Thursday, April 28, 2016

How to Create a Summer Craft Collection On a Dime~ pt.2

This is part two in my Summer Survival series. Read part one here 101 Things to do this summer besides take a cat nap.  I wasn't planning to post this yet, but I felt bit by the summer-worry bug and thought it might encourage some of you. By the way, I'll be taking a blogging break May 4-11. I've made the executive decision that I will need the break after Molly's First Communion and Madeleine's 4th birthday happening within one week of each other!  Onto the post! ;)

Here at the Beck homestead, I like to keep my kids busy. We like reading out loud, playing outside, and indeed, doing a little bit of crafting. While I do enjoy gathering the supplies to carry out a really excellent craft occasionally, I also like to keep crafting with kids SIMPLE. That means, usually, let them loose with coloring, gluing, and play-doh, and see what they come up with. However, I tend to go a bit stir crazy during the Summer months, and I try to keep handy a simple, very inexpensive list of crafts I can do together with my kids. 

These are our staples for a typical craft supply kit:

~colored pencils
~brightly colored paper
~white paper
~cotton balls
~rubber bands
~watercolor paints
~foam die cuts
~acrylic paint

This year, I might splurge and buy some extra supplies for the long Dog Days of Summer at somewhere like Michael's or JoAnn's. I would love to hear if you have any recommendations for me for kid-friendly craft kits? Perhaps a book or a company?;) I'm not a knitter, but I do like sewing, and I've done a tiny bit of crocheting in my day. ;)

However, while kits are fun, there are so many crafts that you can complete just using the simple tools listed above. Last year, I posted a list of crafts we wanted to do together, and then I updated it here. This is part two in that series.  :0) ;)

Here is a list of crafts we want to try this Summer:

Sparkly Glitter Butterfly

Summery Watercolor Flowers

Under-the-sea Shell Painting

Stencil Sponge Painting 
(with or without the t-shirt idea)

Fairy Tale Fridge Magnets

Bonus: Make a Fairy Land using Fairy Tale Fridge magnets
Bonus for Boys: Junk Bots  Craft
(Anders *loves* robots right now;)

All of these look so fun, don't they?

For more ideas for keeping toddlers busy, see my posts here: 

I also like Christy's post on Great Games For Little People...
and I mentioned the games we like to play in 101 Things to Do This Summer Besides Take a Cat Nap

I hope that this post leaves you with more than just a few ideas for keeping busy this Summer!

Do you have any ideas for keeping the boredom and the screens at bay in the Summer months? Have a Pinterest board to share? Hit me with them in the comments.

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