Friday, March 11, 2016

America, I’m Disappointed in you.

I usually try to avoid bitter posts on my blog. I also try to steer clear of political rants and raves. However, there are a few things that have made me truly frustrated with America recently. Frankly, I'm disappointed. I feel like we can do *so* much better. Here's what I see: Money speaks. And it is speaking. And for some of us, that's disappointing and sad, because it feels just so empty. Giving voice to those things will hopefully help me to get it off my chest once and for all. ;)

1.  First things first: How is the book Me Before You, which glamorizes euthanasia, being made into a Fuzzy Feature Film? This may not seem important to you, but it is heartbreaking to me that this is brainwashing young people today. After reading the book and reading some of the posts in the blogosphere about this movie, I am truly in a state of panic and Depression that this agenda will be worming its way into the thoughts and conversations of - likely- millions of young people. What are we going to do to prevent the outbreak of this way of depressed thinking in the world?! If you see it, buy my ebook and read it. I counter this concept of a need for this sort of horrific ideology.

2. The themes in Coraline by Neil Gaiman show me what is wrong with America. I saw the movie Coraline shortly after it came out on video. I liked it so much, I wanted to read the book, which I am reading right now. The themes of an alternate, creepy reality, people who are a half or other version of themselves with black button eyes (and really more like a shell of a person) rings true, and the image he creates of two people convered into one existing in a sort of sac, echoes of a culture where in utero babies are murdered. The creepiness rings true because frankly, that’s what we’re in the midst of here in the mighty U.S. of A.

3. Politics and mainstream media are finally colliding.  If the popular people win, we’ll have an election between Trump Towers and It Takes a Village.  And why not? We’ve been thinking this way as an American people for some time now. These shallow platforms echo of the fashion-crazed culture of Victoria’s Angels and ne’er-do-wells posing as “leaders.” If you’re a beautiful actress like Angelina Jolie, it doesn’t matter what trashy magazine covers you’ve posed for: people respect you because you’re pretty (and you maybe did a Charity trip and adopted a kid) and rich. Hmm, a wee bit circular, perhaps? And being wealthy for being an actress, in many movies that clearly glorify and celebrate ungodliness? This is our culture today, 'muricans. How much more shallow, dishonest, and hypocritical can we be? I'm not trying to be disrespectful to actors and actresses, but...???

4. Worried about Trump? Let's worry about something and someone even worse. Hillary Clinton. She is a liar  poor excuse for a candidate with convictions. Claiming to be shrewd, she may be diplomatic, but she is too nice; in fact she is too safe. The plain truth is, her politically correct platform is dishonest and it points to a bigger problem in our culture today. She is a money family and said platform is empty power.  Her power arises from the ability to back away from- or back out of- the problems and tangles her ideals create for her. Popularity is her motive for being pro-choice, money is her roots, and power is her fruit. Why would I say something so harsh and sad? Because the politics of emptiness will breed corruption and death. She will probably garner many votes, but I'm not so sure pragmatism will get us anywhere in this particular case.

5. The slave act points to the larger problem of greed in our country today. Recently, Obama made slave labor illegal (one of the best blog posts I've read in the blogosphere in a while):

I live in Iowa and can barely even imagine the ocean right now, through this haze of February snow. But I have created a world in which I can walk right in to Red Lobster, have a plate of fried shrimp shoved under my nose in 15 minutes, and never once wonder where it came from.  Meanwhile, there is a mother in Thailand crying herself to sleep every night because her oldest boy was taken to work on a shrimp boat three years ago and she hasn't seen him since.

How did it take this long to do something about slave labor, and why do we set up our society in such a way as to create such socio-economic problems in third world countries?!  Could it be our selfishness? Ahem. Why can’t we do more Salad Bar and less Give-Me-Shrimp-or-Give-Me-Death? This is yet another reason why I'm disappointed in you, America.

6. How are so many people voting for Donald Trump?  Voting for a Business-minded Bully speaks to a larger problem in our society today.  His ego and derring-do have been nauseating since the first time we saw him on the cover of GQ and fancy car magazine. However, look around and ask yourself what we value in this country, and it makes perfect sense. Take heart: the Christian PostMax Lucado, and National Review have all officially, publicly denounced him. When I was growing up, he was the epitome of someone you didn't want to look like. Ugh don't do that or you'll look like Donald Trump. How did we go from that to this?!

7. We lack the structure and hope of the Church. Really, what our culture is lacking is the tent-stakes of the Church. Ever wonder why we’re veering toward the shallow and barreling toward the empty? It is because the foundation of society lacks depth and scope. The Church- and faith in the good work that lies therein- would give us both of these things.

I hate to point fingers and seem cynical. And honestly, I don't think the name of the correct game is worry. On the other hand, I can’t really stay silent, because it would make a dishonest person out of me, and all of these things are heinous problems and beg to be addressed.  I don’t believe we can begin to address them until we face these things for what they are. And that’s what I hoped to bring light to with this post. I’d rather be a gadfly than a snail….

Agree? Disagree? Please respond with charity in the comments.

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Jenny said...

I agree with everything you have said. I will get your ebook, too, eventually. My measly allowance of $5 a month goes to cards, etc. for my little cousins. In a few months I'll have a birthday free month and then I'll get your book. I wanted you to know I haven't forgotten.

Tacy, I feel the same way about things. Sometimes my heart is so heavy, but I try to remind myself that throughout history, even American history (brief though it may be) politics has often been crazy and things have often looked hopeless, made even worse with demagoguery. Things have always ended up okay, though.

Culture has gotten really crazy, and that is what scares me most. Sure fashion, etc. has changed, but for the most part Judeo-Christian societal norms have reigned supreme and craziness has been kept at the fringe. Unfortunately now the fringe is encroaching. I do look around, though, and see mostly normal people just trying to do the right thing, and when I really need a reality check, I think about my family in KY. Sure they are aware of craziness, but it is just that -- craziness. By and large most people (I hope) just see a lot craziness.

Anyway, those are my rambling two cents. Having had a baby 6 months ago, I think my optimistic nature has only grown. If I don't look at the world and have hope for a brighter future and world for my boys, my heart would break. Maybe it's just an ostrich mentality, but it keeps me going.

Michele Chronister said...

AGREED. Come on, America!

Tacy said...

Jenny- I see a lot of wisdom in what you are saying. I too hope that people can recognize the craziness for what it is- a mainstream problem!!!

Thanks Michele!