Tuesday, March 15, 2016

You Don't Have to Be a Homeschooling Mom to be a Good Mom.

When Molly was 4, I thought I had to homeschool her.

... in order to prove something?

...in order to demonstrate my mad Montessori skills?

...in order to create a visually appealing atmosphere and a gorgeous line-up of books?

And so I did. For a little while. About a year. Honestly. I think it seemed like the cool thing to do, to me, at the time. (Hip and trendy, much?;)

Now, I don't think that you need to tirelessly homeschool your tender babies all the day, bathe them every night, and maybe once a month throw in the towel and plead insanity, so you can work on your own two interests.

My philosophy, that is not.

When my Mom finally said to me, "Please... don't  homeschool," the light went on. That is all she had to say. And I realized that I agreed with her and she was right (within the hour, I'm pretty sure;).

My Mom is a smart lady.

A few years ago, I wrote a post for Catholic Mom called, "Being Pro-Life is Responsible Parenting."

Remember the snafus between parents, non-parents, and babies/children being unwelcome in public places?

You don't have to look hard, or very far, to see articles about children being unwelcome or mistreated. And as it has been mentioned before, the comments on this article might make you cry, if you dare to look.

But let me ask you which is worse: a spanking on the hand? Or ripping them limb from limb... um, literally?

All goriness  and inappropriateness aside (ahem...because, GOSH, who would want to think about something like that?;), we need to recognize, as the American people (and beyond;), the difference between turning the light on ... what some Mom-bloggers hope to do for other Christian Pro-Life Moms out there.... and Arrogant Deliberate Hypocrisy, AKA being Pro-Choice and meanwhile trying to criticize other people for their parenting choices.



I choose LIGHT.

And meanwhile, I recognize what my gifts are, and what they are not.  I was a teacher for a time. I found out that while God called me to do it (Pre-School, High School, and more), ultimately, it wasn't my true and deepest calling.

That would be motherhood. To five beautiful babies who are gifts from the Lord.

Homeschooling, it is not.  And honestly, I am of the persuasion that formal education is invaluable. But I'm not here to toot my own horn;)

My Mom's horn is the one worth tooting. ;) ;) ;)

(And to get a little practical, and to clarify that yes, homeschooling is for some and not for others...)

Here is a paragraph of reasons I'm not homeschooling any longer:  ;) Get your coffee ready. ;)

- I had 5 babies in 7 1/2 years
-Molly and Frances receive excellent instruction from teachers trained at that (their) specific level of learning each day
-No, the teachers are not perfect, but they are certainly more patient than I would be, and they bring a competence to the specific age group that I cannot (springing from training and in some cases lots and lots and lots of experience with the instruction and intentional, specific lessons at hand)
-Molly and Frances get the repetition and reinforcement with formal training that, frankly, I could not give them all by my lonesome
-Molly and Frances are stretched emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, and their lives are deeply enriched by their Catholic school 
-They are also enriched by the experience of making friends, keeping friends, sharing, and playing well together
-we can still read Great Books, good books, picture books and everything in between together at home
-we still do devotions at home, and informal catechesis at Church;)

and that is not all....

but. you get the idea. One more ;) for good measure. ;) sorry.

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Laura @ Life Is Beautiful said...

Good reminders that the education decision for each family is different and calls for discernment and prayer-- not judgment or stereotype from others doing it "the right way."

Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk! And welcome to the Church, sister! You'll be celebrating five years as a Catholic this Easter? Beautiful. :)

Tacy said...

Thank you Laura!

You are absolutely right! ;)