Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesdays in Lent: ~ How I Source Beautiful Fabric (#RevisitRH)

I get asked about my fabric collection every once in a while. People ask me things like, “How do you find fabric that you like?” and, “Did you spend a lot of time or painful effort coming up with what you got?”

The answer is yes and no.

I am not like some people I know who can endlessly shop online for the perfect gas grill, or blender, or sweater, or those clothes for a new job. Usually I just go in and out of a store; I simply don’t have that kind of time or drive to spend a long time shopping. In fact, sometimes I wish I had a personal shopper, considering what a loathesome grump I become when I go shopping.

So when it comes to fabric, I’ve found that the best places to shop are the places I’m familiar with. I like well-established and long-running local fabric shops (some you’ve never heard of, so I’ll spare listing local shops for now). Those are the types I trust the most and can feel confident about where my money is going.  Often you can find some really lovely fabric, made just for the store.

Depending on what you are making, sometimes you can find something really useful at bargain marts. Apart from the local fabric shops, I recommend searching your local Walmart and Craft store. I have never bought fabric from Hobby Lobby, nor do I prefer Joann’s, although you might find something you like there.

If you are trying to make an heirloom item, such as a quilt or a curtain- and not just your average cloth napkins that may or may not make it to next fall- I recommend doing your research.

Let yourself go down the rabbit trail… even if it leads you to Japan or China, Thailand or Malaysia! There are some very creative people on our own shores as well; brilliant people like Lotta Jansdotter have created their own lines of fabric. And both Lotta Jansdotter and Anna Maria Horner have written sewing books as well.

Three lovely fabric shops, available online, that I recommend are as follows:

Stash Modern Fabric~ (originally found through A Beautiful Mess blog)

Moona Fabrics (Oh my goodness- Swoon!)

Anna Maria Horner Fabrics~ (So many great options~ Love!)

Bonus: *Molly Walter from Molly Makes Do recently cited this as a great place for finding beautiful fabric* and I agree!

Many Etsy shops have Amy Butler fabrics, a favorite of mine available for a very good price. (Siiiigh, so beautiful!)

These lovely fabrics are generally $5/ .5 a yard. The chevron pattern is about half that price! ;)

Finally, I have found crafts and beautiful fabrics at the nationwide chain Tuesday Morning for a very reasonable price.  Check antique stores.  I once found the perfect amount of red patterned fabric for recovering a chair, just folded in a square sitting on the shelf of an antique bookshelf, and if I remember correctly, it was very cheap! If the price is right, it doesn’t matter where you find the fabric, amiright?  Someone you know might be willing to give you something leftover from a project.

Overall, be willing to shop around. Check out the latest trends on lifestyle blogs and home magazines, do some research at your Barnes and Noble or local library to get ideas on what you like.  Search, but don’t buy~ until you’re convinced it’s the right thing.  I especially like this system for waiting and budgeting items we need and want for the girls’ birthdays, and holidays.

Wait until your favorite goes on sale. Then, get down to business. Make a set of curtains.  Try your hand at pillowcases or something simple, like placemats or burp cloths. Even a yard or two of beautiful fabric will go a very long way. Make a patchwork quilt. If you are sincere about sewing, go get ‘em---I believe in you!


October Rose said...

I am starting to fall for fabric ... I am a real klutz/newbie with a sewing machine but the plethora of pretty fabrics available makes me want to try. :)

Tacy said...

Oh I'm sure you're not a klutz! When Rhonda asked me to write on this topic, I was much more into sewing than I am currently. :-( Sadness. I'm hoping to make a quilt for Annabel one of these days!!! Thanks for the comment . :0)

Sarah Denley said...

Tacy, do you recall the name of the fabric pictured from Moona? I went to the Etsy store and there are SO many options and I love that specific print. Thanks so much!

Tacy said...

That's weird... I thought it was a recent fabric. I will keep looking for it. It WAS really cute! ;)