tries to help him move, and lets a grandfather clock slide down the stairs. It breaks, and Larry offers, "Don't worry, we'll fix it. We brought tape and stuff." Larry used to make on-point jokes and clever commentary encouraging children to have deeper faith and stronger moral sense.  Unfortunately Bob and Larry aren't even really appealing characters for children, anymore.

I'm not sure who is doing the writing now, or what would be the intended audience for Veggie Tales in the House. Anders, my 2-year-old son just keeps repeating over and over again: "Mommy, I don't want this." After it was finally over, he begged for Little Einsteins.  Sweetpea Beauty shows up in this tale, and offers: "Maybe we'll be happy when he moves away?" Amen. Dreamwork's + Big Idea doesn't equal up to a dream idea. ;)

Looking for a reason for a miserable time? I’ll be honest and say that most Veggie Tales movies I got to see, while working in the children's nursery at my church many a year ago, are aimed at kids desiring honesty and self-control. I loved them when they first came out; I enjoyed introducing several of them to my children. Those that are aimed for teaching our children thankfulness (think Madame Blueberry and St. Nicholas) are among my favorite.

Thus, I expected it to be a good show with the Phil Vischer and Mike Nawrocki component, but I didn’t expect to hate it. I’ll even venture say I think that it is one of the worst shows available for children on Netlfix. The plot was slow, the characters were annoying, and even the music was bad- worse-than it once was. And that is saying something. ;) Just goes to show that a good concept- without the wit and sincerity of a good heart behind it- isn't really a good concept anymore. It seems the Veggie Tales have simply sold out to Netflix. The result are not pretty. In fact it isn't sweet-pea-beautiful at all.  #veggiefails

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Lorelei said...

Oh no. I was worried they would strip the faith & values content for the Netflix original series. How very disappointing.

Thank you for sharing this review, and saving us the time watching Veggie Tales on Netflix.

October Rose said...

So sad to hear this. I haven't been able to bring myself to watch the new series yet. :( Maybe I won't waste my time ...

Tacy said...

You could try it and see what you think. We tried watching a few in the first season, and then gave up (a while back). We tried again with the third season, and sadly, were disappointed. I don't watch all the shows with my kids, but I knew something was up when Anders was *begging* me to turn it off. :-( :'-( waa.

Jenny Cook said...

Just looking at their newly designed eyeballs makes me shudder.

Tacy said...

hahah lol I know!!!!

Shannon @ Of The Hearth said...

We don't do a lot of media since my daughter is still pretty young (18 months), but it is good to know that these would be a waste of our time.

Tacy said...

You are welcome! ;)