Thursday, February 18, 2016

Living a Creative Life {PHFR}

My husband was out of town last week. I had a lot of grand-parental help, but I was also parenting solo much of the time. Of course, that stressful week coincided with Valentine's Day, and let's be honest~ all of the decor and to-do for V-day these days is stressful for us Moms! What do they need to wear? What needs to be dry-cleaned?  I tried to harness what sanity I had left and we did a few crafts, made a Valentine playlist on Spotify, and put together some Frozen Valentines for their Storytime group, whilst munching on M&M's. Meanwhile, I was philosophizing. (Maybe it was all that time I had to think while/since Stephen was in San Francisco all week! :-0 ) I started wondering: What does it mean to live a creative life?

Recently I was reading the book, The Fringe Hours by Jessica Turner (author of The Mom Creative blog~ isn't she so pretty?;)  In it, she explains how she, a young mother of 3 young children, makes time for herself and her interests. I am amazed that she makes times for so many hobbies~ just a few include thing such as baking and cake decorating, scrapbooking, sewing,  and home decorating, despite being a very busy working Mom. She is now taking a blogging break for the first time in 10 years (what?!)!   I was intrigued by her drive, and then after reading her book, I found her idea of making a “Completed Pins” board on Pinterest. And so, since it was an awesome idea (why didn't I think of that?;), I decided to do the same thing.

The concept is exactly as it sounds, and yes, it is so useful! Start a new board for the pins you have actually completed.  I started my own board~ “I Did it! Completed Pins.” This includes everything I've done from an idea on Pinterest... stuff I've cooked, as well as some sewing projects (baby blanket, patchwork pillow cover, DIY crafts, etc), baking recipes I've tried, etc.

All of this got me to thinking about this question in general: how do we live a creative life? What are the ways in which we keep on living creatively?
{happy} drawing by Frances :0)

That’s actually what I love about my Pinterest account.  If you don't have one, I recommend it! By trying it, you can find new ideas, try new ideas, and  remember what you have tried. It's awesome! It's a tool.

We all have different gifts. While shopping isn’t really a spiritual fruit or a gift of the Holy Spirit, the truth is, some people really are more shrewd and discerning when it comes to picking what is needed for purchasing. Some are gifted when it comes to buying frugally. And even there, Pinterest can be a very helpful tool.  It has helped me space out my projects and needs-for-projects accordingly.

Some may say Pinterest is only helpful for aiding in greed (ha ha), but honestly? Living a creative life takes work. Jessica Turner is an inspiring mompreneur and pinner. And Pinterest is definitely one way we can see our progress on that journey.
{funny} these girls!!!!

I was trying to catch Sneaky in this picture, but it just cracks me up how much Annabel is just grinning up a storm anyhow. :-D (This pic is her personality, to a t, btw... happiness and goofiness all rolled into one.) Does this picture crack anyone else up?!
Me: Anders, smile and look at the camera!



Well... I guess that will have to do.

So recently as I was working on my “Completed Pins” pinboard, I realized something. As I said, most of the follow-through on Pinterest for me has to do with cooking.  (That and baking, and sewing). Not surprisingly, at all, because I am constantly making dinner for my five kids and I’m also one to try new ideas in the kitchen. One of my goals for 2016 is to model this concept of “living a creative life” for my kiddos.  So this year, instead of hovering on the “Foodie” board, I’m going to try to complete more of my own creative goals, outside of the kitchen, especially.
This is a German tea set (Stephen has German in his paternal ancestral line), sourced at a local antique store.

I love sewing, card-making, art and drawing, painting, scrapbooking, and making crafts with my kids.  Sometimes, however, I don’t love co-creating as much as I love just doing crafts by myself. (It is more productive that way, truly!)  I have to force myself to do my own crafts, so I was inspired to create the board Mama Crafting on Pinterest, so that when I have those "Fringe Hours," or time to be by myself and do my own thing, I'm ready.

Here’s to living a fully creative life in 2016! (clinks glasses ;) What's on your to-make list?!
adding my link to Like Mother Like Daughter for some {phfr}

to sew your own reusable Valentines:
~using a 5x5 red square, fold red felt over, draw/trace a half heart
~cut the folded felt
~cut a small white felt pocket, by turning a 5x5 white square on a diagonal and cutting straight across
~sew using a yarn needle and white yarn
~bonus: kids can help you sew these (these were made by Molly and Frances)
~tuck a dollar bill, a chocolate, or some other little goodie into the pocket on Valentine's Day morning


Deirdre said...

Yay for creativity! I see that we've been on the same wavelength, recently.:)

Tacy said...

Yes! Deirdre, I have so been enjoying your posts recently! Thanks for the comment. :0)

Lindsey Gallant said...

Yes, living the creative life takes work, and planning! I find I need a certain amount of "margin" in my days to have that extra space in my brain. I've been becoming more intentional with this as well, though my creativity comes out more in my writing than crafting, which is not really something Pinterest helps with. (But I do use it for ideas for kids crafts and activities.)

Tacy said...

Oh that is such a good point!;)