Wednesday, April 27, 2016

101 Things to Do This Summer ... Besides Take a Cat Nap

This Summer, I want to improve my health, take control of my very random diet, and hopefully in the end, lose weight. I also want to stop shopping the junk food aisle, and only eat desserts once or twice a week. Even though it isn't technically a penitential season, I want to try to watch what I eat, be careful about caloric intake, and eat well without spending too much!

Here are some of the Meals I want to try:

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese
Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad
Gorgonzola Pear Salad + Grilled Chicken
Asian Style Cobb Salad with Hard Boiled Eggs
Spaghetti Squash with Pesto or Creamy Spinach Tomato Sauce
Broccoli Salad with Raisins
Chopped Ham, & Salami Antipasto Salad
Tuna and Salmon Patties
Low Carb Green Smoothie

Mmm looks so good! Right?! To keep them affordable, I'm hoping/planning to shop organic for fresh produce and meat, and stock up on pantry items at Aldi, or some other affordable grocery store with high quality foods (like Trader Joe's!)  To learn more and view even more recipes, See this. A Pinterest board called "Dietary Restrictions" ... to delight your whims and fancies! ;)

Besides the long technical list of creative ideas, here are some things we want to do regularly this Summer.  I like to get out, but I want to do something besides shop at the mall and read Murder Mysteries and The Babysitter's Club. In order to carry out my plan, I'll jot down my ideas on the calendar on specific dates, along with my Meal Plan. In this way I hope to stay on top of the craziness, and meanwhile keep my kids busy and active as the weather gets warmer!!

When the Weather is Nice, in an ideal world, we'll do the following Weekly or Bi-Weekly:

-Visit the downtown Library
-Go for scones and take a walk on the Riverwalk
-Go to a playground (We have about six to choose from in our area of town!)
-Walk the Walnut Street bridge
-Ride bikes/scooters


-Visit the play area at the mall
-Go to an alternative Library
-Eat out as a family
-Visit the local Nature Center
-Visit the local Creative Discovery Children's Museum
-Go for Ice-cream

As I said, I'll pencil these in on the calendar. In the event that we are utterly bored and our mainstays do not come in handy, I have the following wonderful list of creative ideas to get me started. Hopefully it will help you to get your ideas flowing as well!;)

101 Things to Do This Summer... Besides Take a Cat Nap!

1. Go to the Symphony
2. Go to the Opera
3. Go have a picnic at the Park
4. Make Cupcakes
5. Visit a Frozen yogurt shop
6. Go to the Zoo
7. Go to the Beach
8. Have Family Game Night/A Family Game Day
9.  Play on a Slip N Slide (if you have a sloping yard;)
11. Play in a Sandbox
12. Build a Sand Pit
13. Play in the dirt
14. Pick flowers
15. Plant flowers
16. Pick wildflowers
17. Arrange a bouquet

19. Make paper with a paper making kit
22. Make an Underwater Scene on a paper plate
23. Have a Disney Movie Marathon
24. Do a Double Feature (2 movies in one day!)
25. Buy a new game
-Bingo          -Sorry
-Yahtzee       -Connect 4
26. Do watercolor painting
27. Make a playlist and go for a drive
28. Go fishing
29. Go boating
30. Go waterskiing
31. Get Hawaiian Ice
32. Ride bikes
33. Go for a walk with our scooters and strollers
34. Go to the playground
35. Catch an IMAX movie

for little kids
36. Play in a Baby pool
37. Play with water guns
38. Play with bubbles

39. Get a hot tub (or go to the beach on vacation;)
40. Go to a YMCA
41. Go to a Jungle Gym
42. Go to a play area
43. Have a / make a Backyard obstacle course
44. Have a backyard Bonfire (or a cookout at a park)
45. Go get macarons and coffee at a coffee shop
46. Go to a cupcake shop
47. Go through a drive-thru for Wendy's frosties 
48. Make s'mores
49. Go swimming
50. Learn to make a new smoothie recipe
51. Catch fireflies

52. {Buy an iPhone} and listen to podcasts
54. Go to the library
55. Start a blog
56. Read about blogging
59. Read an excellent series aloud to your children
60. Join Amazon Prime
61. Binge watch old movies
62. Write a screenplay
63. Write a comic strip
64. Edit photos
65. Join snapchat

66. Visit an Aunt
67. Visit your Grandma
68. Take a day trip to a new city
69. Listen to a symphony on CD
70. Watch the LOTR trilogy
71. Get a haircut
72. Lift weights
73. Multitask: go for a walk or run while listening to a podcast or audiobook!
74. Plan a diet
75. Celebrate a feast day
76. Read the Newspaper
77. Babysit
78. Visit your nieces or nephews
79. Create and share a funny meme on Facebook
80. Go to the Nature Center
81. Read Wikipedia
83. Watch a biography or documentary
84. Host a Playdate with a child's friend

85. Buy gum
86. Do your nails
87. Do yoga
88. Play on a trampoline
89. Try a Kumon workbook (with your kids!)
90. Paint pottery
91. Eat out somewhere new
92. Buy this  craft book
93. Knit
94. Learn to crochet
95. Plan a Home Reno on Pinterest
96. Plant herbs
97. Sew a quilt
99. Sew burpcloths
100. Start an etsy shop
101. Repeat.

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